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Американская актриса, известная по главной роли Мэлани Клейтон в сериале «Худшая неделя моей жизни», по сериалам «Дэцкая больница» и «Парни с детьми», а также по роли в фильме «Это — катастрофа».
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And then I picked it. And then it existed and still exists in a bag of twenty or so apples and what? Am I supposed to eat 20 apples in my hotel room by myself? Gah. Anyone want to come to Syracuse for an apple eating party? Do not BYO apples. Apples WILL be provided.

I ❤️apple picking.

Found it. Found the weirdest airport shop. Anyone want me to pick them up some shapewear on my way to my gate? #what

We so blurry. Blurry with love. #swoosiesandwich #swoosiekurtz #triciahiene #dangerousbookforboys

Oldie but goodie. Never forget, raisins make great tooth blackouts. #never #tbt

Lil' lady ascension.

My parking structure has high hopes for my potential. And you know what? It might be right. #fuckitimightbecomeabutterflytoday

Chances of me doing that thing where you get a haircut then go home and have to try on all your clothes because you think losing 4 inches changes the getting dressed game completely? All the chances. Also what's happening to my bicep in this photo? So swoll. Thanks @perrymcgrathsalon and Tamara for my kicky new cut. I obviously love it, I'm taking a photo in the car.

Guest room is ready. Come for an overnight! #theliquorcabinetoverfloweth

Also looky looky who I ran into on set. Blast from the past @lisaloeb Think the last time I saw her we were playing pictionary with Fabio. That story is real. It's a legit story.

Keepin' my set continuity pic game tight. #itsawigdontfreakout

ABR. Always be reading.

Back to school, back to back to back after school activities. #benchwarmer

I like to be early to things. Like auditions. So I drive way early and get in the right frame of mind with music in my car. But then sometimes I'm like an hour early when they call and say it's been pushed an hour later. So now I sit and play internet. Did you know there are tons of boobs on the internet? Guys, they have everything. Check it out.

I have this thing where I like to put my feet on people's faces cuz they fit so perfect. Once in a blue moon a special kind of person comes along and let's me do this weird thing. This is @shanihughes76 and she is a gem of a human I hold close to my heart. Also this was forever ago, she'd probably stay far away from my summer feet at this point.

Thinking I'd get a great "we went biking along the beach" shot but instead what we got was hot tears of hate from children, two separate falls, more hot tears of hate, and a broken chain. So instead here's a picture of some pretty little diagonal daisies. #seemedlikeagoodideaatthetime

Another one from the composite card shoot of a million yesteryears ago. I call this one "what machine is this? Do I eat it? Is it for communication? Please explain" Also I was a young baby who didn't think I could smile cuz I was wearing so much makeup. Honestly didn't know how that could work. #shortestmodellingcareerever

#tbt to last weekend just mere moments before I pulled a hammy on the dance floor. Though, if we're being honest, the move was worth it. Vid credit @cummingsjamie #loveanemptydancefloor #movesfordays #theyarentallgood #imstillinpain

See ya later, good lookin'.

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