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Американская кино- и телеактриса. Наиболее известна по роли Донны Полсен в сериале «Форс-мажоры» канала USA Network.
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Style is an expression of yourself. Follow my Empowered Style journey presented by @lexususa. And don't miss an all new episode of #Suits this Wednesday at 10/9c on @USA_Network. #sp 😘

Today I got to explain to my nine year old why I cry at curtain calls. Then she cried too. It was a good day. #theatregeeksforlife #broadway #bettemidler 🙌🏻


Had some important topics to discuss. #thereisonlyoneside

Rain delay.

In other news, #suits is on tonight. Who's in? Xox S.

Merck Forest & Farmland Center

Gone berry picking. #VT.

This Daddy, always, for the win. ❤️

Equinox Preserve

#cartwheelsincanada in #vermont. CC: @heatherjohnfogarty #cartwheels

Thank you #GlenCampbell for being the voice that feels like coming home. #Witchitalineman first made my heart leap when I heard it on Dad's 8 track. Blasted it just last week on vinyl and Spotify. Much love to the Campbell family and thank you for all the light you shine to #endalz. 😘


#vermont. #nofilter

Oh moon, we picked the right night for a #roadtrip. (feel free to send me your favorite car jams, read aloud is over, I'm currently playing DJ.) 😘

Toronto, Ontario

It's time for our beautiful #Suits producing director to sail on. Thank you @silvertree77 for being the model of all that is right and good and funny and creative and soulful and patient and beautiful and endlessly kind. Like the model camper on the campground, you're leaving us better than you found us. Except we need #selfie lessons. I've elected not to crop the gigantic and awkward hand on your shoulder as evidence. #framingthisfordonnasoffice.

Someone's just one scene away from vacation....#suits #bts @halfadams

#suits #bts #dreamteam #donnasview @iamgabrielmacht @halfadams

102 episodes in, I'm having a moment with Donna's now wall sized closet. Very grateful for everyone of these hardworking #dresses, and the brilliant team who has curated, tailored and color sorted them. This may be one of my new #happyplaces. #Suits. #wardrobe #donnasview

I've been re-reading this all day.....revolving towards another beginning...Sigh. RIP.

Asking for a friend. 😘@irishcountrymag

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