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I mean.

10 cunts for $4.99? BARGAIN!

If I have posted again by morning, call the police.

Ooooooo, its BIG!! Bloody love the new look @glamouruk mag. Nice work @joelvinglamour and the team. Love writing for his magazine, my column is my pride and joy and now it's even BIGGER. Gorgeous stuff!!!

Shopping for a new bed. How long am I allowed to lie here before I have to make a decision?

This weeks episode of 'Get It On' is with the spectacular, Sarah Solemani. We talk about how femininity doesn't have to compromise feminism, and always being prepared to jump into swimming pools at parties. I LOVE this broad. Search 'Dawn O'porter Get It on' on iTunes or acast #getitonwithdop

No, sure, go for it. I'll sleep on the bloody floor. I mean, can I get you anything while I'm up? Jesus.

If you're going to let me host your baby shower, you're gonna have to deal with my choice of cake! #yummy

He loves my dresses.

I'm eating sausages.

I'm still opening my Christmas presents.

This is a falafel wrap with pickles and sauce and anything else they had going that I could fit in it. I need you to understand how delicious it is. DO YOU?

It's quite an intense relationship.

You have been warned.

Ok sky, I'm all yours!

A text conversation with a friend who is negotiating maternity leave here in the US. It makes me so mad that so many women are put under the pressure to either work almost immediately after giving birth, take leave with no pay, or just quit. The system has to change, its barbaric! If this is you, remember that you have a voice and if you use it, there is a chance that one day 'they' will have to listen.

A rare photo of me and my big fanny. (Photo credit @jimjamjay)

Happy New Year you lot! This weeks episode of 'Get It On' is with Hollywood mega stylist @pennylovellstylist Penny dresses Rose Byrne, Kristen Wiig and many more. She is ACE and I love her. You will too. Search 'dawn o'porter Get It on' on Acast or iTunes. ENJOY! #getitonwithdop

All of the above.

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