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"Pretty baby grew into a ladayyyyy"-sister sledge

a lil lil tbt

D Train

small glasses on d train @ryanbeatty

happy Father's Day pop💙 you can't be beat.

Bowery Hotel

N y Ceeeeeeeeee 🦋⭐️🌃

Hello everyone🦋 !!!! The 2nd official trailer for DETROIT is out NOW. watch – it’s crazy. You don’t want to miss it!!!!catch @detroitmovie in theaters aug 4th.

Whitney Museum of American Art

where does history end, and the present begin?

best friend graduated. So many exciting and incredible things in store for this one, so much the world has to offer. I'm so proud⭐️

OHHGGMYYYYYYYYYY 😱😱😱😱🙌 @unrealaltj

🍳🥓🍯☕️me after eating some brekky 🥞

one of the greatest lead singers of all time. the most powerful voice in rock. RIP.

happy mama day 🦋

🙌😻 !!!!!(also, pants 👖)

East Village, Manhattan

hats off to prince st pizza Omgomgomgomgomggg. TWO THUMBS UP. TEN OUTTA TEN

just an la woman trying her first @milkbarstore !

when the photo ends up being so fire 🔥 @braedenlemasters

good reads !

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