Роберт Хоффман


Американский актёр, танцор и хореограф. Наиболее известен ролью Чейза Коллинза в фильме «Шаг вперёд 2: Улицы».
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Naughty Hens

Part 2

Dance with me

Hurted Feelings

Back In The Day

Sold my old camera and found some gems left on it- my fave power move combo and adorable footage of a young @nicolekirkland_ trying popping for the first time acting all cute for the fellas "You mean like this? I don't know how to do it teach meeeeee." 😏

Looking Towards The Future

New one added to the list of faves. Sooooo much good stuff in here highly recommend. Combined with 30 min per day meditations the landscape is shifting for me and I love it. Not reading this book is kinda like really depriving yourself of a jumpstart into the amazingness of where things are inevitably heading. Or you can watch outrage news and government regulated stuff and only know things that are regulated just for the sake of maintaining regulations. But haven't some of the worst things we humans have done to ourselves and others been caused by outdated regulations? . 👌😎👌


@noisia_official I love the glitchy floaty walk thing so much


Remember the Ring Girls from the Mayweather/McGregor fight? 😏😏😏

Swipe Right

@ovo40 kinda session

Blockbuster Video

Someone else out there knows this pain.

Custom Kicks

A moment of silence for all the kicks I had before I bought custom paints👌😑👌

Missed Connections

Perfect. I think she wanted to kill me.

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Ever look at a baby picture of yourself and start to well up cuz you realize you're looking right into the eyes of who you really are before all the stories you developed about yourself started? Just me? Ok.

Funny Girls Club

This girl is amazing: @jooleeloren #supportsomeonesunday


Another goodie from the vault at the "Church" music video shoot: T-Pain looking like the sweetest guy you could bring home to mom- Brianna with a machine to support her blown out ACL, me with a smile like a creep, and Jon with maybe a secret he just stopped giggling about ❤️

Cast was literally stacked -- good memory -- working on something now I think you'll love ;)

No Big Deal

Grouse Mountain

This is how everyone poses for pictures now so I did it on a mountain.

Be Inspired

Man... been sitting here for YEARS wondering why every dancer is primarily a one style dancer-- leggy contemporary, stand up and gesture hip hop, freestyler, krumper, bboy, etc... And almost everybody dances exactly the same style as everyone else-- if I scroll social media feeds I generally wouldn't even know who is who if it weren't for faces and text... But decades later this guy comes along and SMASHES that--- Thank you @lex_ishimoto ... I'm very excited to being a dance audience member again. Thank you. And don't get me wrong... there's many innovative, original performers and choreographers out there who I have so much respect and admiration for: Super Crew, Bboy Hige, Madd Chadd, Cloud, Erica Sobol, Elsewhere, Mia Michaels, Nonstop, HitMann, Bluprint, Matt Cady, Denna Thompsen, Wade Robson, Bboy Casper, Ryan Heffington, Kid David, Sunni SoulMavericks, Quest Crew, Bboy Neguin, Tessandra Chavez, Tighteyez, Lindsay Nelko, Emma Portner, Hoho Gomez, Lilzoo, and many others I'll regret not thinking of rt now... But this guy... man... thank you. #supportsomeonesunday #iknowitisntsundaybutijustfoundoutabouthimandwastooexcited

Painted That

Bruh fux with my new customs 😍 Fly or?

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