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Американская футболистка, защитник женской сборной США. Олимпийская чемпионка 2004, 2008 и 2012 годов.
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When in Cali for less than 24 hours. Mexican for lunch. A little 🍣 for dinner. Ice cream sandwich for dessert. #manhattanbeach #foodporn

Blake Harper was 8 months yesterday. 😥 Yes this time is going to fast but savoring every second. Make sure to join me over at @empoweredpregnancy to join my health, fitness & mommyhood journey! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I wish I was always this excited to cook! Eat lots 🦃 #8months #blakeharper #thankful #happythanksgiving #eatlots


Up & away she goes #blakeharper

Thanks @jennfredfox29 for allowing me to share my @empoweredpregnancy with everyone this morning! 👶🏻 And special shout out to @megleighton who is expecting her 3rd child, working out and looking & feeling amazing. So many benefits to working out while pregnant. Reduced chances of preeclampsia, hypertension, gestational diabetes, cramps, swelling, less back pain! Plus you sleep better, look & feel better about yourself, increased energy and mood, easier delivery with fewer complications. So many perks! Keep it moving ladies 💪🏻 #empoweredpregnancy #perks #benefits #fitpregnancy #healthy #active #fitmitts

That about sums it up! Have a wonderful day 😘

Crazy Friday night for these two 😍

At #loveemc @everymomcounts in NYC with this self made, kickass single mom @goathleticsllc Looking forward to joining the fight for improved maternal health. @empoweredpregnancy #maternalhealth #moms #support #health

Thanks to aunt @kateeckman for watching baby girl in NYC today. Still cracking up when she saw me in a dress & said its been a long time since I've seen you all dressed up! 😂 I'm usually in workout clothes, hair up and looking like a hot mess. Honesty is the best policy! #girlfriends #auntielove

@meninblazers all business today in NYC w/ the legend Brian McBride. Thanks SUM for a great event #positive #future #usmnt #uswnt #soccer

School photos came back today. 📸 We never know what to expect from CW when it comes to photos 😘❤️ My little boy is growing up too fast 😪 #connorwilliam #almost3

@sec soccer season comes to an end. Such a pleasure working with Jenn Hildreth & our amazing crew. Congrats @floridagators @beckyburleigh your 12th SEC Championship!

Working the SEC Soccer Tournament all week in Orange Beach. Couldn't have done it without @jannipeck & my step-dad! #grandparents #thankyou #loveyou

So excited to share my latest project which was featured on @espnw today! I worked out up until 2 days before the birth of my first child and realized how hard it was to get back in shape afterwards. Fitness has always been easy for me til then! I gained 35 lbs even though I ate healthy and was active. I then moved to the suburbs and was frustrated with the lack of options for pregnant women to stay fit. Along with the help of @goathleticsllc she provided a comprehensive workout along the lines of the ACOG. The 2nd trimester is for strengthening and 3rd trimester is to maintain. The focus was core, upper and lower body. I suffered diastasis recti so the core progression is safe while aiming to aid in your delivery. I gained the most weight in my upper body with my son so we hit the chest, shoulders and arms to stay toned. Lower body is to get ready to support that baby weight, keep things moving and open those birthing hips! The most exciting piece are the facts and science as to why working out is beneficial for you and baby! I felt so much better this pregnancy, my delivery was fantastic and I recovered even quicker. I am so excited to share my workouts with you. Visit www.heathermittsempoweredpregnancy.com or link is in the bio! Also join me at @empoweredpregnancy

Follow the yellow brick road 🎃👻#happyhalloween #familyfirst #feeleyfun #blakeharper #connorwilliam #paxxy

Here we go! #travelingtoddler @happybabywrap #solo 🙏✈️👩‍👧‍👦

Some would say, if you were in the proper position you wouldn't need to slide tackle but what is the fun in that? #tbt #getdirty #getstuckin ⚽️💪

👻🎃❤️#connorwilliam #blakeharper

7 months tomorrow. Came home to this today. 2 mobile children, yeehaw! #blakeharper #7months #gobabygo #onthemove

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