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I am eating a bacon sandwich and he is feeling hopeful. This won't end well for Potato because I have one rule in life... DON'T share bacon.

This weeks episode of 'Get It On' is with the mega babe @fayripley She's so silly and cool and funny I am totally in love. We talk dogging and selling George Micheal's pubes on EBay. We also talk about style. Search 'Dawn O'Porter Get It On' on iTunes or acast. RATE AND REVIEW AND I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER. Enjoy xx

I'm all into not being gender specific, but Ryan?!???

BBQ with my bae.

My kid thinks I'm the coolest mum on the planet #MumsMickyJumper #DogShoes #NailedIt

We got some cute vintage pieces going up weekly. Snap'um up sharp they don't stick around long! More goes up towards end of every week. Www.BOBbyDOP.com xx

I just want to make love to myself sometimes #stew

I can't keep arguing about this. This stool just goes on the other stool now. That's just how it is. I accept it. #toddlers

The Love Wins Skirt. 25% off until tomozza. #Repost @bob_by_dop ・・・ Just going to pop this CORKER here... ​This #LoveWins Karen Mabon print has been a huge hit with our customers who also want to spread the message of love winning, so DOP thought to put it on a skirt too. The gorgeous coral back drop is a power pop of a colour and perfect for swishing your way through summer. ​It's in our #EqualityCollection now quick!! (Don't forget the code: blackfridayequality for 25% off, ends tomorraaaaaa) www.BOBbyDOP.com

Never too much red wine in a bolog. Ever. In fact, there is never too much red wine.

Corn tortilla, refried beans, eggs, melted cheese, fresh guac and Santa Fe green chilies. Mumma O'Porter's Huevos Rancheros never fail. YUM!!

Yesterday I ate 478 courses of thanksgiving dinner and gave thanks to my LA crew. Great friends and happy days with loads of food warms my cockles right up!! #mates #nothingbeatsthem

#BLACKFRIDAY is here (AND on until Monday 🎉) 25% off the #equalitycollection with the code: BlackFridayEquality AND for an EXTRA 10% off #BOBclassics enter the code: BlackFriday2016 YOU ARE WELCOME www.BOBbyDOP.com

My old reliable and fav dress of all time. Thank you Ossie Clark for giving women room to eat massive Thanksgiving buffets 💖💖💖

Need veg. Stir fry heaven happening here!!

My second loaf from @fearnecotton cook book. I've always hated baking because I am terrible at it. But these recipes are so easy and yummy! #cookhappycookhealthy

Banana bread ala @fearnecotton SO easy. Yummy #cookhappycookhealthy

That would be a loo roll in the loo then. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!?!? #toddlers

My kid understands that fashion is political #wearhowyoufeel

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