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If ever there was a time for voice command.

My worst critic.

Talk to me about how to get rid of under eye shadows. Without looking like I'm caked in make up.

Days like today we just have to be so grateful for what and who we have, don't we? My heart broke for London today. 💔

I'm going to have her done for sexual harassment in the work place.

Ramen saves lives.

Potato barks at big dogs. It's a real problem. He just went crazy at a massive Staffy and I said 'sorry, he has terrible small man syndrome'. To the frighteningly small man with the massive scary dog. It was awkward.

These two tho.

Of course I get a terrible cold with only 5 days left to a deadline. Of course that is what happens. My bed is my office. I can do this. Yes I can. After a sleep. And then another sleep. And then a cry.

Nothing fixes a leaking tap like an old bra #resourceful

Shot on an iPhone 6.


Left over chicken and mushroom pie from last night. You're right, I love myself!

Don't hate me.

My guest on this weeks podcast is my friend @kalamitykate_ We go vintage shopping. This pic is just one of the dresses we found. Search 'dawn O'Porter get it on' on Acast or iTunes and have a listen. This is the penultimate episode of this series. Enjoy xx

You know when you've spent a bit too much time alone?

Me - Potato! I have a deadline will you please give me some space! Potato - no.

The Cows, for those asking... it's a novel. It packs a punch. It's REALLY exciting x

LOOK AT IT. The final prints are now in. They are so beautiful. Oh my word. I haven't touched it myself yet, but when I do I'm going to lick it then rub it on my boobies. I LOVE IT!! #TheCows out April 6th.

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