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Thinking of you @officialmelb !

Sorry about that one @Hardwick… I promise, I won’t cover his eyes when he’s judging acts on tonight’s @AGT episode! #JudgeCuts #GuestJudge

So much fun on the @AGT red carpet with @Hardwick! Don’t miss him tonight as our guest judge! #AGT #JudgeCuts

YES ...... I WANT TO BE COOKING WITH ZAC @zacposen # 🍤🍳🌶🌽🥑🥕🥒🌮🥘🍷🍿🍴🥙🍒🍨🍺🥛🥖🍗🍉🍐🍕🍇🥗🥂🍩❤️💋😘👍🏼😋 #cookingwithzac

A tribute to the icon, the myth, the legend. Edna Mode, obviously. One of the world’s most visionary designers is back in Incredibles 2. #BravoEdna.

Another day at the office 😛♥️

So honored and humbled by our Emmy nominations! Go Project Runway team – Congratulations!!! So exciting!!

Another day ..... another look 😊 @projectrunway @lindahaymakeup @wendyiles_hair

Hear why I pushed my #GoldenBuzzer for Angelina last night on @AGT! Can’t wait to see how far she goes!

Bed Time😴ZzzzZzzz.......

Packing ... which shoes ?????...👠👡👢😻👙👗👜👚........🏖🌞🌏😎❤️

So much fun on set with @AGT! Tonight’s episode is worth celebrating 🎉🎉🎉 #GoldenBuzzer #ItsTime

Tune in to @AGT tonight to see who I push my #GoldenBuzzer for!

Next stop, @livekellyandryan! So much fun talking @agt and @projectrunway! 👗@zacposen

Loved going on @todayshow with @carsondaly @savannahguthrie @mattlauernbc @alroker @hodakotb talking about @agt! 👗@zacposen


Getting ready for @projectrunway with @lindahaymakeup @wendyiles_hair

Talking about the new season of @projectrunway on @goodmorningamerica this morning with @zacposen @ninagarcia ✨

Love being a part of @AGT acts! How awesome was this @OskarandGaspar transformation last night?! #SoCool #HalloweenCameEarly

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