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Американская певица, рэперша и танцовщица.
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My president. Thank you.

Go Go...

You ready?

Long days on set.. could use all the energy I could get even from the sun.

Sara's get away place. Might become mine too.



On set. Late night business

It's nice out.


Lil pup

Los Angeles

😍 dead.

A parents appreciation post just because. I love them so much. It's one thing to be someone's father or mother. It's another to be their dad or mom, To be their best friends. What I, Frankie, Alex, Stephanie and my parents share is a bond no one will ever be able to take away from us. Something so special and real. They are two people I look up to. My family is that perfect kind of imperfection. We are real. ❤️ love them.

They made me my own higher runway on set due to me being extremely shorter than my cast mate. 😂 #tomcruisetypeshit #everyoneistallerthanme

Don't forget to smile.

My momma.

Beyond excited for you Sebastian. Continue to let your passion & ambition drive you and lead the way. Every step counts. Some were a little left and others a little right, but you kept pushing forward. It's been a long journey already, I can't wait to see what this next adventure brings your way. We are all right here with you. I don't know anyone more deserving of this opportunity. I'm proud of you.

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