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Американская кино- и телеактриса. Наиболее известна по роли Донны Полсен в сериале «Форс-мажоры» канала USA Network.
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Magical Elixir Sunday. #gingertumericcoconutlatte #goldenmilk. @sarahtammer

Bondi, New South Wales, Australia

#tbt last week in #bondi #oz #streetart

#Repost @mantramagazine This. Just. This.

And here's a Valentine from that lady I play on TV.

Happy Valentine's Day, from our house to yours. 😘

Bronte, New South Wales, Australia

Wait, was it all a dream? Happy Monday. Here's a pic from last week when according to my phone, I was in #oz. #brontebeach #takemeback

And that's a wrap on #suitsinsydney press trip and my fake #honeymoonwithhoffman. Wish I knew how to quit you #Australia. You are wondrous. And thank you to all the generous hearts, warm smiles, welcoming eyes and silly souls who made this a trip of a lifetime. I hope to be back ASAP. Special thanks to my brother from another mother @rickehoffman for being the best partner in crime. Time to get home to the real life hubby and kiddies I missed so so so much.

Looking to cozy up with a great read? Loved this one so much I read it twice. It also happens to be written by one of my all time favorite humans @christinelennonplus2. FYI that's not a #humblebrag that's an actual brag. #proudfriend Link in bio.

Melbourne, Australia

Last photo before I went into a food coma in #Melbourne. Thank you @rockpoolgroup #stillrecovering

Melbourne, Australia

Thanks for having us @theprojecttv! #melbourne #honeymoonwithhoffman #suits

Melbourne, Australia

Heading out for the last hurrah with my Aussie dream team @dklahair @sarahtammer. #melbourne thanks for the dreamy dress @_dion_lee_

I'm just gonna leave this here. #whyimarch #Repost @courtneymprivett ・・・ I ran out of space. Didn't even get to most of the ones I heard while I was working in STEM fields. #shepersisted #feminism

Brutal day at the office. ;) Goodbye gorgeous #sydney. Hope to be back soon! #honeymoonwithhoffman #suitsinsydney #oz @anyboat_australia

Sydney, Australia

Guess which one of us wore #SPF today? Thank you @_dion_lee_ for the beautiful 👗 and @sarahtammer & @dklahair for being the glam dream team . #suitsinsydney #honeymoonwithhoffman. #suits #oz

Sydney, Australia

"He just smiled and gave me a....." Missing you @connieraff photo cred @dklahair Ps @jacindabarrett ready to jump on this bandwagon with you. What took me so long?

#rp @brenebrown #mantra.

Sydney, Australia

Thank you @thetodayshow and David and Sonia for having us! #repost @davidcampbell73 ・・・ We just got Litt up! Thank you so much @iamsarahgrafferty and @rickehoffman We had the best time. #suitsusa #lovemyjob

@rickehoffman Queens Counsel #oz. #suitsinsydney #honeymoonwithhoffman

Sydney Opera House

It appears I'm on a honeymoon with @rickehoffman and my husband is totally ok with it. #suits. #suitsinsydney #honeymoonwithhoffman Thx to my girls, Aussie native @nataliemartincollection and @haywardhouseny for the pretty duds.

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