Роберт Хоффман


Американский актёр, танцор и хореограф. Наиболее известен ролью Чейза Коллинза в фильме «Шаг вперёд 2: Улицы».
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Fairy Magic Land

I really really love doing magic tricks. Please know that about me. Please. Please know that.

Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel

I'd like to spark a conversation ▪️ If we make guidance, community, and socialization a separate topic ▪️ Then it occurred to me that I don't seem to hear anyone discussing how google has made our education systems obsole: 🤷🏻‍♂️ All education systems were developed throughout thousands of years during which access to information was very very limited (attend a specific college or pray there's a few paragraphs in the Encyclopedia Brittanica)... Whereas now virtually everyone has access to almost all known information available through a gadget in their pocket... Anyone can literally bring themselves to an expert level of whatever they topic they choose, at whatever pace they choose, for free, anywhere. 🕺🏻 So, since an "education system" has become a senseless and often shame based institution-- perhaps they should and could only really be rebranded as "purpose exploration" systems-- perhaps in tandem with "social, activity, community, and personal guidance" systems"? Thoughts? 🤓

Mystery Location

The yush.

The Magic Castle

I'm at the magic castle often. I love ideas. But like, REALLY love ideas. And trickery. Thank you @standupmagician. PS the girl in the picture isn't real she was photoshopped in from some magazine.


Give me your expert critique of how you feel we did at @nrgdanceproject

Prospect, Kentucky

Just a man and somebody else's dog.... walking by my side... not ahead or behind... stopping when I stop... and walking when I walk... good doooooooooooooooog.


Oh I'll be there all right.

Dance Magic

Was there a winner? @willdabeast__

Cross Dressing

Keep it real I felt so cool that I got this woman's dress/blouse thing off the H&M clearance rack and all night ppl asked me where I got my fly ass shirt from bruuuuuuuuuuuuuh 🕺

You know imma act ignant in this bitch, right? Lesgo. @thebridgeus


Brooklyn night Brooklyn talent just remember I told u abt them first @nitepunk @waverlyocean


My night my music @ebecca_ray

Turtle King

Remember that one time I got totally rejected by The Naked Turtle King that was so embarrassing. I didn't want anyone to know about this.

Sensual Touch Dance

Do you wanna see this dance? ↗️ Turn on post notifications so u don't miss the contemporary contact improv battle-- I'll post sometime next week.... 😎😎😎 @willdabeast__

Crowd Surf

First time, surfed that crowd. @nrgdanceproject

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

I'm sorry but every time I'm at the ATL airport this ad makes me giggle so hard. Like, why are they in their fatigues for this sad lady lolol. It just looks so wrong. I had to.


New pair of shades can just 360 ur vibe huh? Or is it just me... Heading to D.C. for the @nrgdanceproject nationals- Who's comin?

Oh Wow

Hey guys pose really cool Me: Shit watch this P.S. I customed the hell out of that jacket with those patches and I love it so much and wear it too much and please don't make fun of me.


Tryna chill a little more with it. Cool with that? "bruh" by @djsammygee

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