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I’m at the ‘which filter makes my skin look most natural’ stage of my deadline. You?

Unessasry proximity.

And as man continues to fight against man, dog and cat lie bum to bum in solidarity. If only the whole world could find this peace #chooselove

Despite there being a distinct lack of photos of her online, my style icon will always be Mrs Brody from the Jaws movies. Her 70s casuals and beachwear in the earlier films are the Influence behind the majority of my wardrobe. She’d have loved my look today. I’ve finally found the perfect 70s dungarees from @miracleeye (Warning, the cut of them is not for the large chested). I love them so much. They go perfectly with my favourite movie line of all time, also from Mrs Brody, and one that I say a lot, ‘wanna get drunk and fool around?’ Thank you Mrs Brody, and thank you Jaws for not eating her so she could keep coming back with more epic clothes. 💙💙🦈🦈

I’ve been sent two photos today of the amazing window displays in German bookshops for The Cows. Thank you to my lovely German publishers Fischer, for championing the book. This is thrilling! I wish I could see it in person. I hope you love it, Germany 🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤 and thanks for the selfie @mikematthewsfilms 💪

I just took this photo at my desk to show you that I am dressed like ‘The Cows’ book cover, and the natural light took my face away, highlighted all the fluff on my jumper and made me look like quite a cool piece of art. Who needs filters when you sit by a window, eh?

I stuffed mushrooms with feta, blue cheese, green onion and sage and I am feeling EXTREMELY smug about it

Banger, Avo, red pepper and gnocchi with pesto. Yum. But I need kids dinner inspiration please. Things a 4 year old and a 21 month old would eat. SO BORING but here we are.

Potato waiting for coffee. My local coffee shop ads CBD oil to your drink if you want it. I want it. Here’s to a day of not panicking about work. Anyone else on this vibe?

She tried.

The music is ruined for me. It’s not even a decision I have to make. It’s just how it feels. Horrifying.

She’s been trying to get comfy on the boney part of my legs for over ten minutes.

Happy Sunday!

Solo parenting with THE WORST hangover. Baby won’t nap. Don’t have any pain killers. Construction next door. BANG BANG BANG. Awful. Send crisps.

Last night on stories I asked (for research purposes) if any women had experiences of being sexually rejected by their partners. I asked for those women to share with me privately. It was like my phone became the Live Aid donations hotline. I have had HUNDREDS of messages from women telling me their stories, and how it made them feel when their partners refused to be sexual with them. It’s been heartbreaking, fascinating, and sometimes actually hilarious (intentionally) reading all this. I’ve tried to respond to as many as I can. Some of you are right in it and really hurting, others are still mending the wounds, others are recovering brilliantly, and others are working through it. (Of course this is something many a man can relate to also, but for this purpose I am focussing on the ladies). I didn’t think I’d get much of a response. What this has taught me, and the take away that I would like to pass on for #internationalwomensday, is that you are never alone. No matter how isolated you feel, someone somewhere is feeling the same way for exactly the same reason. You must always find the strength to voice your feelings and problems. Because by doing that, you will find another person who will understand. Don’t feel alone, because you are not. Have courage in yourself to be open and share. It doesn’t have to be public, and it might take a little research, but there is always someone who understands. Happy International Women’s Day. When women come together the world changes for the better. So find your person and speak your truth. Whatever it is can change. 💪💪OK, I’m going back to my inbox. Thanks for sharing with me. If I don’t reply personally please know I have read and acknowledged your story. Don’t let this be the last time you tell it. I repeat, You are not alone. Over and out.

@helprefugeesuk is an organisation that I helped to create, and I support the work that they continue to do with my entire heart. This #InternationalWomensDay, we’d like to celebrate the resilience, love and strength of displaced women and girls all over the world: those who are travelling with family and those who are travelling alone; those who are seeking safety and a future for themselves and their loved ones; survivors, advocates, community members and organisers - and all women who continue to shine and inspire us. This day, and every day, we are privileged to learn, work and stand with you. #ChooseLove #IWD2019

HAPPPY WORLD BOOK DAY. If you haven’t read my novel, The Cows, please do. I’m crazy proud of it. It’s naughty and funny and might give you some perspective on a few things. Or maybe not. But you’ll read it quickly and I do think you’ll laugh. It’s about three women. It’s unexpected and hopefully not like anything else you’ve read. I love it so much. Ok, I’m going. HAPPY WORLD BOOK DAY 🖤💛🖤🐄🐄

I really feel like you need a visual. I just went into armed combat with a cockroach whilst on the phone to my editor, wearing this outfit, including the slippers. It was quite the show. I won the fight and nailed a plot line. There is one less cockroach in the world, and there is about to be one more book. Some days you just win.

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