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It’s time for a new laptop. Had this one 4 years and it’s so slow and won’t charge and many other things that are giving me constant meltdowns. I’ve just been looking into the recycling that Apple do. You can get up to a grand cash back if your old computer is eligible for recycling. Anyone done it? This one is in pretty good shape but do you think those those few scuffed keys are reason enough to say it isn’t in good physical shape? Also, why is my letter S so worn? Isn’t that weird? Is it because I am always google imaging sausages?

For years I have eaten gluten free pasta because I have issues digesting wheat. Weirdly, having kids fixed me. I could have eaten four loaves of bread a day when I was pregnant and been totally fine. Now I have to watch it a bit but I can eat what I want again. So I’m back on normal pasta. Nothing beats it. Angel hair is my current obsession. Seen here with some chicken thighs I roasted, a fuck ton of garlic and Parmesan with a big glug of truffle oil and a garlicy side salad. It’s so delicious and I am so happy to be back in the game. Pasta. Genius. You get me?

I just got a flurry of local restaurants reminding me I’m 40 next week.

There really needs to be a ‘I haven’t got an iron’ filter. Ya know? Anyway, a little mustard pinny from @lucyandyak. The creases will have fallen out by lunch time and everything will be ok, right?

You gimmie eat out?

I’ve listened to/watched The Gruffalo so many times in the last 48 hours that I kinda fancy some owl ice cream


Back in the saddle with @shaydempsey1 Come to LA, have your hair cut up on the Sunset Strip by Shay. He does good bob jobs.

It’s a lot of blue. Too matchy matchy or is this acceptable? I’m kinda into it. #justbloodywearit

So obsessed with my friend @louiselawtonfineart and her annoying levels of talent. These charcoal drawings are incredible. Whatcha think!?

This guy licked a doorbell for three hours. Anyone got his number?

Strong boiler suit game today. Another fine example of jumpsuitery from @rockthejumpsuit #smallbusiness


I JUST ATE BUGS. Loved it. So inspired after a talk by Aly Moore at @bugible. Talking about the sustainability and health benefits of eating bugs. They use hardly any water compared to live stock, need less feed, no grotty emissions, ethical, HEALTHY! I’m sold. The ants were unseasoned and DELICIOUS. I can’t get over the power punch of natural flavour. And the dry roasted crickets were yum! I’m not sure I’m ready for scorpions and spiders but i love what I tried. I’m on board with the worldly benefits of eating critters. We should all at least try? I eat meat. I do. I know it’s bad. I try to be good when and where i can, choose ethically sourced produce, make sure i know where it’s coming from. But i do eat meat. I’d eat crickets like a mother fucker if they were in more restaurants tho! Thank you to @thejaneclub for enlightening me once again! #workingmumswhoeatbugs

Anyone got a spare hair cut I can borrow?

Do you think he’s ok tho?

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