Роберт Хоффман


Американский актёр, танцор и хореограф. Наиболее известен ролью Чейза Коллинза в фильме «Шаг вперёд 2: Улицы».
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Leave 'Em Laughing

@ruelarue this is the best picture that will ever be taken of us together

That shxt was crazy last night


This is my daughter Chazaurliey and I️ love her so much I could die and she loves me the same and that’s the thing I wanted to say. #dog #dogsofinstagram #ad

Broadway Dance Center

Thank you to all who supported :)

Oh My God Dance Experience

Two sexys and a funky. 1., 2., or 3.?

Designer baby wipe case

A. This is the first little preview of some of the music ill be putting out soon 🎵🖤🎵 B. Im officially obsessed with drones now OMG they are the creepiest most amazing things ever. I’ve been missing out. We’re in the future. 😎 @joeygranath

Mindful Movement & Meditation

First vid or second vid? Breather from Kickstarter to wiggle and float to some @moby 🎵✨

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

In 2009, scientist at MIT developed a software that scoured millions of selfies on Google while also tracking the encroaching hand positions - an advanced self learning algorithm rendered computer generated projections of the trends for selfie pictures. The science world has been shocked by the accuracy of the images. Tesla is currently in negotiations for the patent. #science #humanity #innovation #instawow #ad

Game Changer

Thank you to all who supported :)


Oh so good Thanx for recommend @UrbJohann

Tesla #ad

Her: Hang out just a little bit longer Dad? Me: Okaaaaaay.


Ladies, I’ll see your lip smoosh and raise you a hair hold. #first

The Shaved Duck

Try being silly see if it helps your freestyle Robert

Mini Box

Bro come at me. #ad

NASA - Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX

@NASA #ad 📷@robert_kelley

Naughty Hens

Part 2

Hurted Feelings

Back In The Day

Sold my old camera and found some gems left on it- my fave power move combo and adorable footage of a young @nicolekirkland_ trying popping for the first time acting all cute for the fellas "You mean like this? I don't know how to do it teach meeeeee." 😏

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