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Американский актёр, комик, музыкант и телеведущий.
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Last night of shooting for this trip. It’s been an amazing month. Sad parting ways but we’ll be back 2 more times this year. Thank’s to all our amazing Crew. 謝謝中國!!

Making silk the Old Fashioned Way... on a 100yo machine invented in the Song Dynasty #china

Zou Lu...

HSRPM! Is LIVE THIS SATURDAY 9:30am-3! In Chicago

.... if these walls could scream

The places these shoes have been.... just amazing

Lunch and Social media lesson with Sarah Zhang in Shanghai ... #AlwaysLearning

Say what you will... but I damn sure know how to make an entrance #Shanghai

Ba Si Guang Nian aka Buzz Lightyear Ba si = Buzz Guang = Light Nian =year Now you You know some Chinese words Thanks Buzz :)

The TRON ride at Shanghai DIsneyland is insane....ly fun #china

High Tea in #Shanghai...then back to my job as a lowly rep for Universal Exports

Bird fight on my arm... I swear I brought enough for everybody #Shanghai

Stretch it out #Shanghai

Great advice for everyone

This is Next Level Checking your phone

One Bullet Train ride later and I’m in #Shanghai...

Shot this to show it’s no big deal :) I have news for all you waiguoren.. Chinese people don’t normally eat scorpions. It’s a tourist thing. But to answer your question.. it’s like eating popcorn that isn’t fully popped. Crunchy and Tasty 😋

This is the look I had on my face when I was able to FaceTime my Dad from The Great Wall :) #China

Peppa Pig has become a gang symbol in #China... this is not a drill

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