Хоуп Соло


Американская футболистка, вратарь женской сборной США и клуба WPS «Сиэтл Саундерс». Олимпийская чемпионка 2008 и 2012 годов.
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Why can't she play in the game vs France tomorrow??😩😩 - I'm gonna watch the game anyway though. -A💕

Back when she was a blonde - Can't wait till the World Cup😍 - Sorry I haven't been on😔 I have been really busy with everything -A💕

I use this quote to get through my day😍 -A

She's literally the best at everything!❤️ -A

Sorry I haven't been active but I forgot my password and everything😔 but I promise I will be active for now on👍 - What team do you want to win the World Cup? -A


Back to 2011 World Cup #hope #solo #worldcup

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