Сара Рафферти


Американская кино- и телеактриса. Наиболее известна по роли Донны Полсен в сериале «Форс-мажоры» канала USA Network.
  • Все 2042
  • Фото 1961
  • Видео 81
Toronto, Ontario

Some eleventh hour #suits #bts. #itsalmostawrap #season8. Jawline cred: @iamgabrielmacht ‘s parents. Tattoo cred #amandaonsetwardrobe #donnasview

#Fbf talking about 🍯 🐻 with @halfadams #suits #season5 #feelingnostalgic

Last scene of season 8 with this gent, #wendellpierce. If you had told me, as I binged #thewire in 2007 beached on the couch in my third trimester, that one day I’d work with Bunk, I never would have believed you. Once a #fangirl, always a fangirl. #suits #bts.

Evergreen Brick Works

We’re starting to blend in with our surroundings....Must be a reflection of how much we love you #Toronto. #Canada

Toronto, Ontario

Thank you for posting this @amandaschull. As #suits season 8 draws to a close (gulp, time flies), gotta say one of my very favorite bits was getting all up in this blond sandwich. Love my fiercely talented, big hearted, beautiful inside and out #suits sisters. @katherineheigl and @amandaschull—-it’s such an honor to work with you and watch you crush it with grace, humor, professionalism and swag. (Are the kids still saying swag? Asking for a friend.).


My heart breaks for our beautiful home state of #California. Sending all my love to every soul who is impacted by the devastating fires and praying for our 🌎. I was speechless and undone after the shooting in #thousandoaks and now this. I don’t know what to say anymore. I’m with you California, ever grateful for the firefighters, the first responders, the activists, the organizations (tap pic and feel free to suggest more below), and the leaders who work tirelessly for gun control and swift action to combat climate change. My friends @halfadams and @sleepinthegardn posted links in bio to help combat this crushing feeling of helplessness. Grateful for that thoughtfulness too. Missing you Cali. Love, Sarah.

When some of your very favorite Americans show up on your Canadian doorstep to hold you on election night. My wagging tail not pictured. @molstern @jaymandel

I haven’t brushed my hair, but #ivoted. Cuz #priorities. You?

United States

Some of my very favorite people made this video to remind you to vote. Just go vote. Vote like your life depends on it. Like your children’s lives depend on it. Like your ancestors legacy depends on it. Vote. Just please #vote. #youareyourvote

Canada, you can be a real show off. 🇨🇦

Off to mail my absentee ballot like....#vote. #nov6 #civicduty. #showmeyourvotingoutfit. #capelet #beaheroandvote #suits

It’s glue gun o’clock again. Exactly one pikachu was harmed in the making of this costume.

Happy weekend. Looking for some good news? Some motivation? I dare you not to be inspired by these badass women. #womenrising #vote #november6 #Novemberiscoming Cc: @romcaz 💪🏼

Happy Birthday to my very favorite smileypants. 📷 @georgepimentel1

No really, believe it or not, it's homemade! #notwinningbestinshow 😜Seems impossible, but she's 11...And like her cake, she's a little bit country and a little bit rock n roll. And 100 percent the light of our lives.

This one rearranged my molecules. Happy early birthday, honey. The perfect date night. #broadway

Los Angeles, California

Hear ye hear ye. My favorite girl who happens to be my favorite label, @nataliemartincollection officially hangs out her shingle today!! Visit her super chic Los Angeles location at 804 N. La Cienega. And say hi from me. I love you Nat, and I am so proud of all you are and all you do. Happy Opening, Sister!

Happy 100th Bday #Baycrest. Thank you for all you do in the fight for a world without #Alzheimers. It was my honor to raise a glass to you tonight. #endalz

#tbt to #internationaldayofthegirl 2013 when my dear @iamginatorres joined me in supporting #PlanCanada’s #becauseiamagirl initiative. Today, in celebration of #DayoftheGirl, @PlanCanada youth ambassadors are raising their voices and challenging the status quo. Why? Because what’s considered ‘normal’ for millions of girls is unacceptable. Globally, more than 130 million girls are not in school. And 104 countries still have laws that prevent women from working in specific jobs. These girls don’t accept, they defy. I stand with them as they pledge to #DefyNormal. Please head to my stories for a message from these inspiring girls.

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