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Fair play to the volunteers outside my local super market handing these out to people going in, and collecting donations. I added a load of sanitary towels to my shop, because the idea of homeless women not having sanitary protection is so upsetting. If someone hands you one of these flyers get involved and offer what you can. #mitzvahday

He’s judging me isn’t he?

BARGAIN. Oh, and fuck off.

This is what taking my kid out for a romantic lunch looks like. (He’s over the other side of the pub measuring everything with a measuring tape).

Did they not bother showing up to stuff coz it was raining, or something?

I just made a terrible video of something potentially exciting that I thought i would analyse later to try and see who was in the cars. Turns out I should stay on the other side of the camera.

Guys, order it. It’s as good as you hope it will be. Mine arrived yesterday and I’ve already hoofed half of it. Full review when I have digested her magnitude @michelleobama you are the warmest, smartest and coolest dude I can think of. My goodness. #becoming

I finally met Rachel face to face. For months we have been emailing, texting, calling and designing back and forth. I love @rockthejumpsuit so much. Delighted to have designed the DAWN for them. Check out the site and have a look. Epic levels of 70s every day chicness.

Also this photo was taken of me tonight and I thought I should share it. To prove how cool and subtle I am when interviewing someone I admire.

I just interviewed this ACTUAL badass about her new book #ROAR. @official_ceceliaahern you total legend. This collection of short stories is a triumph! You must all read it, it will make you ROAR. Loved our interview. It’s now somewhere on Facebook if you want to watch it. Brilliant, clever, talented, focused, fun, snappy, funny. Did say clever!? Total author goals. I’m in love 💚

It’s back! The most genius charity idea ever. Maybe my favorite new thing about Christmas...The world’s FIRST store where you can buy real gifts for refugees returns on Black Friday (23/11). This year @helprefugeesuk are opening TWO stores - one in London, one in New York as well as a new online shop at http://www.choose.love . #Watchthisspace for more updates! #ChooseLove DO IT DO IT x

I was having a really good work day today, then I started writing a scene where my character is having a really horrible morning and now I want to throw umbrellas at cars. Might need to write a happy scene to get myself out of it. Or maybe another really angry scene and just roll with it. Or maybe just a scene about eating and then I can eat my feelings. Anyway...no you’re procrastinating.

This is so fucked up. #Repost @time with @get_repost ・・・ Fire crews battled a #blaze from the air after #flames drew dangerously close to drivers on the 118 Freeway in Simi Valley, in the greater Los Angeles area, on Nov. 12. The #PeakFire was reported just after 10 a.m., local time, in the Santa Susana Pass and burned more than 180 acres before firefighters from Los Angeles and Ventura counties got it under control. As fires continue to rage across California, generating huge plumes of smoke that can be seen from space, fire officials confirmed that Northern California’s #CampFire is officially the deadliest #wildfire in state history with at least 42 deaths. Video source: KABC

Oh man I love this song! #Repost @dermotkennedy with @get_repost ・・・ Thank you for all your support and love for 'Power Over Me', and thanks for being so patient! The video is out now and @youtubemusic have made me one of their #UKOnesToWatch artists [link in stories]

Well done Carnaby Street. Festive and jolly as ever 💜💜💜

I just got given this jumper. And I am, so I’m wearing it. Excellent. Thanks @picklelondon #happytotalk


Got soaked. Hate my outfit. Feel low. Look old. Overwhelmed. Too much to do, not enough time. Miss my cat and dog. Want to go shopping. Need burgers. You? #monday

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