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Американская кино- и телеактриса. Наиболее известна по роли Донны Полсен в сериале «Форс-мажоры» канала USA Network.
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Los Angeles, California

Heading into Monday like....#cartwheels #cityhall #LA. #cartwheelsincanada in #california

All the hugs for this sweet, gentle, old friend today. Happy 67 Birthday @iamgabrielmacht #isaiditonsocialmedia #itmustbetrue #alternativefacts

#womensmarch @womensmarchla

9 yr olds represent. #womensmarch @womensmarchla

My 9 yr old daughter's vision for tomorrow's mother/daughter hoodie game.

#fbf. 1/20/09 Eternally grateful that The Obamas will always be my children's first First Family.

Hey guys. I'm spending inauguration day in a three hour LOVE-A-THON. Please join me and a lot of way cooler people on Facebook Live right NOW!!!! There will be music, entertainment and stories about causes that matter. Link in bio. Xoxo cc: @earthjustice "because the earth needs a good lawyer".

Los Angeles, California

Wishing I could hold back this sunset.

#tbt. 1/20/09

We're back on the boob tube one week from today! #suits.

A snap from yesterday's civics lesson. To state the obvious, we're living in polarizing times. A very few recent comments on my social media compel me to send this message out today. Yesterday my daughter had the opportunity to learn about the 1963 March on Washington. Here is the simple message she wrote on the front of her sign as she prepared to take part in an exercise to learn about peaceful protesting. With her permission I send this message out to those of us who are heading into this week with feelings of fear and those of us heading into this week with feelings of optimism. This week I'm taking a page out of my nine year old's book, and Dr. King's. "We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope." #MLK

Today's #historylesson. Honoring #mlk. Building #tomorrowsactivists. Or more precisely, #nextweeks. #whywemarch

Happy birthday @suzannecryer. I've been honored to tag along with your coven of cool girls since the early 90's. Thanks for tonight's reunion. Couldn't live without you, and no one could ask for a better, truer, more beautiful friend. I love you! cc: @sanaalathan #greergoodman #suecremin PS: does Greer still want us to talk to the hand? #oldfriends #ysd #dramaschool.

So apparently yesterday was "kiss a ginger day" and these two were just way too busy to put out. Whatevs. @dklahair @antonmakeup

Downtown Los Angeles


I'm starting with the men in the mirror....🎤. #bts today's shoot. @antonmakeup @dklahair @karenraphael @ilanauretsky

This is a kale and black bean taco. It silenced my children. Then they asked for seconds. #baskingintheafterglow

Oh Lordy, and just when I thought I couldn't idolize her more....#merylstreep #rp @huffpostwomen #empathy

Los Angeles, California

First she accessorized him, then made him buy her a pink drink, then used him as a divan. That used to be my job. #sunday #funday. #finnishdesign. For a #finnishguy.

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