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Албанская певица. В настоящее время проживает в США, где её прозвали «Албанской Мадонной», имея в виду её очень раскованное поведение на сцене. Пользуется огромным успехом у себя на родине – в Албании,успехом. В её репертуаре песни на четырех языках.
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I don’t carry any hate in my heart if I loved you before ... I still got love for you... STAY AWAY FROM ME THOUGH! #quoteoftheday #monster #bleona #videooutnow

Very honored lucky and grateful to be a part of TV series #paperempire ❤️ @robertdavi a huge thank you to @robertgillings robertgillings #michaeltadrossjr @bernardsalzman - best part; @jonnyjdog part of the series 🙏🏻😀


Mom @oliqereti and dad @nazmiqereti at @themaralagoclub ❤️

Call me what you want but you are NOT keeping me outside.... You can TURN IT OFF but I won’t be denied‼️#monster #officialvideo out now ...

You never wanted to mess me up.... You only wanted to watch me dream.... #monster Link in Bio

I never wanted to “wake you up”.....#monster #como #villaerba #lagodicomo

“ Monster” official video out now 🔥 link in bio A big thank you to my incredible team: @jeffreykellydp @andreabasilejesus @marjanmalakpour @marcominunnohair @augusto_picerni @nadia_bonalumi #simoneruggeri @sunset_edit @nazelikodj #SamiLeka #Editing @company_3 @bryansmaller #coloring @vincentpeters1

Como, Italy

A #fairytail gone #WRONG.... #Monster video out #TODAY ‼️20:00 GMT+1 / 2PM EST / 11AM PST💞💞💞 @laureldewitt love the head piece 🔥

Monster BTS Out now 🔥 full video on my YouTube channel - link in bio

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You being out the #Monster in me... out now on @itunes @spotify @googleplaymusic @soundcloud 🔥

“M-O-N-S-T-E-R” ‼️ Out #TODAY on @spotify and all the other streaming services @itunes @googleplaymusic 🔥 Stay tuned for the announcement of the video 👽 #monster artwork by @itslupas ♥️

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@jyoung.777 @paulkirklandofficial 💞 💃🏻 full video on my YouTube channel. Link in bio :) #favoritelook #idnyl #choreography

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Mr 🔥 @jeffreykellydp how did we put this together in 3 days ??? Full video now on my YouTube channel Link in bio

Full video on my YouTube channel - link in bio @jeffreykellydp #SamiLeka @marjanmalakpour @clydehairgod @justinjacksonhair @gregoryarlt @jyoung.777 @paulkirklandofficial @andreabasilejesus @sinaaii @jolene.b.nails @lsodesigns @atsukokudolatex @agentprovocateur @theresidencyexperience @mike_perfetuo @mattperfetuo @jaybkaufman @jonnyjdog @nazmiqereti @oliqereti

Watch what really happens behind the scenes of that 3 minute music video you see on TV. Link in bio I am eternally grateful to all of my amazing team who worked tirelessly to made this happen. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 @jeffreykellydp #SamiLeka @marjanmalakpour @clydehairgod @justinjacksonhair @gregoryarlt @jyoung.777 @paulkirklandofficial @andreabasilejesus @sinaaii @jolene.b.nails @lsodesigns @atsukokudolatex @agentprovocateur @theresidencyexperience @mike_perfetuo @mattperfetuo @loreerodkin ♥️♥️♥️ @oliqereti @nazmiqereti @jonnyjdog

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