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Японская модель и актриса. Является бывшей эксклюзивной моделью японского журнала мод «ViVi русск.» и японской версии американского журнала для подростков «Seventeen русск.».
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Think positive. Be positive. Stay positive. Share your favorite feel-good song in the comments below and we’ll add it to Playlist With Purpose - our #AwesomenessActs initiative to benefit teens with cancer through the power of music #teencanceramerica #tyacancer. Love you guys ❤️

Happy cyber Monday folks from everyone here at @serengetee ! 40% off store wide! Get your Posey's paradise shirts just like me! Or get any of the other rad pocket designs that use fabrics from all over the world. Wear the world :)

Thank you @munchpak for giving me a little taste of some culture. Snacks from around the world! Perfect gift for that stoner in your life. Unless you are that stoner, then treat yourself! 🤘🏻💚

Yoga hosers ehh 🍁🇨🇦

Welcome to my face.

📷: @uresse

Directing my first episode of my show and they asked what street sign names I wanted. "Remember Snyder street, I think I'm losing sleep over this" thank you the story so far. I love you

Merry times

Christmas sweaters on Halloween 🎃🎄@carleighherbert

The time has come. Link in my bio. Happy Halloween 👻🎃

This is not a drill

First day of directing I look down and see this in my hand. Some things don't change #TyVentura #MaidInManhatten

I'm ready for my close up Mr... Posey?

Such gold

6 years does a lot to a couple of chubby faced kids

Am I doing it right @casper ? Thanks for the love❤️🛌. 📷: @bellathorne

I love these women. My red haired beauties. Happy birthday my love @bellathorne ❤️ sorry I was a couple hours late, I was too distracted by your face 😍😘

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