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Американский актёр, танцор и хореограф. Наиболее известен ролью Чейза Коллинза в фильме «Шаг вперёд 2: Улицы».
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Tell me exactly what you think . . @justintimberlake

Ding Dong

That shxt was fun


The truth is sexy. Freestyle dance is therapy. Anybody with me on that? @johnmayer

Unpaid Employees

Interesting when u think abt it like that huh? Funny the things that are assumed normal until they're not. Like how through an upcoming lawsuit college athletes may soon be able to negotiate their pay like NFL does. Ppl will look back like, *There was a time when college athletes just sat there and got no money while their work was generating billions??* Funny what we allow I guess. ~What do u think? #adrevhoarding


Chevelle What's your thoughts on freestyle to rock?

Rich People

Oh you know- just me and my mom posing like really cool people for the gram. She's 66- how old is your mom and does she act like it?


#neverforget Ok Robert now try posing like ______________


Oh man I just wanna be famous so bad man hyuck a hyuck

Boob Job Clinic

For obvious reasons. Our duet is called ______________.

2 White Girls

Two very prudent and mild mannered gentlemen. Also known as ________________.

Have u noticed any parallels between the keys to life and the arts? . If you plan what you're going to do, if you watch and judge what you're doing while you do it, and if you are stiffened by any lingering fear of looking stupid-- You will be your least interesting and attractive. . If you fully approve of looking stupid, if you allow life to show itself through you in the moment, and if you allow it to happen without you being able to watch it-- You will be at your most attractive genius. . I'm realizing what core universal truths these seem to be from different "holy shit" moments I've now had across quite a few activities-- Improv comedy, freestyle dance, performing choreography, choreographing, lyric writing, acting, and perhaps the most crucial: interacting with other people in general. . Anybody else spotted these parallels or am I just being weird?

Alabama Youth Ballet Theatre

Dancing without choreography is called ________________.

I like making improvised album covers. #improvisedalbumcover

Thank you for the invite @montagedanceproductions what a charming and warm community y'all got up there #dance


If u've never followed my Snapchat today is the day... it's loaded with the coolest shit from my favorite place on earth the Exploratorium in San Francisco I love it so much there I wanna die! My snap: HoffmanRobert and i block anyone who sends me a mass snap message.

Color fell off

Sensational art wow amazing headlines creatine @jadelorna

3 more to now add to the previous list. These would go in at about position number 11-13 probably. "Short History" is well known and a super fun read. Everything since the Big Bang in highlights and with uber human antidotes- also with a lot of surprising and insightful "they didn't really invent shit they just stole credit" stories. "Healing Shame" is a psychology classic and so so so so worth reading if you are in any way interested is self growth/un-damaging. To me, the information within is so impactful and powerful you are left wondering how it isn't a more common dialogue among people daily. "Mother Tongue" is super fun if you're into the quirky evolution of human standards. I've been so fascinated lately by how language, in all of it's flaws, evolved-- and more-so interested in how certain phrases that mean such different things come to be used as expressions for other things. Good example: the phrase "give up". If anyone has any other good examples please send them my way :)))

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