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Here it comes... @rednosedayusa This charity has been a part of my countries culture for as long as I can remember, and now here it is in the USA. *PROUD FACE*. The money they raise for organisations around the world is ASTOUNDING. I visited one of the organisations a few weeks ago and it has fundamentally changed me as a person (full story tomorrow). But for now, here is me my husband having a nose off. With our noses on. COMIC RELEIF. RED NOSE DAY. Take in those words and repeat them to everyone ❤️❤️❤️

I mean, look at that spread! And no, not still talking about the vaginas.

I didn’t have a date on date night so I dated myself at the Korean spa. @amandadecadenet introduced me to this place a few years ago. It’s the most unglamorous, but utterly luxurious and amazing place ever. Two hot tubs, a heated floor, a few saunas, amazing treatments, great food and all the vaginas in the world to pretend not to look at. I love it here. Mostly for the vaginas.

Congrats to this little nugget @islafisher. ‘Marge and the Secret Tunnel’ out in the UK today 🧡🧡

@dawnsnosefans this one is for you.


Join book club @the_cold_water_book_club

I love a lingering end.

SO proud of my girl @mydoulamelaney for organising the #marchformoms rally today. Take a look at my instastories for details. I hope you caught the live video and the speeches. Some shocking and incredible stories

For the last few hours I have been looking after two 3 year olds and a ten month old on my own. I’d like to go back in time to meet the man who invented the TV. So I can give him the best blow job of his life #grateful

Too many women in America don’t get the help they need during pregnancy, birth and beyond. A group of us are meeting at Pershing Square at 10am tomorrow to try to change that. Maternal death rates, post natal depression, maternity leave. The stats need to change. If you’re free come join us!


This book. If you enjoy memoirs written by women who don’t follow rules, you’ll love it. Join my book club and join in this month. This is our non fiction read. The Rules do not Apply, Ariel Levy.

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of visiting @covenant_house in LA. THE most incredible program getting young kids off the streets and offering them the brightest futures. I was blown away by the stories and successes of this amazing program. Thank you @rednosedayusa for asking me to visit. I left inspired and so happy that places like this exist. But they still need our help. Buy a nose, buy a t-shirt. It all helps. #rednosedayusa

Thanks dorks @laurabrown99 and @brandogeoffrey ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Who is coming?

Outside my bedroom. Please can I come live with you?

Help. I can’t work out if I like this dress or if I look like I’m going to steal from the rich and give it to the poor? Green velvet is tricky!


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