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And so much hair...

I wore this to film a documentary about a Mormon Polygamous family. Why didn’t anyone tell me to get changed?

And who remembers my sexy German polyamorous hippies?

Here is me having an epic sense of humour failure about the whole thing.

Just found a load of old photos. Here is a flashback to my Extreme Wife series where got to live with the geisha in Kyoto and do as they did for a whole week. What an unreal experience that was!

I find myself having to send texts like this a lot.

Rocking this years ‘Baby sick chic’ trend.

Every Sunday I say ‘we will make sandwiches with this meat all week’. And every Sunday....


#freakysundaynighteye oddly, that’s the first time anyone has used this hashtag.

Anyone ever made this Hugh FW onion recipe? Reckon it would work with cranberries instead of juniper berries? I can’t get juniper here. Any tips on a substitute if not?

One of my favorite things about parenting is not having to carry shopping.



I’m so tired I can only open my eye this far.

When your kid asks your husband to draw you.

When daddy goes out...

THIS BLACK FRIDAY CHOOSE LOVE. Olive oil. A flashlight. A can of tomatoes. For most of us these are everyday items. For refugees they can be the difference between joy and despair. This Christmas, @helprefugeesuk are launching the Choose Love shop. It's going to be the world’s first shop where you can buy real products for refugees. From emergency blankets to lifejackets and hot food, you can shop to your heart’s content, leave with nothing, and feel great. The shop is all about one simple idea: that we should all choose love this Christmas and help those in need. That's why every penny they raise in the store will go directly to our projects across Europe & the Middle East. visit them in Soho from 24th November to Christmas Eve, learn about the refugee crisis, and leave knowing you've done something practical #ChooseLove I LOVE THIS SO MUCH.

Mother of dragons? Great night at SAGS Patron of the Artists Awards. Congrats @juddapatow and everyone else who was honoured. Such a gorgeous evening and a wonderful foundation supporting artists. We had fun and left inspired!

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