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Младший сын американского бизнесмена Питера М. Бранта.
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Shangri-La (@stephanieseymour, last night, by me, in Balenciaga)

Only boys who save their pennies make my rainy day ❤️💕❤️

Gianni with Allegra 💕💔😢

My last visit to the dermatologist

Literally my life

Maybe once or thrice.. #EdieSedgwick

It’s a Baby Jane Holzer kind of morning (screen test for Andy Warhol) @originalbabyjane 💕

Protecting my modesty


When @stephanieseymour says she’s 5 minutes away..📽 by Avedon

My day to night transition. captured by Richard Avedon

Hold one up and then caress it Touch it, stroke it and undress it

Temporary New Years Work Ethic

Happy Birthday Petey! ❤️🎁you’re evil, but Who else would dress up as Louis XV with me? Never stop pouting , Love you xxH

Me waking up to snow - p.s. (In my imagination I’m blonde)..(and also winona ryder)

Next year all your troubles will be miles away

Only Garbo understands

Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world can seem depopulated... 💔 Après toi, le déluge

🌕 Eclipse @poppydelevigne @bat_gio

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