Слим Таг


Американский рэпер. Стал широко известен благодаря синглу «Still Tippin'», записанному совместно с Mike Jones.
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Don’t slip on the drip 💦💦💦 #HappyGoodFriday #SDS

#TMC 🏁🏁

😎 I’m playing gospel music in the drop today


#TBT #Repost @justinthelawyer ・・・ TRUE STORY — [Last Year]: “Let’s buy a house, completely remodel it, and give it away to a family that lost their house during Hurricane Harvey.” • • Immediate Response from @slimthug and @blconstruction : “We in.” • • [Today]: ✔️DONE — (Much love to @979thebox @majic1021)

Bossbeer is back. Available at Heb, Kroger’s, Specs & Total Wine and independent beer stores all around H-Town

My bro is a genius better pay attention #Repost @chamillionaire ・・・ Since everybody wants to know the quick and easy way to win at investing, here is the cheat code. (PS - Instagram was purchased for about $1,000,000,000 by FB)

Can’t wait to try this @highwayvodka my boy @iampjlord gave me

#TBT When Houston had good weather


My boy 😎

@bellasmilessugarland 😁😁😁




💯💯💯 #TMC @bossliferico @bosslifemngmt @burnsoriginalbbq @blconstruction @bosslifefoundation

HTX come out 😤😤😤

#GTA #HTX #EDITION Coming soon

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