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Американский актёр, танцор и хореограф. Наиболее известен ролью Чейза Коллинза в фильме «Шаг вперёд 2: Улицы».
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1.-5. Oslo’s newest area is bonkers. 6. Public art piece kind of looking like the National Geographic frame and Aus proud of learning ballet lines. 7. Helluva view from da toilet. 8. Street texture. Can you feel it? It’s calm. 9. This was actually in England which I found little to no taste for whatsoever So I probably won’t do a post on it. However, this scene made me quite happy :-) . . #Travel #Norway #Oslo #Dance #Tour #Architecture #Photography #Peepee

Bish Whet

This is the other thing I simply cannot resist leaving behind... every time.... and it makes me so happy...

Silly Billy

A thing I simply cannot resist leaving behind... every time.... until the one day when I finally hear “who the hell keeps putting tampons in the string cheese aisle!?’


1. Special people special hosts in Trondheim🇳🇴. 2. That is a massive public glass chandelier hanging over a cool little artsy street. When an entire population of people has the essence of *survival* removed from its social fabric (I think due to a mixture of their political system and cultural history in general) – the nuances and flexibility that come along with that are so delightful. Name me one country where you could see this without someone stealing/vandalizing/or trying to find a way to sue the city over it… Hint: you can’t. 🌍 3. My instant special friend Aus spontaneously decided to sensory deprive for an hour so I guided her around the city and played her music and I just thought it was so beautiful to watch her explore. Norwegians 🤷🏻‍♂️ 4. Preview of my next Norway post of the BONKERS architecture and landscapes. 🖼 5. Scandinavians SUUUUUUCK at basketball 😂🏀 6. One of the classes I taught that had super crazy awesome energy 🤘 7. That is Indian Ariana Grande and she is a rancid person everyone avoid her if you ever meet her- not friendship material by any means 😏😏😏😏 love you @tammivondepp. 8. After class, we decided to be a playing card ♥️♦️♠️♣️. 9. I got such a kick out of that little innovative idea to make a realistic looking bird kite to scare away other birds. This was in beautiful Trondheim. 💡

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Please *don’t* caption this. 🐠 Please instead use the time to open yourself to the possibilities of this badass day. Today’s your last chance at today! 🐛 You may enjoy taking a moment to realize just how impactful this screen has become on your life, which is owed some responsibility. 🦐 Remember, this is all new- take care of what you’re doing to your mushy little vulnerable mind! 🥂 Please only follow things that *actually* make you feel good or creatively challenged. Not things that make you feel insufficient or unimportant. Why would you? Are you being toooootally honest about the real emotional impact of the things you follow and whether they are truly good for you? 🐥 Watch out for sneaky social media pandering and ego manipulation tricks- such as #goals*, #fitspiration*, etc. Make sure your standards are whether something actually benefits you positively - not just whether you come up with an excuse to stay involved. 🦋 What if you’re the baddest motherfucker of all time but you just never peeked into that perspective to find out that it all, magically and unbelievably, falls into place? 🐇 Stop following people as though it’s a courtesy to be expected, and start unfollowing people recklessly. 🦄 A daily digital mental intake of someone is not a friendship obligation. Especially if the intake is specifically designed to make you worship, lust, or compare yourself to that person. 😄 Cheers bitches!

Licking County Family YMCA

Triple dog dare you to tell me this isn’t the single dopest shirt you’ve ever seen....


1. Some lovely deaf ladies I literally almost faught. In my defense- they totally shoved me to the side and made a deaf person sound cuz I was in their picture. I am very against any type of physical aggression. So I got very specific with my words and very loud and the whole crowd kinda hushed. Unfortunately they didn’t hear anything I had said and then someone told me “hey man they’re deaf”. Then we made friends and took a picture together. This is Denmark’s one (highly unremarkable) historical landmark “The Marmaid”. 2. Theaters and opera houses at the popular harbor area bridge. 3. Harbor area. 4. Cool architecture on the other side of the bridge. 5. One of the many awesome groups of dance students I got to know and love. Danish people are so lovable. 6. This isn’t necessarily representative of Denmark but I did weirdly see super young kids on using an iPhone like a CEO three times while I was there. 7. Another instance. 8. Slice of life at my friend Fritz’s house with his son and mother. Can you feel the stillness and simplicity? Can you believe the kids eyes? 9. Slice of life in a small town walking with a pack of young baboon girls who I hated and wouldn’t stop following me around. 10. Little marshy pondy corner of a lake. I can’t express enough- in my opinion- America just isn’t real life. Technically it is, and somewhere on earth has to be like us- but we just aren’t truly honest or self aware of what we are. Very powerful rich kids not realizing how much they enjoy the thrill of competitive narcissism. Even the not “rich” are so rich in reality and the same applies to them. To grow up in it and never fully experience the nature that humans are capable of just isn’t life well lived. That is my opinion. Please get yourself to Scandinavia to see for yourself ❤️

