Патрик Джей Адамс


Канадский актёр, наиболее известный благодаря своей роли Майка Росса в телесериале канала USA Network «Форс-мажоры».
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It begins... #fortday2016 photo cred @ladyluofthewolves

The Sweat Spot

tiny dancer, big dancing

The Sweat Spot

dances hrself clean

Atwater Village, Los Angeles


Late to the posting game but thank you to this incredible crew for rallying for Thanksgiving. #orphansunite #3rdtimeifriedaturkey #bestoneyet

Joshua Tree National Park

Thermal surfer

Trinity Bellwoods Park

Well played Toronto sidewalk sign. Well. Played.

It's his world. We're just playing in it. Creator, show runner, idiot savant. Aaron Korsh #suits #season6 #finale

Downtown Toronto

Windmill shadow skipping. It's a thing.

Goodnight Leonard. Don't blame you for leaving. Things are gonna be pretty tough for awhile. Thanks for the work, the wisdom and the words. RIP.

Toronto Pearson International Airport

Thank you to @rallyforkids for letting me prove to myself that I have what it takes to be the flight attendant I always knew I could be. #skyhigh #rallyforkids #jdff

The Hospital for Sick Children

This is what bravery looks like. Every bead is a procedure. She has enough beads for four necklaces. And she has the best laugh I've heard all day. Thank you @melissavella for showing us all how it's done. #braverybeads @rallyforkids @sickkidstoronto #rallyforkids #jdff

The Hospital for Sick Children

Blown away by the kids and the parents I just at @sickkidstoronto. Life changing. Can't wait to meet more of you and help in any way I can. Blown away by your bravery, wisdom and sense of humor. #sickkids #vs #rallyforkids #jdff

@trevorguthrie leading the way for stint #8... throwback... @rallyforkids @sickkidstoronto #rallyforkids #jdff

Toronto Fire Academy

@iampoochhall backdrafting like a pro @rallyforkids @sickkidstoronto #rallyforkids #jdff

This is what a pre winning team looks like. Stand by for post win shot. @rallyforkids @sickkidstoronto #rallyforkids #jdff

Bounce and boom. #suits #season6

Fraud. And his license is expired. Double fraud. #suits #season6

The one and only @18waits, also known as my second closet, found a permanent home at 990 Queen Street. I apologize to my wallet in advance.

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