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Канадский актёр, наиболее известный благодаря своей роли Майка Росса в телесериале канала USA Network «Форс-мажоры».
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Was lucky enough to watch Al Gore's updated presentation last year and was blown away by the countless days, months and years that such a huge group of people are dedicating to educating those who still resist education. Please see the film, spread the word and support the efforts of @climatereality - they are doing truly wonderful work. #beinconvenient

Downsview Park

These dollys don't grip themselves.

@usmanally prepares before battle. #suits #season7

Keeping it classy. #suits #season7

WayHome Music & Arts

@babarpeerzada doesn't want to leave. @wayhome

WayHome Music & Arts

If my wrist band says it then it has to be true. @wayhome

Super proud of @kylemooney and @davemccary - haven't seen @brigsbybearmovie yet but as soon as I get south again I will. If you like things that are funny and excellent you should probably go check it out this weekend in ny or la.

WayHome Music & Arts

Work late tonight but afterward I'm excited to find my @wayhome

@silvertree77 has carried Suits on her shoulders for two years. Endless phone calls, emails, tone sessions, edits, schedules, actor gripes, set builds, drafts after drafts after drafts. And she hardly ever broke a sweat. The show has grown and deepened so much under her watch. I thank you, friend, for your kindness, your talent and your mentorship. Let's keep making cool stuff for as long as the world will let us.

Kendrick Lamar with guests Travis Scott and DRAM: The Damn Tour

"Ain't nobody praying for me."

Kendrick Lamar with guests Travis Scott and DRAM: The Damn Tour

Air Canada Centre

Kung Fu Kenny

House of VR

The art of war


This is officially the 7,653rd scene we've filmed standing on either side of a desk. Also the most riveting. #fakenews #suits

Directors get to wear more comfortable clothes. #suits100

Link to download the film in my bio!

As long as I've known Troian this film has been a part of our lives. To call it a labor of love would be a massive understatement. Hand in hand with her visionary creative partner @docdanger they have brought this heartbreaking, painful, haunting and beautiful story to life. They did everything. Fought tooth and nail at every stage to make sure they were telling the story they set out to tell. Its a stunning, honest, personal and completely original film and I can't wait to see what they dream up next. And also hope they will give me a part in whatever it is. Proud of you, sweet thing. Now and forever.

Hello sunshine. #suits #donnapaulsen

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