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The Theatre at Ace Hotel DTLA


That’s right mamas! We did that. #Repost @nattinatasha ・・・ Dominando el 🌎 SIN PIJAMAS @iambeckyg 😘 Thanks @rollingstone for the GreatNews 🙏🏼👸🏻👸🏻 @youtube @pinarecords1 @sonymusiclatin 💃🏽 This year, however, listeners made room for new female artists. Chief among them is Natti Natasha, who vaulted into YouTube’s Top 10 most-watched acts this year with 3.9 billion views, 98% of which come from outside her native Dominican Republic. Also performing strongly is the Brazilian star Anitta, who amassed 1.7 billion views. And Becky G successfully crossed the billion views threshold with two different videos.

I am not just Becky G, I am your daughter, your niece, your sister, your partner. Us women have dreams that matter and that should be encouraged, nurtured, and supported. I am here because there is an entire generation of women my age & the generations to come that see themselves in me the way I saw pieces of me in the women I looked up to. Selena (@selenaqofficial), Jenifer Lopez (@jlo), & Jenni Rivera (@jennirivera) taught me that just because I was born here & speak English but sing in Spanish doesn’t mean I’m not “Latina Enough”. They taught that just because I found my “Sexy” does not mean I should be ashamed of my body and sexuality. They taught me that freedom of creative expression as a women in the Latin industry through fashion, songs and being our true authentic self is more important than the criticism we have faced for being brave. We as women are so much more than the boxes we are constantly put into. We need to continue pushing & using our platforms to build each other up. I could go into a whole other rant about that but I’ll save that for another time. Many people ask me if I feel a responsibility with my career. The answer is yes. I have always felt the pressures of responsibilities. I used to think that responsibility was to please everyone and be the perfect role model. I then learned that was impossible. Not everyone is going to like me. But I am not for everybody. The real responsibility is to myself. To be a REAL model. To prioritize my happiness the way I would want my little sister to prioritize her happiness instead of trying to be something that she is not because society told her to do so. If I can lead by example, inspire others with just that simple way of being good to myself and following my heart. I’m doing my job. Thank you.

I was 9 years old. Living in Inglewood when I started working. 12 years later here I am. Knowing that the Latin @recordingacademy acknowledges my accomplishments & efforts to inspire others is a huge milestone for me in itself. One that hopefully brings me closer to taking a Grammy home one day. I wouldn’t be where I am without the people who believed in me. Since a very young age my parents ALWAYS supported me. They never put caps on dreams. They never told me I couldn’t do something because I was a girl. I think that explains a lot as to why I am the way I am today. Mom, dad, Thank you for that. There’s also a couple of people on my team that I’d like to thank. Those people are Marc Jordan, Ben Tischker, Sherin & the rest of the Rebel One family. Also Afo & Nir, alongside their entire Sony Latin team. Thank you all. These people believed in my vision & have done everything they can to create a space for a young woman like myself to be free. A place to be listened to, to grow, to learn, and to be bold. They always treat me with respect, equality, love & care. They’ve challenged me & have pushed me to become greater. These people on my team have also defended me & have fought bravely for what I believe in. For that I will forever be thankful as well as forever be inspired to continue doing exactly what I’m doing. I am standing here because I am a hard working. I am here because I am strong. I am here because I am talented. I am here because I am proud of where I come from. I am here because I will never ask for forgiveness for expressing myself the way I choose to.

Los Angeles, California

𝟒𝟎 𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐢 𝐦𝐨𝐨𝐝 🍑 @c.tangana x #BOOTY

SURPRISE!!!! #LostInTheMiddleOfNowhere by my bro @kanebrown_music featuring me is out everywhere!! Growing up, my dad would play country music when we BBQ’d or went camping so country songs really take me back to my childhood 💛 And now to be a part of a song like this is so special 🌻 Listen to our song on Kane’s brand new album #Experiment!! (It dropped today!!!) Congrats bro and thank you for having me on one of my favorite records!! 🙌🏽 http://smarturl.it/kbexperiment

Santa Clarita, California

Good luck to mi amigo @jossfavela at @premiodelaradio tonight! 🤞🏽 #PiensoEnTi

Miami, Florida

Celebrated 10 million views on my story and was gonna post here too... then I checked again and it’s at 11 MILLION now!! You guys... I mean, is this real? 😩 Every number is a milestone to me and it means so much. We drop songs and videos and they’re each so special to me in their own ways. And every single time, y’all go super hard in showing love and support. Gracias x 11,000,000 to my Beasters old and new 😘 I know y’all are just getting started ;) That’s all I got 🙏🏽 Oh and I have more coming.... just wait. ❤️

Los Angeles, California

Sooo dope hearing #Booty play on @power_106 in LA!!! 🍑🍑🍑 @c.tangana Thank you @jcruz106 and the rest of the crew for your support 🙌🏽 Always a party when we show up! 🎉

Almost 4 million views on #BUBALU already?!? And we hit that 1 million in less than 12 hours of the video being out...!! 🤯 You guys are the shit WOW!! 😈🔥 @mambokingz @djluian @anuel_2blea @princeroyce

Los Angeles, California

Shoutout to @bigboy @bigboysneighborhood and the @real923la familia! Really enjoyed the conversation we had 💯

Miami, Florida

🚨 We’re live!! #BUBALU IS HERE!!! Ya disponible!! 🚨 With the crew @djluian @mambokingz @anuel_2blea @princeroyce Directed by @eifrivera 🎥 So excited for you guys to vibe to this one!! It’s soooo dope 🔥🔥🔥 Link in my bio to watch the video!

United States of America

Tomorrow is a big day. PLEASE GO OUT AND VOTE. It’s our responsibility... It’s something we owe to the people before us and to the future. We have to lead by example. I will vote tomorrow and I encourage you to vote as well.

Miami, Florida

Midnight tonight!!! #BUBALU is comin!! 📽 Me and the homies been cookin’ @djluian @mambokingz @anuel_2blea @princeroyce 👩🏽‍🍳 Y’all ain’t ready for this sauce!! 🔥 WARNING: Muy Picante ⚠️⚠️⚠️

Long Beach, California

Excited to partner with my friends at @popsockets to share with you guys their new platform for giving back called #Poptivism 💯 When you buy a Poptivism product from their site they’ll give half of the sale price back to the charity of your choice! 🙌🏽 That’s right!! So check the link in my bio for more info! #Popsockets #FriendsWithYou #Ad

Miami, Florida

#BUBALU 🚨 Dropping 6 de noviembre!!! 🔥 @djluian @mambokingz @princeroyce @anuel_2blea ⛽️⛽️⛽️ They ain’t ready!!!!!

Miami, Florida


AmericanAirlines Arena

What do y’all think I’m saying here? Lol 😆 Muchas gracias @iheartradio @iheartlatino y Miami!! 💜 ¡Esta noche fue muy divertida! Tonight was so much fun! So good seeing some of mis amigos at #iHeartFiesta 🎉

Miami, Florida

✨ @iheartradio @iheartlatino ✨ #iHeartFiesta

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