Гарри Брант


Младший сын американского бизнесмена Питера М. Бранта.
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Musée du Louvre

I like petite porcelain men to bear the weight of my liquids so I can look them in the eye as I pour a drink... It's a power thing @petermbrant 😂

Paris: you can be Jane Russel @petermbrant I'm Marilyn

Musée du Louvre

Window Shopping @petermbrant

Thankful for my loved ones. By chance or choice Family is Family ❤️ Happy Thanksgiving

Paris, France

Shining brighter than the city of lights

#chateauchantilly I'm all about subtlety

Mama X Papa ❤️


When you dress up as yourself

The one night a year when people don't judge harry for being himself.

Present ✋🏻

The morning after looked like this

Let's be real... It looked like this.

Pretty much how it looked

Love Stains - Love Bites @lexiboling and @benjaminsallen wearing the #macbrantbrothers lip stain 🍒❤️💋💉 The lip stains are now available (I apologize for the delay as they were over ordered and more needed to be produced) BUT ITS WORTH THE WAIT - I love a bloody lip X

It took 2 years... But so worth it #julianSchnabel

Montauk, New York

Thorn among roses 📷 #julianschnabel #meistro

You got hit by a truck .... And the license plate said Seymour . Happy Birthday to the woman that's inspired me since 96 . I love you mom . There's no other Stephanie #avedon

What's the story morning glory ? #mamasteph

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