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Японская модель и актриса. Является бывшей эксклюзивной моделью японского журнала мод «ViVi русск.» и японской версии американского журнала для подростков «Seventeen русск.».
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@neckdeepuk The Peace and the Panic is out tomorrow!!!!! I can't wait

Neck deep -in bloom- give her a listen

To the beautiful Holland Roden. The only cast member who made it all the way with me :) love you holl. Thanks for giving me the honor of directing you. You too @khylinrhambo and big Mike and all the others :)

Little behind the scenes action of the episode I directed. Holding hands with my favorite bones @tylerschnabel while simultaneously probably giving bad direction to @froy but froy fucking killed it this episode, regardless of my bad direction.

Look ma, no hands. Thanks to my fellow cast for being so accepting of me directing them. It's hard to step over that boundary of people you've worked side by side for so many years and become their "boss" for a week. Here's to the cast, @teenwolf @mtv. Tonight at 8 pm, my episode airs. Hopefully this is just the start.

#TBT to #LifeRide8. What a fucking amazing and successful trip it has been riding through 6 states, 1,200 miles and with your help we have raised $150,000 to help the millions of people living with HIV/AIDS. The @Kiehls #LifeRide8 for @amfAR grant recipient Dr. Daniela Fera is pioneering research to find a vaccine for HIV that can help our generation live HIV free and without medication. Please continue to get the word out- get tested and keep sending those hearts and I will keep riding until there is a cure. And we wrote this song, how cool is that?!?#TheCureIsInOurHands

Riders on the storm 📷: @carrinoanthony

Feeling really surreal being in the back of a car instead of on a bike. Thank you guys for sticking with me through this journey, just paying attention is helping spread the word about the heart of this motorcycle ride, which is ending HIV/AIDS. A special part about being on this ride for me is that I'm the youngest rider. The reason why that's a huge deal is because the HIV crisis is affecting our age group. Please be safe and spread the word. AIDS will be a thing of the past if we band together. Humans have a lot power when we merge as one. Which brings me to my next point. These fucking dudes in this picture with me. I gave you a glimpse of the ride through stories, but there were hours and hours of behind the scenes moments that solidified these people into my life. Not just the riders but everyone who helped us get from A to B safely. I love you all, miss you terribly. I can not wait for the next one. @kiehls @amfar #LifeRide8 📷: @travis_shinn

"Can I slap your tattoo?" @travis_shinn fuck yeah Travis of course you can.

I'm the toll man

Pt 2

Little Happy Gilmore action

Traded shoes with a Indianapolis local... to be continued 📷: @kristinjkim

Me and latte the dog

Look how cute this is! Thanks for doing this you guys. For every picture you post do the heart hands using #LifeRide8 , @kiehls will donate a dollar to @amfar for HIV/AIDS vaccine research. We're gonna find a cure for this by 2020. Big things happening. Let's do this ❤


Getting some needed rest time after a long ride through Wisconsin, getting some bro time in with @gillesmarini and @carrinoanthony. Inspired by Gilles, get tested and spread awareness. Let's end AIDS

Successful second day on #LifeRide8 if you can, try to post the heart hand picture to raise money for vaccine research for AIDS/HIV thanks you guys

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