Эринн Хэйс


Американская актриса, известная по главной роли Мэлани Клейтон в сериале «Худшая неделя моей жизни», по сериалам «Дэцкая больница» и «Парни с детьми», а также по роли в фильме «Это — катастрофа».
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Although not as well known as James Cook, James Cock was never the less an important explorer in his own right.

Made a fish for the Kelly Tarlton Aquarium exhibit. Contact me for advertising prices.

Just two people enjoying this New Zealand summer weather.

My morning run around Lake Matheson. (Doesn’t that make it sound like something that happens every morning? Nope) it was like a New Zealand version of Phoenix Lake (for my marin peeps) with a bit bigger view and definitely more rain. That’s Fox Glacier in the background. Perty.

I should get up from this bed and this nap cuz it’s 6:30 and dinner and bedtime and everything but I’m all alone in a hotel room and that’s nice plus if i get up I’ll feel obligated to start cleaning shit like this orange rind some savage just left there so, nah. I’m staying right here till they come get me. Besides, i don’t think he sin went down till like 10 last night. I got hella daytime left.

Please enjoy some pure terror that the Queenstown Fear Factory just produced. Holy everything we almost lost it and chickened out. But we survived.

Hope i don’t get busted for the size and general unruliness of my carry on.

Wrote my name in these 18years ago Hope it isn’t another 18 years until i see them again. @cacklesc @automatek247 @abrync @edencarter @pduffplanb couldn’t find yours, sorry. Also did we wear them to that Y2K rave???

Good morning New Zealand, yer pretty. I like you.

Let’s do this 2018 💃🏼

Later and Vinaka, Fiji. You’re beautiful but we’ve gotta go see what’s up with New Zealand now.

Bula from me, my family, my fading oops i ran into the Christmas dinner table thigh bruise, my healing broken rib and my fresh head cold probably gotten from the brother in law I knew was sick but hugged anyway. Broken and exposed seems an appropriate way to end 2017. But at least I’ll have a golden tan. #fijisneezesandislanddreams

Happy travels to everyone, and it seems like everyone, who’s traveling today. Bula!

Annabelle has always loved gettin her hair done fer the hairlerdays. (Gonna let you find the right accent that makes that work)

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature could find a hard copy of the night before Christmas.

Sure, he can be a little cold, but we’re in love. Don’t judge.

Babies first cable car :)

I’ve told you a million times, mom, I’m a model!!!!!

Another rockin Friday night courtesy of eating shit down our stairs and landing on my ribs full force. I will be avoiding all funny friends for awhile. Hurts too much to laugh. So i guess if i call you to hang out...

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