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I also got a green velour jumpsuit for a tenner, and it's all I am ever going to wear at home ever again.

(Sorry about the toilet) I just got the kaftan of all kaftans from @cannonballandtilly and I am sooooo in love 😍😍😍😍

Hate this. Third year running. HATE. THIS.

Hair update. It's now long enough and big enough for me to feel like I have bigger hair than head again. I am quite enjoying this stage of regrowth but the journey goes on... #missiontoBOB

#mycatsearismymoustache are you all currently chasing your cats around to be a part of this MEGA INSTAGRAM SENSATION OF A HASHTAG?

New hashtag game? #mycatsearismymoustache It's gonna be huge, I know it.

Sensational brunch. Chilled tomato soup, grilled cheese, garden salad and homemade fries. Nice work @saltscure on Highland. Yummmmm!!!!

iiiiiiits AUDIO WEEK. Here is me recording the audio book of The Cows. Have you listened? Available on iTunes and Amazon and Audible or whatever you use. Thanks @harpercollinsuk @harperaudio for not reminding me about the Russian character before I started 😬😬😬


Couldn't recommend @petittroisla more. That chocolate moose is a game changer! #nofilter

When you pop out for a nice lunch then on the way back to the car pop into another restaurant and order obscene amounts of unbelievable French dessert completely by ACCIDENT! #oops #afternoondates #afternoondelights #naptimenow #wortheverycalorie #maybeasaladfordinner #maybenot #thesehashtagsareridiculous #zzzzzzzz

That'll teach me to put mascara on before I've taken a Benadryl. #achoooooo

My kid nailed his Father's Day present!

Dealing with the heat wave the only way you can...

When you are heavily pregnant and decide to steam clean all your furniture then can't move your hips so lie down and your husband brings you a ham, cheese and onion sandwich with a side of veggie chips because he knows what makes everything better again.

Maybe if we all just sat bum to bum sometimes, the world would be a more peaceful place. If dog and cat can do it, surely humans can work their shit out?


He's doing it guys. @shaydempsey1 is sorting it OUT!

I mean. Imagine walking into work with this. 'Morning everyone, don't mind the smell of Elnet just please don't smoke near me'.

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