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I have a valance on my bed because the base is really ugly and we don’t want to get a new one yet. But who cares, because my leather mini skirt fits after two kids and I’m going for Thai food. Rough with the smooth, innit.

And my other clever friend @lauraleedockrill wrote this. I haven’t read it yet but I will coz she’s brilliant and I’m jealous of how she pops out books like ping pong balls.

My very clever friend @lisapotterdixon wrote this book. It’s bloody good if you like make-up. Apart from putting half an avocado in your eye like the girl on the cover. That’s just silly. (Seriously tho, it taught me how to do good cheeks. On my bum). WELL DONE, LISA ❤️❤️❤️

Chris and I were guests on @jamieoliver and @jimmysfarm Friday Night Feasts. Our baby was eight weeks old and I had to go pump half way through, we’d hardly slept and nearly got blown off the pier BUT it was SO FUN and the food the guys made us was so SO good. Loved it. Sorry you don’t get to taste it, but you can totally watch it this Friday on C4 🤗🤗🤗(I don’t THINK I smiled like a Fraggle during the filming like i did in this photo, but let’s see...)

Putting some CLOTHES in storage and just happened across this sensational skirt I’d forgotten I had. Parrots having an argument while playing golf?


Fringe is getting a bit long

Who buys one of these when they post a package. WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE?

This is on a table in my local Fedex office. No further comment.

When you’re texting @anniemumolo about the best way to chop mushrooms for a chicken pie and she sends you a photo of her current status. #mushrooms

Anyone fancy a shot?

I found a stage and got on it. I wish I was more mysterious and subtle as a person. But I’m not.

I see you hangover, and raise you a dance party. I can do this. Yes I can. No I can’t. Yes I can. Two nights in a row, I CAN DO THIS. #isitbedtime

I just took my kid to the beach with a hangover. Please can I have a medal?

The kind of couple who go to hot yoga together are the exact opposite kind of couple to us. But tonight, that’s what we did. I had to put my mat at the absolute furthest point away from his because from the second we left the house I could NOT stop laughing. If I’d have caught his eye in the mirror, oh God! After the class we went for dinner in our sports gear. WHO EVEN ARE WE? Also, hot yoga is not my hairs friend, it has caused 💯 #FRINGEAGEDON.

Whoever lives in this house needs to let it go.

A @christydawn jumpsuit with a cropped and embroidered vintage denim jacket and @opsandops pumps for lunch with my cherished @sonyawalgerofficial 💚💚

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