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Club Cumming

WOWOWOW @andersonroe blew our minds at #mondaysintheclubwithlance last night. So much so we bestowed the highly coveted YAAAAAS Award to them 🙌 Thank you for igniting our imaginations and reminding us that anything is possible at @clubcumming and beyond! 📷: @huntercanning

Club Cumming

Who's gonna get naughty with @lance_horne & I down at @clubcumming tonight? This week's theme: "Monster Mash (Ups): Monsters, Mashups & Monster Mashups" Spooky surprises in store! We start at 8 and go till late 😈 @clubcumming @danielnardicioproductions #halloween #mondaysintheclubwithlance

Club Cumming

Christopher Columbus! EPIC night at @clubcumming. @itstoriscott , @adfeldman , @missmollypope kicked us into high gear. @ecphilips & @julieannearls of @puffsplay cast spells on us, @Karaakter and @mckenziefrye from Syncing Ink currently at @thefleatheater graced the stage, @vwkat of like every bway show ever tore up Mein Hair, Colin performed a full on clown routeen on roller skates, @morganwreynolds , @adamtheodorebarry , @chelsea_zeno and the whole @cleopatra_experience took over, "Pony Tales," @BenDurocher belting Astonishing, Drewets with @DrewBrody, #BrianNash @mattawhoisnoisy and @lance_horne all playing the same piano and the same time! My mind is blown. What else happened? Thanks to @alancummingsnaps, @danielnardicioproductions, @darren_dryden, @danielnolen and Andy Sinks. Oh and thank you @austinyourface for a few of these shots! #mondaysintheclubwithlance

Club Cumming

Hmmm... Who should I listen to tonight...? Heading down to @clubcumming for another #mondayintheclubwithlance. I have a hunch I know who's gonna be bending my ear this evening.......... 😈🎉

"Hold your breath Make a wish Count to three..." Artwork and inspiration by #MonalisaCloviaanni

Club Cumming

I'll let my compatriot @lance_horne do the talking.... "As a friend just said, “I feel so broken about the world right now. But I need to come sing it out.” Join us from 9pm, no cover, and we’ll do just that. Songs of peace and solidarity welcoming the Bway cast who took a knee at their bow this week. Join the initiative to reduce Gun Violence: text ACT to 64433 Bernstein: “We musicians, like everyone else, are numb with sorrow at this murder, and with rage at the senselessness of the crime. But this sorrow and rage will not inflame us to seek retribution; rather they will inflame our art. Our music will never again be quite the same. This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.” #clubcumming #mondayintheclubwithlance @danielnardicioproductions @clubcumming

New York, New York

Last night's moonlit sunset

Club Cumming

Who's Cumming tonight? ;) Songs and surprises starting around 8 and going till late! 2 for 1 drinks for the first couple hours. Singalongs, dancealongs, Broadway surprises, and I hear a pretty hot DJ will be dropping in...

Club Cumming

Tomorrow night! @lance_horne on the keys, songs and surprises starting around 830pm, 2 for 1 drinks for the first couple hours... Anything could happen. Meet me there?

Club Cumming

Quite a night folks! Thank you all! #Repost @lance_horne ・・・ Words cannot express the joy and mayhem that abounded when "Jellicle Cats came out last night" and #mondaysintheclubwithlance @ClubCumming shot into the ceiling on a tire. @colincunliffe & award-winning whistler @laurenelder summoned us all to the #jellicleball and took us up up up up to the Heaviside Layer. Photo and cohosting by @huntercanning and special thanks to @danielnardicioproductions and my new favorite cast and crew, Now and Forever.

Club Cumming

Last night, we found the Rainbow Connection at the inaugural Mondays in the Club with Lance. The lovers, the dreamers, and cats. #clubcumming @danielnardicioproductions #mondaysintheclubwithlance

Club Cumming

TONIGHT! #Repost @lance_horne ・・・ Stage set, all we need is you! Tonight from 8pm til late #clubcumming Music & Mayhem #mondaysintheclubwithlance @clubcumming @bondypiano @drew_brody @huntercanning @alancummingsnaps @darren_dryden @lauren_elder

Thrilled to be co-hosting this tomorrow night! Join us, won't you? #Repost @lance_horne Repost @lance_horne (@get_repost) ・・・ Tomorrow, join me for the first #mondaysintheclubwithlance Songs & Surprises, feline groovy, aka When Hairy Met Tabby. @clubcumming from 8pm onwards! Spread the word and come hear the music play xx Lance

Club Cumming

A few more highlights from @clubcumming last night.... @dinadelicious serving realness (and bananas!) during the #deepthroatbananacontest🍌 AND what a gift to hang with the stunning #ZolaPowell and the gorgeous, glamours, smart n' funny and oh so legendary.... China!

East Village, Manhattan

Now THAT'S a HARD opening! @daphne_sumtimez gave @bridgeteverett & @murray_hill a very special welcome to @clubcumming last night! More mayhem is on it's way folks... #clubcumming #eastvillagenightlife @danielnardicioproductions

The time of my life at @clubcumming 😜 📷: @koitznyc

Club Cumming

Every night is an adventure at @clubcumming! Only one way to find out what'll happen tonight ;) @danielnardicioproductions

power in the sky

In awe with some of the loveliest people under the sun (and moon) ALSO, best way to make new friends is to have extra pairs of these glasses. We offered them to strangers passing by and the reactions were priceless!

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