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I spent ages trying to line my finger up to where Alberts willy would be. But then I remembered that I’m 39 and just settled for a cheesey touristy type photo instead. If I’m honest, I wish I’d persevered.

Nailing being back in London. (Photo credit @jimjamjay)

This is ‘Tree Bark Mountain’ #iusedtoreadthepaperonsundays

Top one over bottom one then TEAR THE BOTTOM ONE trying to get the top one under it?!?!? OR SOMETHING.


Guess what colour my sunglasses frames are #WHATANAMAZINGGAME

We keep things pretty sexy when we’re apart.

No YOU ARE extremely hungover and trying to pack for a 5 month trip, ACTUALLY.

#twobabies #onwards

Going shorter with the master. Thanks @shaydempsey1 I love my mushroom #nomushroomemoji

Why are there suddenly random people describing absolutely everything that happens in all my kids shows on Netflix? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

Covered in pussy

This guy 💚💚💚


‘The Cows’ is currently NUMBER ONE on the Amazon Kindle holiday reading best seller list. Thanks to everyone who made that happen and enjoy your holiday 💛🖤💛🖤💛

This is a beautiful day. Thanks to everyone who voted. They did it! CONGRATS @miryslist ❤️❤️❤️

The homeless guy in our park is getting this today. It was no effort. He’s always so grateful when we offer help. If everyone gave someone else something, more people would be better off. G’warn.

Don’t be afraid of people who need help. Just help them.

My fortune cookie was empty. And now me and my anxiety are off to bed.

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