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Английская актриса и фотомодель.
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London, United Kingdom

Look for Today’s @thisisheart 🐰 #kellyxheartxstyle #ootd

Kent, Kent, United Kingdom

Nothing quite like an English Woodland #Bluebells #MyGarden #Home #WildFlowers #kentlivingwithkelly 💜💙💜


Look for Today’s @thisisheart Dress @nastygal Trainers @adidasoriginals #kellyxheartxstyle #ootd ❤️

Pretty Cherry Blossom 🌸

Paris, France

Our First Date In Paris 12th April 2015. I never could have imagined this beautiful Cathedral not being there anymore. What a Lesson in how we must not take things for granted, cherish everything and everyone. Devastated 💔

London, United Kingdom

Look for Today’s @thisisheart Jumpsuit and Jacket @debenhams #RedHerring Shoes @mintvelvet #kellyxheartxstyle #ootd ❤️

I will miss you Kim Love you always 💔

London, United Kingdom

Morning!!! I FaceTimed @gemmacollins1 👸🏻 and @real_arg 🐻 on @thisisheart Breakfast!! I think we should get someone on everyday who would you like to see next?! 🍳 #CelebsinBed


Morning 🤩 Look for Today’s @thisisheart Breakfast Show 🍳 Dress @preenbythorntonbregazzi @debenhamsprteam #kellyxheartxstyle #ootd ❤️

Coachella, California

Our Girls Weekend in Coachella seems like Yesterday Mama 🤩 @nlorenkwatinetz 🥰 Have an amazing Time if your there this Year :) Have a Margherita for me ☀️🍒🍉🌴🍸

London, United Kingdom

Look who’s in the Studio Today @therichclarke 🥰

All the Vibes this Easter 🐣

London, United Kingdom

Jk&Kelly @thisisheart 📻

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London, United Kingdom


Old Tear Sheet 🖤 @alanstrutt

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Dream Team ❤️ Look for Today’s @thisisheart Tap for Credits 💁🏻‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️ @sianwelby #kellyxheartxstyle #ootd


Girls Take over on Drive today @thisisheart with @sianwelby ❤️

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