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Японская модель и актриса. Является бывшей эксклюзивной моделью японского журнала мод «ViVi русск.» и японской версии американского журнала для подростков «Seventeen русск.».
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This mustache and I don’t want to judge anymore. I sometimes feel myself judging or becoming bitter about things. Life is fucking confusing sometimes. For everyone. I want to see life through everyone’s shoes and I want you to walk in mine. But be careful, they’re stinky. #NoMoreJudging 👨🏽‍🦰 <— mustache

There it is. I still picture us this age. #utahgimme2

She thinks I got a big head. Hers is just tiny :) I’m constantly trying to figure myself out and the impact I have on the world and people. I want to make such a difference but it’s hard trying to verbalize how I want to do it. I want to relate to everyone through my experiences and show the world there are no tiers and we’re all equal as far as I’m concerned. But that’s hard to say because I’ve had somewhat of a privileged life. But I don’t want it sometimes. It puts me in a position that seems to put myself on a pedestal. But I’m realizing I want to use that position I’m in for something great. And something bigger than myself. I’ve had sort of a confusing journey. But I’ve got to start somewhere #DontTakeYourself2seriously

Here’s the video my best homie and I made for his new song Cool People in La. The link is in my bio. Click it if you’re cool ;)


Watch full season of @nowapocalypse on the @starz app tonight at midnight!!! I was so excited to share I didn’t want to finish my pizza 🍕

I have a lot of tattoos. Sometimes I can’t have tattoos. So these ladies cover the tattoos. Thank you ladies @lisalovel2 @madisonmah

Now apocalypse premieres today. Very excited. Get your weed ready. You’re going to need it

Me with the beautiful Sophia Ali. And my goofy ass. But she says she loves my ass. So we’re good

That’s the Gabriel version of me #NowApocalypse premieres March 10 on STARZ.

#nowapocalypse premieres March 10th on @starz get ready to say “what the fuck was that? I want more!” A show about friends, sex and crazy adventures. I promise you’ve never seen anything like it

At it again with my people @nowapocalypse

One of my good friends @harleyquinnsmith has a fucking band! And they’re punk and doing shit that hasn’t been done in a while. And they say FUCK. They’re great. Check them out @thetenthband

NowApocalypse premieres March 10 on STARZ

I’m in a new cartoon on youtube and it’s pretty damn sweet. Take a look at the new @YouTube Original series Sherwood premiering 3/6. Link to the full trailer in my bio. Hope you dig it! #Sherwood

Best party at #sundance @nowapocalypse

Me and my people promoting a project I’m very fucking excited about. @nowapocalypse premieres March 10th on @starz Thank you @richterfit @gettyentertainment @pizzahut thanks for the pie

Missing the dudes @dereksteez 📷: @elliottxingham

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