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Mission accomplished.

The process of getting this little mama asleep. Soft tickles are major key.

Emocionada para compartir la historia de mi hermano Alejandro mañana ❤️ So many beautiful memories growing up. Lots of obstacles too. This video gives a tiny little glimpse of the struggles Alex had... Getting him involved in group activities as a family was important. Games like "Simon Says" and sing along songs were his favorite. Except, when we didn't play the way Alex wanted to we'd hit a wall... He couldn't communicate his feelings. Frustration would scream out of his body. I love this video because all he wanted to do was JUMP! Nothing else but jump! Some say you have to learn to crawl in order to stand, stand in order to walk, walk in order to run, and run in order to jump... Jumping is the closest we get to flying. My Alex was born to fly. Since he was a child he was special. The kind of special that changed our lives for the better. Les pido a todos mis fans por favor que vayan a donar a @teletonusa 💜 #nuestracausa💛💜

Tune in tomorrow December 3rd to TeletónUSA #NuestraCausa to see a special story about my brother and I. 💜

Because it's rare.

This is so real. I relate to this so much. I may be young but I already feel this way. I always have. To me wild nights are fun but once in a blue moon, even then they're spent with my favorite people, my family. Living doesn't mean being reckless, nights out in the club every weekend, surrounding yourself with a bunch of people who only call you friend because of the amount of followers you have. For me, Living is traveling, laughing, having priceless moments with special people. It's a movie night away from work. A game of UNO on the kitchen table, cooking in the company of my momma and sister. To me living is loving. If I'm not loving what I'm doing with people that I love, I am not alive. What is not growing, is dead. I wanna grow. 💭

Black hair again.


🙏🏽💔💭 my heart is so heavy with hurt and sadness...may we send all of our thoughts and prayers to the families and loved ones who lost someone on this flight. Be thankful to be able hug the people you love. Never take a moment on this earth for granted..

Just fall..

What a great last night in the city. ❤️

Don't be what they tell you to be. Be who you are. ❤️🙏🏽

Especially thankful for you. ❤️

Thankful for family more than anything.



Madrid ❤️

Dreams come true...

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