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Японская модель и актриса. Является бывшей эксклюзивной моделью японского журнала мод «ViVi русск.» и японской версии американского журнала для подростков «Seventeen русск.».
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Thanks @getfandom for having the boys out tonight. What a way to get Comic-Con 2017 started. Hell yeah! #FANDOMFEST #FandomPartner

Hope everyone has as good of friends as these :,)

Reality sucks compared to the lake boys reunion tour

I'm a peach ring kinda guy

Sophs glowing. Thank you guys for keeping me sane. Miss you already

He's got an Irish brogue

Tomorrow 🔥🔥🔥 #TeenWolf

Me and two homies, @dylansprayberry and @tomdelonge making a movie a year or so ago. Look ma, dreams do come true

July 30th. Final season.

Sure you want to know how it ends? 2010-2017 RIP

Summaaatime. Where the livings easy

Successful Father's Day. All them Posey's

Me and @violettbeane mission impossible-ing stealing a cupcake from @lucyhale birthday stash. Thanks Lucy ❤

@lucyhale took me shopping today

@haydenszeto new face of Harley, and my heart

Happy Friday. The sack is ready

Happy 6th birthday the wolf. Make a wish

Gonna be a great night. #jedfoundationgala @jedfoundation

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