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You know when you’ve got the opportunity to write any word you like on a pavement?


Three weeks now. The chipped black nail of love.

My new book club @the_cold_water_book_club (Instagram only) is up and running. First book is Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, by Gail Honeymoon. And there are TWENTY signed copies to give away. Follow that account and join in. SO FUN!

So for the upcoming paperback release of THE COWS, we are going to add some extra content to the audio book. I’m going to record my answers to YOUR questions, so ask away under this post. Anything you want to know about the book, my process, the characters, THAT MOMENT, why I wrote it etc etc. Whatever you want. Or just tell me how you felt about it, and I’ll give you a response to that! Obviously, if you hated it, you never saw this message 😜 So go for it...what do you want to know?!? Oh, should say, if you haven’t read it there may be spoilers here, so stay away (or read it and join in). Maybe you only refer to that moment as ‘THAT MOMENT’ in this thread?!! OK, GO!

I got a haircut because I have basically been walking around with a bail of hay on my head for three weeks. Feels good.

That looks like it should be a poem. It isn’t.

Follow here @the_cold_water_book_club

I have the new Kindle Oasis. Amazon sent it to me as a gift. Don’t be mad at me, it’s a perk of the job. Guys, it’s so beautiful. I’ve just downloaded all of Chuck Palahniuk’s books. What else do I need to get on it? Also, let’s start an Instagram book club. Who used to be in my Twitter one? It was called, The Cold Water Book Club. Shall we kick it off again?!?! #BOOKS

She’s my Aunty. She’s 82. And she’s a total badass. Thanks for stepping in Aunty Jane, you became my mother and you made me who I am. I strive to be like you every day. To cook endless amounts of the greatest food, to decorate my home in the weird and wonderful, to have lots of parties, to travel, to wear velour tracksuits, to walk bare foot on the cliffs, to have rude and quite demanding cats, to dedicate myself to my dogs, to say really embarrassing - often inappropriate - but mostly very funny things, to make honey (not literally, like you, bees are terrifying. But figuratively, I’ll try to keep things sweet), to be completely un phased by age and be the best version of whatever age I am at all times, to hold on to marriage like it’s a precious glass baby, to make the best coffee cake, to listen to The Archers, to read as many books as I can, and to swim in the sea whenever I see it. Oh, and be willing to take on someone else’s children even though yours have already flown the nest, because that is what needed to be done. I MEAN!!! You’re THE BEST and I wanna be just like you when I grow up. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Happy Mother’s Day 💪💪💪


Struggling to find the words to describe my love for my @_ofsutton turtleneck. It’s my favorite thing. I never want it to be summer so I can wear it every day. I also got the powder blue AND they do men’s. I’ll do an insta story about it later because I can’t stop talking about it!

Personally, I’d rather go to Disney Land with my kids and all of their friends. But this mate of mine isn’t into it, so I’m looking for an adults get away location. AGAINST MY WILL. #selfless

I’m SO proud to support female-lead companies like @getdailykarma and take a stand on issues like gun safety & women’s rights- especially right now. In honor of International Women’s Day,  they’ve teamed up with some amazing women & networks to create ‘Cause Funds’ for the issues that matter most to women, in an effort to collectively help women THRIVE forward.  Want to join them? Go on. Create your own Cause Fund through the link in the image & tell the world what matters to you.  #WeCanTOGETHER #pressforchange #IWD2018

#inspirationalquotes #iwd2018

Happy International Women’s Day! #passiton #IWD18 #dontfollowtheherd #pressforprogress

Word. #pressforprogress #passiton #dontfollowtheherd #IWD18

#pressforprogress #dontfollowtheherd #IWD18 #passiton #somanyhashtags

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