Роберт Хоффман


Американский актёр, танцор и хореограф. Наиболее известен ролью Чейза Коллинза в фильме «Шаг вперёд 2: Улицы».
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Oh Wow

Hey guys pose really cool Me: Shit watch this P.S. I customed the hell out of that jacket with those patches and I love it so much and wear it too much and please don't make fun of me.


Tryna chill a little more with it. Cool with that? "bruh" by @djsammygee


Does anybody else see the sad ghost man that was crawling up at me? I took a picture down my trash chute cuz I thought something got stuck- then I was like wtf...


I would soooo hook up with girl me.

Snapchat App

Now what do YOU think? 👅 👅 👅 Song coming soon at iTunes.com/RobertJamesHoffmaniii . Cute girl: @alexkimura6

New comedy video in 3 days. I'll do 20 picture likes on anyone who can guess what it's about.... 🤷🏻‍♂️


Far too much chill to care abt that leg.

Shake That

Ok feelin the hair we good. Now for lip plump, chin implants, nose job, ear tuck, hair implants, dental implants, lat implants, calf implants, laser hair removal (just the jaw line), and eyeliner tattoo, cool?

Floss City

When your friends are using your front camera to get the food in their teeth- make sure you reach out and tap the "photo" button 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 PLEASE go do this to your friend and tag me in the photo.

Brown Hair Don't Care

Tell me your honest thoughts on the new hair plz: 💁🏻‍♂️

Los Angeles, California

My thoughts-- Your thoughts are welcome... Any thoughts. Double click if you enjoy. More to come at @LogicalEnlightenment 😊


Truly surprised face. Woke up and realized this lots of basketball & freestyle diet has done something weird to my bod-eh. You cool with that?



The Dirty White Boy

Broccolli @lilyachty Fuuuuun @nrgdanceproject Could you do this dance?

Cathedral Rock

Could you sit there or are you too afraid of heights?

Joshua Tree National Park

Where exactly in the world are u today?

Sedona, Arizona

Long as I can make her do this... even though she looks pretty fly like that... ❤️@alexkimura6

Joshua Tree National Park

Real type happy. Joshua tree. @alexkimura6 . Thank you universe this is perfect.

Joshua Tree National Park

My first attempt at photography on my celebrity crush.

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