Хэл Спаркс


Американский актёр, комик, музыкант и телеведущий.
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In the dark of a blues club with Billy :)

Hey look! I have Lats! (Yeah and glutes..I know)but they’re starting to come in :) #goals50

Murphy....... why are you in the counter?....

CHUD is snoring... 😅

One month into my New Years Goals. All on Point. 😅

275lbs 😅

Fine... so I’m short for a gator... but

When your dryer breaks AFTER your clothes have already been washed.. you can whine about it or you can go play TMNT at the local laundromat while everyone watches your underwear do somersaults :)

At the #straycatalliance Gala about to get my Host on... donate at straycatalliance.org #Cats #CatPeople #CatnipCity

This is my impersonation of the “Hang in there” cat.... I guess? 😂 #RandomStandUp

Kid... this basket ain’t big enough for the two of us... #Cats

.... and.... it’s raining 😂🤣😂

I only hang out with models and superstars.... 😎

Charging up all the batteries... it’s crucial on the road #Starbucks is a charging mat for humans ⚡️

Good ole Sol

Morning Radio

My new bed...

The moon is perfect for my birthday... Owoooooooo! 🐺

This is my starting point for my fitness goals for the year. Im planning on adding about 5/10lbs of muscle over the next year. This is where I am on my 49th Birthday. By 50 I want to achieve my best physique ever. I’m making this goal public to pressure me to work hard and commit. And of course all the hate comments..those are hilarious 😂

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