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Американская актриса, продюсер и сценарист, исполнительница роли Розали Хейл в фильмах по мотивам вампирской саги «Сумерки».
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Shooting some powerful stuff for @thrivemkt that will hopefully be very impactful. So proud to be a part of such an incredible message. Oh and thank you to the lovely @ullajohnson :)

Hey guys: last year I was introduced to the horrific #Yulin Dog Meat Festival and asked you all to be as vocal as possible if this is something that upsets you as much as it upsets me. Well here we are, one month away from this disgusting "festival", for which tens of thousands of dogs (many kidnapped pets) are being rounded up, transported long distances in tiny wire cages where they will be beaten, skinned and boiled while fully conscious. Join us, @HSIGlobal, and thousands of Chinese citizens who are working together and end the brutal dog meat trade for good. Sign the petition at HSI.org/stopyulin

To the most beautiful woman I've ever known. You heart says what words can't. Your strength is immeasurable but it doesn't define you. You have a laugh that can fill any room, and eyes that have forgiven more times than you care to remember. You have seen it all, done it all, and guided me with your wisdom. You are my hero. In some ways we've grown up together, but you'll always be the leader. You're a mom to the world, and your supply of love is infinite. I'm sorry for a couple of rough years when I was...10, and 11, and probably 12, definitely 13, possibly 14, and I'm pretty sure 15 wasn't too easy either. Thanks for not getting mad when I, at 9 years old, took it upon myself to profess my love for a boy in tar across the entire garage, or the time Brenda and I drank a pot of coffee in middle school and stayed up all night gluing pounds of glitter to every square inch of my room. Thanks for letting me bring home every animal I found on the street knowing my speech about how we'd only keep him or her for a few days was far from true. And for forgiving us that time we took your car and drove it around in the middle of the night when we were barely teenagers, and for not disowning me after finding out I pierced my own nose with your sewing needle and tried to hide it for two weeks under a bandaid. Those are just some of the tame ones...as you know. I was your biggest headache and your greatest challenge, but hey, it has definitely given us a few stories to laugh about now!!!! I love you mama! Ps I may have moved out at 15, but asking you at 22 to move back in with the me was the best decision I've ever made. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Friends. Some of you know about the 7.8 #EcuadorEarthquake. Entire cities were wiped out. 2,200 people are missing- some still buried under the rubble of their homes. No structures are in place to house orphans or the now homeless 26,000 people. They need our help to build homes quickly. This is why I accept the #challenge to #donate for #Ecuador at http://bit.ly/1VR5Vqf (link in bio) I nominate: @bethbehrsreal @sophiabush @vegaalexa @therealcarlospena @dawnolivieri Please help me by raising #URhand4Ecuador Thank you so much for your support and @panterasarah thank you for always raising awareness and spreading love. ❤️

A HUGE thank you to @rollingstone for letting me be part of your new series MOMENTUM: A DAY IN THE LIFE and highlighting what we are trying to do with @freedomofanimals in the world of sustainable fashion. I'm so grateful to be a part of this and I'm humbled that you chose us for the first segment in a series about young entrepreneurs trying to make an impact in the world. Thank you! LINK IN BIO🌻

Best advice I've ever received from Dad "Always make sure you're the dumbest person in the room..." Just spent seven days in climate change bootcamp learning from top scientists and oceanographers about blue holes while watching them gather information from sediment to study patterns in our weather history to help prepare us for what's ahead. What an incredible experience. I'm still trying to process all of it. Definitely listened to Dad on this one. This opened up a whole new area of my brain and I'm absolutely fascinated by what I saw, what I heard, and what I felt. I think most of you will feel the same way after watching this piece for @yearsofliving -Thank you to Joel and the whole crew, and a HUGE thank you to the scientists who dedicate their lives to finding solutions and educating us. You guys are out there working with such love and such patience. That combined with your determination is the most inspiring thing I've ever encountered. This experience definitely changed my life. Thank you. #putapriceonit Ps that photo blows my mind! Can't believe that's us!!! Really puts things into perspective...

The NATURAL circle bag. Low chemical content, no dyes, post consumer plastic fabric made in the USA! @freedomofanimals #sustainablefashion Photo by @scottmacdonough

Happy #EarthDay everyone! We're out here in the middle of the ocean watching scientists study samples from the ocean floor in an attempt to see weather patterns which will determine the frequency and intensity of future hurricanes due to the rising temperatures of ocean water. Sitting here trying to make sense of it all while staring out at mother nature's beauty...beauty we often overlook. I can't believe we are destroying something so magnificent. We watched Racing Extinction again last night, and if you guys have a second to spare I highly recommend watching it as well. And maybe do something good for the planet today :). Anything. Perhaps you can walk to a coffee shop instead of driving, recycle, take a shower in half the time you normally do, pick up some trash, bring reusable bags to the market, eat only vegetables for the day, anything to break up the normal routine. I bet it'll feel so good to your soul that you'll start doing it everyday❤️🐠🌊🌎 @YearsOfLiving @NatGeo #putapriceonit

Such a beautiful event last night benefitting @recycleacrossamerica that brought together the most incredible group of people. Improving and increasing recycling is one of the greatest opportunities for our environment, our natural resources, and our economy. Michelle you are my hero. I am so inspired by you. Listening to you speak about the devastating issues surrounding our flawed recycling system left all of us feeling so motivated. The fact that recycling centers in the U.S. are actually shutting DOWN due to contamination because of the lack of labels on bins is appalling. In fact these centers are shutting down rapidly which is the devastating unintended consequence of our poor labeling system. Standardizing labels is crucial and will undoubtedly help with the confusion of "what goes where" with these bins and it has proven to reduce contamination significantly. If the US recycling levels can reach 75% it will be the environmental benefit of removing 50 million cars from the road each year and it will generate 1.5 million new jobs. And it's something we can all do!!!!! You rock Michelle! Again I couldn't be more proud to be a part of this campaign. Everyone check out recycleacrossamerica.org for facts that will blow your mind and ideas on how you can help.

