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Американская актриса, известная по главной роли Мэлани Клейтон в сериале «Худшая неделя моей жизни», по сериалам «Дэцкая больница» и «Парни с детьми», а также по роли в фильме «Это — катастрофа».
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Finally going through some boxes and besides the amazing high school journals and bad poetry, found a box of wigs and the bang piece I made when I auditioned for the Behind the Camera Mark and Mindy TV movie. Have to think this little baby may have helped.

Thank you Fiji for all your beauty. Thank you @wreckedtbs for having me! So much fun working on your hilarious show. I will miss these sunrises.

Did I get any pictures of the last day of shooting this season of #kevincanwait? No. No I didn't. I always forget to bring my phone with me. But I did snap a pic of my new shirt and that seems to sum up my thoughts as we wrap up this last 8 months. I love you. All full of love.

I will explain nothing.

Aaaaaaw, lil buddy's got the sniffles.

Ok. Last one from this ridiculous shoot. Ps these are all from one day trying to get a composite card. Fuck I hope I still have that card around somewhere. Anyway...This one I like to call "why you so mad baby girl?" @artisanalmattress this is what my idea of "fierce" was, open mouth and annoyed looking.

I do not play the guitar. Also this is sadly the only time in my life I ever wore red plastic pants. I should remedy that. #tbt

Went looking in the attic for a regular sized goddamn envelope which proved to be almost impossible and incredibly disheartening until I found these old contact sheets from when I tried modeling because some methed out agent told me I should. I never booked any jobs but now I can show my kids pics of me in crushed velvet. #wasnteventhe90's

My costume continuity photo game is tight. #kevincanwait

You are sunshine! We are sunshine! Shine shine shine!!!

We have found a tiny golden protector.

I may be in NYC, but I'm feeling you LA! Get out and vote this Tuesday. No on S!

This lil lady makes sure I'm hydrated. Sure, she's a tad judgemental but I'm into it :) thanks @bethannuk @leilaelsie

Lilah made this and taped it up 3 years ago. Seems like the right time to revisit.

Everyone! I'm taking over @yahootv instagram account today with a ton of behind the scenes pics of #kevincanwait head over to their page to catch it all :) gonna be fun

Ummmmm.... how the holy FUCK have I never heard of the Japanese Flying Squirrel before? Is this the genesis for every anime character ever drawn and does anyone I know have one and can they be pets not that I would take on from the wild but I really want to cuddle one. Anyway, that google image search was everything I needed to start my day.

You cannot say that the ICE is solely focusing on people with felony records when they are going door to door in Hispanic neighborhoods and asking for papers. This is so fucked. Excerpt from the Washington Post.

Got in tonight and had a package waiting for me. Always very excited to get a package so I made a comment to my doorman "ooh thin, envelope hope it's something good". It's a check for .11 cents. How much more money my agency spent to send to me via the international courier service I'll never know but guess is it was waaaay more than .11 cents. Bright side is I know they're honest and my doorman and I had a lovely little moment laughing about my big time package. #drinksonme

Things I'm not interested in doing today: unwrapping this blanket, brushing my hair, being too awake. #letitsnow❄️

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