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"I ain't Cunanan, but I pop, Homo." If you haven't had a chance to check out my interview and editorial with @outmagazine get in to it (Link in bio) shot by the incomparable @venfield_8

I tried to work it away. #CloserToMyDreams #LikeFatherLikeSon

Iconic. “Hope will never be silent.” -Harvey Milk #Salute


Ganja & Giblets

#Mood ✊🏾

Video now out at @outmagazine Single cover by @venfield_8 Music visuals by @arnodiem Styled by @stevecanar & @maorluz

Here it is my first music video. ROB.B - 701 (Link to full video in bio) Film by @arnodiem Styled by @stevecanar & @maorluz And if you feelin it, help me out by sharing.

Don't forget the music video for "701" premieres tomorrow Film by @arnodiem Styled by @stevecanar & @maorluz

BVD's & Saturday's 📷 @lukeaustinphotosthe3rd


Music Video for "701" Coming Soon... 11/21

After you listen to "Eleven Eleven" be sure to head over to @outmagazine and check my interview about my Album, the state of Hip Hop and my post election thoughts. Spread photos courtesy of Mr @venfield_8

Today I'm finally able to share something I've worked so diligently on for the past year. My debut effort "Eleven Eleven" is now available on AppleMusic, Tidal, Spotify etc. They say a candle loses nothing from lighting another, so today I'm asking you for your help to make my fire shine bright. If you like what you hear, please share. (Link in bio) 📸 cover shot by @lukeaustinphotosthe3rd

Guyyyyyyssssssssss my 8 track Ep officially comes out tomorrow on Apple Music, Tidal and Spotify etc.. but is available for preorder and preview today on iTunes, so if you need a playlist for the end of the world I got you 😉 Can't thank you all enough for the continued support.

Don't be a heartbreaker, be a Heartthrob. #Vote

🐶🐵🦁 My life wouldn't be complete without these two. #Aces

Single Cover & Snippet(Tap to listen) for "701" the buzz track for #ElevenEleven dropping 11/11/16. The release will be accompanied by a video. Cover shot by @venfield_8 Glasses provided by @etalonbysc by @stevecanar


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