I can't thank my followers enough. You guys are incredible. Your voices over the last 24 hours have inspired a major conversation over here which will ultimately lead to some serious change. This is an incredible opportunity for all of us to gently encourage China to hop on the cruelty free train. For their government to require by law the testing of products on animals even if it goes against a brand's policy in order to sell exclusively in their country is unnecessary and that way of thinking should be abandoned and replaced with alternative methods that already exist worldwide. To be clear, I was working with Kiehl's USA on a charity campaign benefiting recycling in the U.S. and all products made by and sold by Kiehl's USA are NOT tested on animals, period, end of story or I wouldn't have done the campaign. However, this is a good time for us to understand more than ever that our collective concerns regarding laws which require testing in other regions ARE being taken seriously and we must stick together on this. And what I've learned about government laws in other countries is going to create huge change in those areas as I seek out law makers and present them with what you all have shown me. Unfortunately some countries still have laws that mandate animal testing for cosmetics but together we can and will change that. Just like every movement demanding big change, sometimes the changes happen incrementally and this moment right now is a perfect opportunity for that. So here's what we can do right now, today, to start. Humane Society International has built a global coalition of supporters working to raise awareness and create change in areas around the world that are behind in science and legislation and are making great progress. What you can do TODAY is join me in making a pledge: to always read the fine print and #BeCrueltyFree. And I am confident that Kiehl's will stand behind me and all of you :) Pledge at www.hsi.org/becrueltyfree Thank you to my amazing followers who continue to use their powerful voices to inspire change all over the world❤️

Hey everyone I know the Internet can be confusing with tons of info floating around making it hard to figure out the truth. And before I signed on to donate my time to this incredible @kiehlsnyc campaign focusing on sustainability and recycling the first question I asked was whether or not they test on animals and they gave me a firm NO. According to the brand itself they do not believe in animal testing, it is against their policy. I hope that helps clarify some of your concerns! Woohoo go @kiehlsnyc !! Ps here is a link to check out http://bit.ly/1gU08w6. (Link in bio as well)

Hey guys! I’ve partnered with @kiehlsnyc & @recycleacrossamerica to create this Limited Edition #KiehlsEarthDay product! 100% of net profits will benefit @recycleacrossamerica !!! Please help @kiehlsnyc create 65,000 Recycling Labels to 650 K-12 Schools and recycle 3.5M empty jars by participating in their Recycle & Be Rewarded program! By the way did you know that 75% of our waste is recyclable! And we only recycle 30%...if that...crazy huh? Get recycling with @kiehlsnyc & @recycleacrossamerica

Hey guys! New piece up on Elle.com! Link in bio! If you're into DIY fashion and childhood memories of sewing/crafting and repurposing hand-me-down jeans go check it out! And if you feel like sharing your stories with me, post a photo of something you've created with this hashtag #ELLETakeFiveChallenge :). Can't wait!!!! @elleusa

Oh I love my girl! And she loves the belt bag :) Recycle. Reuse. Repurpose. @freedomofanimals FreedomOfAnimals.com photo cred @glassjarphotos

What a beautiful afternoon in Boston spent with some of the most talented, articulate, and courageous girls I've ever met. Your desire to tell stories is one that should never be ignored, and your passion for giving women a voice using film is so inspiring. It can and will change lives! I watched every single one of your films, some three or four times as I found it nearly impossible to select favorites as a judge. Every single film was so powerful, so thought provoking and regardless of what resources were available to you, extremely well made. The motivation and creativity in that room was contagious, so thank you for allowing us to be a part of it. Those stories need to be told, but importantly they need to be seen. So as I said before, please reach out to me through GITW and let's continue yesterday's conversation. Congratulations to all of you!!!! This is only the beginning!!! #GITW #GirlsImpactTheWorldFilmFestival

Thank you @instylemagazine for the sweet write up! The message you're helping us spread for sustainable fashion and ethical fashion is so important. Reusing and repurposing materials is the best thing we can do! Less waste more love!! http://www.instyle.com/news/nikki-reed-cruelty-free-bags-earth-month

Hey guys check out one of my best friends Whitney and his band @thesweeplings if you like hauntingly beautiful folk music... Whit thanks for another impromptu living room jam session. All I have to do is whip up a home cooked meal and you happily bust out a guitar. Thanks for making me feel cool enough to sing along. Can't wait to hop up on stage with you guys soon. Photo Cred @glassjarphotos ...back up vocals by Ira the dog.

I'm so proud of these bags!!! The recycled canvas is available to ship Friday!! Reusing materials to decrease the amount of "stuff" collecting in the ocean and landfills is the most impactful thing we can do and the easiest way to make a difference in the world, so why not start with fashion?! I'm only just beginning to understand how destructive the fashion industry is to our planet which is why I'm so proud to be a part of this line. Go to FreedomOfAnimals.com to see the new collection! Thank you guys for your input! You've given me so much feedback and the recycled canvas idea was inspired by YOU!!! Ps here's a sneak peek at our FOA collab with @foundmyanimal worn by the gorgeous Luna❤️ @freedomofanimals

Thank you to everyone who came to our panel today!!!! #wondercon @sleepyhollowfox

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