emotional green douchebag

“Me looking at a really amazing booty” .🥒.🐸.🦜.🐲.🍀.🥎.🔫.🧪.🧼 .🐸 .🦜 .🐲 .🍀 .🥎 .🔫 .🧪 .🧼 #freestyle #dance #storytelling #truth #honesty #art #artist #greenitems

Painted Brain

Look at it! How cool is that! I love it I love ideas and inventions and stuff so much!!!!!🤪😄🤪😄🤪😄 . #illusion


🇩🇰 Denmark pt. 1 1. Me “pledging allegiance” to the first place where I’ve ever felt the feeling of “home” 🙂 2. Denmark isn’t “different”. It’s ~completely~ different than anywhere else. The innumerable and unmistakeable negative social nuances we accept as being “normal daily life” became so clear to me after just a few days if not hours in Denmark. When every passing moment you are bombarded by people’s reactions and impulses that are completely different than what you expect- and almost always for the better- it becomes hard to take people and countries elsewhere very seriously anymore. Summary: we love and are addicted to the shit stew that we each refuse to admit we collectively perpetuate. It’s America’s “thing”. They don’t. 3. Aarhus. 4. When almost every day is hustling to a train and hotel to go teach and be sweaty for a few hours- there is nothing that makes me happier than changing into ultra baggy dry clothes with extra fuzzy house shoe boots to sit with new dancer student friends for dinner. I wore that fit way too much. 5. Pregnant princess baby doll. No idea. I don’t think it’s a Danish “thing” but it’s brilliant nonetheless. 6. They pay a shitload in taxes but it comes BACK. I realized that in Scandinavia there is no element of *survival* among people because there is no way to financially fail. I don’t think it’s possible to fathom how wonderfully this affects a culture unless you go feel it. There is no limit on how much I’d be willing to be taxed in order to live in that social ambiance. Anyways- that’s a big public wooden recliner outside the library. 7. Bike parking lots everywhere. Many bikes without even locks on them. Imagine that. 8. A bedroom I was hosted in. Their interior design is accurate to the stereotype. And it’s a reflection of the culture. Rich, effective, without need for embellishments, simple, cool. 9. Ok... ALL the Scandinavian people LOVE these black HEAVILY SALTED liquorish candies that basically taste like petrified ocean water. I KINDA started to get the taste for them. Kinda... 10. Everywhere is intelligent, purposeful, resourceful design. All the trains are like first class plane cabins with GREAT WiFi. Bye Murcia;)

Flatulence Clinic for the Gassiously Impaired

Serious question: what emotion do you see? Put your first thought before reading below... 📸 by @TheFriidom ♾. 〰️. ➖. ➿. ➰. A few times in my life strangers have expressed concern for my mood- thinking I was about to do something really bad- when I was actually in a really peaceful mood lol. 🐛Apparently me and my dad have a very scary resting face. In this picture I was picturing someone before me who I was completely open to and curious about and happy to be talking to. 🐧 I can actually see that expression on my face when I look at this picture... but I think I’m about to find out for sure that not everybody sees me that way 😅

I don’t like people that steal gravity.

Hairball Haven

Didn’t dress up.

Yay Panties

Stopped into a gentleman named @jasonrodelo class and had a delightful time. 🥩 Camera work by a cute little girl named @kennywormald 🐛🐥🦉🐠🦄🦐 #dance #playgroundla

מיחזורית - בוגרשוב / טבריה,תל אביב יפו

Look at buddy just FLOW 😳 Inspiring AF do you agree? @simbastyle . . . #kapoeira #freestyle #dance #israel #supportsomeonesunday

Lobotomy Healing Center...

My super loves in Oslo

Adorably Inappropriate

Give me the best idea of what you’d have me say: Let’s have FUN with this :) 🌎 Cameo.com/RobertHoffman Or download the @Cameo app and search me there ;)

LadyBoy Donuts

Okay? 2.5 years of freestyle now and this was my second time ever getting fully free. Felt so good.


I hate my life and I just want to get back to Amecira. . . #dance #travel #Switzerland #apricot #pear #plum #pineapple #cherry #grape #lemon #splatterpaint #dragonfruit #achilles #frostbite #hashtag #freckles #christianlifestyle

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