Сара Рафферти


Американская кино- и телеактриса. Наиболее известна по роли Донны Полсен в сериале «Форс-мажоры» канала USA Network.
  • Все 1835
  • Фото 1778
  • Видео 57

Thank you for inviting me to play in your closet @georginestudio. 😘📷cred @karenraphael

Oh my theatre geek heart hates to miss this opening night! Sending love to @rogerkumble and @cruelmusical as you kick off your off-Broadway run! Can't wait to see it!

So who else cries when you get to thank a fireman? 🙏🏻 cc: @jacindabarrett

#tbt All your kind bday messages got me like....thank you!!! And thanks for sending along this happy memory from 362 days ago @halfadams. Thx for snapping it @daveschwepphotography. Thx for the duds @nataliemartincollection and special thanks to my daughter for still dancing with me. #ipulledamuscle. #itwasyourfaultgabriel.

A message from my chic, badass friends over at @georginestudio 😘 @modaoperandi

They made me a giraffe cake, then proceeded to pick off all the good bits. 🎂

Los Angeles, California

Sending love to our neighbors across Southern California who are affected by the wildfires. Sending thanks to the firefighters who risk their lives to keep us all safe. 🙏🏻❤️

This might have hurt a little. 😜 @christinelennonplus2 @ericagodfrey79 @noahgodfrey #geeks #puttingthepiecesbacktogether #allegoryformyyearningforapreviousadministration. Cc: @rogerkumble

Of course I single handedly lifted this tree onto the top of my car...with one arm...in heels. 👍🏻 thank you @lexususa for the Xmas tree delivery device. 🌲🌲 #experienceamazing #lexusLX

When you're half Finnish and you discover the skandi candy. #wheretheresawilltheresaway

Chateau Marmont

Thank you @csiriano for a divine night celebrating #DressestoDreamAbout. I'm still dreaming about this one and drooling over all the others in your book (photographed so beautifully by @bradwalsh). 😘😍RP @karenraphael

Los Angeles, California

Lil' bit happy to be reunited with this lovely glam jam. Thank you @karenraphael @antonmakeup @dklahair for letting me out and about tonight. 😜

I've doffed the robe and donned your chic duds. Comin for ya @csiriano 😘😘😘😘

Toronto, Ontario

Thanks @philcrozier for the lovely prom, I mean wrap party photos. You sure know how to bring the pretty light. And @halfadams you sure know how to bring the party. #suits #s7 #wrapparty


Happy #GivingTuesday! Earlier this year, I travelled to #Ghana with @PlanCanada and witnessed first hand the positive impact giving back has on communities in need. Today, #PlanInternationalCanada is calling on Canadians to purchase 5,000 Food Baskets to help prevent malnourishment among thousands of pregnant women, mothers, and young children under five. Unlike traditional gifts, #GiftsofHope put girls in school, food on plates and income in the hands of moms and their families. They combine hope and action, and help turn the cycle of poverty into cycle of progress. Check out the link in my bio and you can purchase a holiday gift for that special someone who has everything. 😜Happy giving! @biaagcan @plancanada @planinternational 📷cred @jmacdo01

Flying south for the winter and taking a wee break from being this lady, and from her spanx. #Toronto, be good to my favorite Canadians, hold them close and don't freeze their butts off. Merci. A bientot. 😘😘

Sending much love to all on this #Thanksgiving Day. 💕

Round Hill Jamaica

Thank you @roundhillresort, all the thank yous. #whatthedoctorordered and daughter ftw and for the photo cred. 😜

Mirror mirror....

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