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Pretty cute. They've gone off to paddle.

I am obsessed with this dish. Chicken, tomatoes, bacon, ciabatta, so much garlic. Twice in one week. It ticks all my boxes. I want it again. Now. One of those dinners you go to bed talking about. Mmmmmm.

Sale is extended.

Our massive sale ends in TWO DAYS. After that @bob_by_dop is going on maternity leave. These classics won't return so don't miss out. The current discounts are insane. Go for it and #justbloodywearit link in bio.

Our sale ends this Friday. Here is me in the glorious Gem. Made from the most epic pure Yorkshire wool. It was £780, now it's £156. This is me in it. It was my first night out after having a baby. I mean, could we look more like two people who have slept no more than 2 hours at a time for months and have our first taste of FREEDOM? (A great one for big boobs. My jugs were full😜). Find it on www.BOBbyDOP.com). This dress can be easily taken up to any length. We also did a short version to just on the knee which you could easily do with this too x


Embrace your weird.

When you wake up with dry mouth.

He has no interest in that ball, but his daddy has gone out and this is how he waits. This dog loves that man more than chicken and balls. Mmmmm, chicken balls.

Got friends staying so I'm sleeping in my kids room and texting under the covers so I don't wake him up. I feel all 15.

Amazon, seriously?!?!

Because of the website going to sleep, and because of the low prices, if your pieces aren't perfect it's worth considering tailoring. Can it be made perfect for you? Of course everything can go in, but all of our styles can be taken out by 2cm if you need anymore boob room or anything. Make it perfect for you, that is the BOB ethos! I am happy to advise you on here if you need any help with that xxx

Link in bio to watch a really fun video that might help you make your mind up ;))


Having a good days writing today. Sometimes this job makes me want to cry so hard. The pressure. The fear of all the ideas running out. The days where it feels like all the ideas have run out. But days like today make me feel good and lucky. I do the job I love. Even through the many days of block that come my way, it still makes me so happy. If you want to write, just write. It's totes worth the effort.

I wanted to read every word before I posted about ‘OPEN’. This book is perfect. I feel this kind of thing has been attempted before, but never nailed like this. It talks you through everything from periods to politics. It’s like Spanx for your soul. It will keep you together. I wish I’d had it as a manual for life when I was in my teens. Explaining to me the things I didn’t understand, ironing out my creases when I was all screwed up. Well done @gemagain, I knew you were clever and kind but now here it is in print, for everyone to read. You should all buy it for any young women in your life. It will become the book they talk about in their 40s. The one that got them through. Out March, but find it on Amazon and pre order now! From me, a gal whose heart is thumping with pride for her brilliant friend 💖💖💖💖

My sweet pussy.

Dear Friends, BOB (@bob_by_dop) is going on maternity leave. The site will be trying to get some sleep from the end of this month for the foreseeable future. Until then we have a massive clearance sale. Last orders will be taken on Feb 24th, after that these styles will never be seen again. If you want them, now is your time. You snooze, you lose! You know what to do. Www.BOBbyDOP.com.(pic by @davidloftus).

Woooo hoooo!! Massive congrats to my lovely neighbour (and guest on this weeks Get It On) @mattiseman for winning Celeb Apprentice. GREAT guy, GREAT cause. Well done, Matt!!!

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