Эринн Хэйс


Американская актриса, известная по главной роли Мэлани Клейтон в сериале «Худшая неделя моей жизни», по сериалам «Дэцкая больница» и «Парни с детьми», а также по роли в фильме «Это — катастрофа».
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So much fun last night at (we swear) #lcdsoundsystem!! @abrync @danodoolan #husbandnotonsocialmedia

My gorgeous little sister @abrync is finally getting old. Happy birthday Brynnie, welcome to being old af. Love this spirited and glorious human, very proud to be related to her.

Hey guys, sorry for the group text but I was wondering if maybe two or three of you could come by today and help me change the water in my new vase? See, I’m somewhat of a “tastemaker” these days and I got this vase at a steal for 550, 100 for tax and shipping, can you even believe it?!Anyway, it should only be like an hour or so every couple of days. Let me know what time you can come! I’m tastemaking!

My friend is being a jerk and said I can’t sit next to her and watch a movie like this.

How many unusable quotes do you think “Debby” gave The Sharper Image before they settled on “it feels amazing!”? “This vibrator knocked my clit into space!” No Debby, we can’t... see we don’t call it a vibrator. “Thank god it’s waterproof, cuz i watered (wink) all over that dildo!” Again, Debby, it’s a personal massager so maybe something more generic? “Ok. Well, i personally love sticking it up my butt and giving that whole 4 hour charge thing a run for it’s money!” Deb,Deb, Deb. Please no references to sticking it inside you? “It feels amazing ON my vagina!” Maybe we take out the last three words and run it? “Do what you will. Also I’m from Dallas!”

The wish to know the child that made this t shirt I bought at a thrift store 15 years ago will never go away. Like, private family joke, entirety of a Halloween costume, alter ego that he/she would have preferrred to be addressed? Whatever, we could all use some Lunbar in our lives and yes, please give me some cookies.

Still deeply feeling last night’s sunset.

Ha cha cha, Los Angeles. Ha cha fuckin cha. #nofilter

We’re rich!!!

All these goods and more (except for the child, child sold separately) available at my sisters yard sale right now! Come on down, pardners. 1121 Mohawk st. Echo Park, ca. @abrync

I️ asked her to brush her teeth and put on shoes. It’s been 15 minutes.

MASH hike. Duh.

Worst job for a struggling artist? #croutoncutter #outofhereaftermynextsoloshow

Tonight I️ kill the children with cheese.

My prediction is that this highly sexual pic of my weird “purse gum” habit (why put the whole box of gum in there when you can just drop in a few loose pieces?) will be the most terrifying thing you see today. Happy Halloween 🎃

Buenas días Domingo.

Made some new friends today.

Bit of left and found (by us) beauty on a hike with the little one this morning. They’re made of book pages! Need to learn this.

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