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This was today. All day. Ouch. I've said it once I'll say it again, Potato's save lives.

Food poisoning. Of course this happens when I give myself a week off. Blugh.

Funny isn't it, how the 70s get credited with big hairy muffs, just coz that's when everyone got them out. But really, a big muff is kinda timeless and not really a '70s thing' at all. Welcome to my head.

I try to focus on other things, but I always come back to this.


For some reason I have decided to rip my kitchen apart and get everything out, chuck loads away and re organise. WHY DID I START THIS!!?!!

This is the photo I posted two years ago when I was on deadline for The Cows. I had also just had a baby. This image speaks volumes. Did it tho;)

I have 'in between hair'. I suppose I have a few months of this. Kinda enjoying the chaos of it, but also realise it's very 'mop' like. Hmmmmm, to trim or to let it flow...

A day off with no child. It's been so long. Nails, hair, nap, organise closet, bake, shop, nap, pop out just coz, speak to no one, see no one, do nothing serious, be nothing serious, ignore anything serious, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Number 6 on Sunday Times Best Sellers List second week running. I'm cool, I'm totally cool. (I AM NOT COOL).

Away for a month, but now I'm home it's time to reclaim my vegetable drawer. 🤓🤓🤓🤓

I also came home to this beautiful hardback. I love having clever girlfriends and @kellyoxford is absolutely one of them. It's funny and bold and she is awesome. Well done, Sista! Xxx

I came home to a huge Number 6 balloon. Which is pretty bloody cute!

Thank you Ireland!! The Cows is Number 5 on the Irish Times Bestseller list. What an enormous honour!! #TheCows #dontfollowtheherd

Me and the little guy are off home. What a month in the U.K. that was. Thank you to everyone who came to see me on book tour, and to everyone who has enjoyed The Cows. And to Harper Collins for getting me from chair to chair in my delicate state and for the most amazing experience. Thanks for all the lovely interviews and reviews. I'm blown away. The Cows is Number Six on the Sunday Times Best Seller List again this week, and I'm still in shock. So thank you thank you. Now, the small matter of a 12 hour flight with a toddler and I'll be back to my love and my home. Toodles, Britain. I love you!

Meetings have got a theme these days.

Excellent signage on the isle of Sark!

Happy Easter, love Guernsey xx

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