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Американская кино- и телеактриса. Наиболее известна по роли Донны Полсен в сериале «Форс-мажоры» канала USA Network.
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Rebecca is the mother of three, grandmother to four and Godmother to hundreds of kids in over 20 communities in Ghana. She has been working within the communities for 15 plus years. She is transforming gender norms; empowering women and girls; protecting children's rights; establishing mothers and fathers support groups; creating female run village savings and loans; and mobilizing health volunteers to support pregnant women and babies who are most at risk. She does this on a daily basis... It's been such a pleasure to be in her orbit in #Ghana. @plancanada #changethebirthstory

Ve Deme, Volta, Ghana

Too bad we're having no fun. #Ghana @plancanada photo cred: @jmacdo01


I'll never forget witnessing Rebecca, a community leader with @PlanCanada, empower this amazing group of teenagers in a discussion about their current challenges, their path to a brighter future and their beautiful dreams. Such a joy to meet this spirited group of future journalists, doctors, teachers, pilots and one lovely actress in the very front row. #Ghana

Nurse Cynthia, who was trained by @plancanada, provides care for Patricia and her baby, Goodluck, in a remote community that otherwise wouldn't have access to medical care. When she's not in this clinic, she is making home visits to educate people about family planning. She's #changingthebirthstory. #Ghana

Yesterday as we drove north from Accra, my new friend Israel told me that I would marvel. Cue some serious non stop marveling . #Ghana

Just had an inspiring meeting with this amazing group of community health volunteers. Hero, and his fellow passengers, in addition to their day jobs, dedicate their time to monitoring children and pregnant women in their communities. They are working to put an end to maternal and infant mortality. #changethbirthstory @plancanada


Thrilled to meet Nurse #Amelia, who works educating adolescence girls about delaying pregnancy and staying in school, all while providing care for young mothers throughout pregnancy and childbirth. She is working tirelessly to #changethebirthstory. #genderequalitystartswithus. @plancanada @jmacdo01


Thank you to Fatimadah, Country Director of #PlanGhana, for the warm welcome. Excited to head into the field and see the great work #Plan is doing for #genderequality and to #changethebirthstory. @plancanada

So thrilled to be on my way to #ghana for the first time, and so thrilled to have some travel time to tuck into this little masterpiece. Thanks @jaymandel 😘

#RP with big thanks to @dklahair for sending me out the door with hair I DID NOT wake up with....or with which I did not wake. Whatevs. 😜😘 🌈 cred @ohmeredith

Sending endless thanks to my sister wife @nataliemartincollection, creator of a beautiful son, amazing loving friendships and so many drool worthy dresses. 😘

Happy St Patrick's Day, may the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, and may a little leprechaun bring you store bought cookies as big as your face. Styling cred @bronwynroberts

Mammoth Mountain

This arm pull is my everything. Happy Monday everyone. 😘 #herfirstskiweekend #nailedit


When in the #highsierras...use the #anseladams #filter.

Top of Mammoth Mnt. Mammoth Lakes, CA

Update: seven hours later this crew is icing joints, dosing ibuprofen, scrambling for Epsom salts. @micheleasselin1 #ski

Most important part of the ski lesson. Embracing some alpine inspired apres ski magic. #pretzel #mustard #beer #braids

Day 1. Learning to shred. 😍

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