Патрик Джей Адамс


Канадский актёр, наиболее известный благодаря своей роли Майка Росса в телесериале канала USA Network «Форс-мажоры».
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Actor. Artist. Rebel. Poet. Dancer. Joker. Dreamer. Friend. Lover. Wife. And now director. Tonight @sleepinthegardn's directorial debut airs. Can't wait to watch it with the rest of the world. Proud of you, captain. Excited to see where the wind takes us next. #pll

#resist #impeach #orjustresignmanbecausethishasgottobegettingreallyhorrible

Tick tock, Agent Orange.

Colette Grand Café

This beautiful woman has put up with me for a lot of years and still has this smile on her face. Love her. Forever and always. #mothersday

I'm moving cities. #suits #seasonseven #bts

Torre CN

Take a breath.

Cleveland Indians vs Toronto Blue Jays

🎶 Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks...and some beer and a bag of nibs and a couple of ice creams and a hot dog and popcorn maybe... 🎶

The last time I was this excited to hear a Sally speak up. #yates

Live from New York it's Saturday night.

Run. Don't walk.

Lincoln Center Theater

Big thank you to @atxfestival for letting me share the stage with these incredible people. Cool if I spend the entire time just asking the other panelists questions? Hope so. #actortoaction #atxfestival #williamadama

Friend hosting, favorite band performing... i guess maybe I'll be in New York this weekend or something. Maybe. We'll see. #playyeahcrassversion #pinefromnewyorkitssaturdaynight

Accidental but appropriate Handmaids Tale viewing outfit.

Here's the story. The good people at @acuracanada (I've only met one of them so far but he seemed like a great guy) heard that I have never had a car during my years of shooting Suits in Toronto. So they offered to lend me a car in exchange for some social media love. This sort of thing happens sometimes....One of the surreal perks of being on a popular television show that I'm going to miss when I'm collecting unemployment again in a couple of years.) but here's the deal - I'd never driven one of these Acura MDX cars and thought it might not be the jam. But it's very much the jam. The jammiest. This car has changed Toronto for me. And I'm telling you good people of @acuracanada I'm going to put an obscene amount of miles on this thing this summer. And I'm going to unabashedly hashtag #acura along the way not just because of the presence of a binding contract but because I'm very much falling in love with this car. Good talk. See you on the road. #acuraconvert #acuramdx #acuracanada #summer2017

Ubud . Bali . 2017 #shootfilm #rollieflex

"America Cur$ed" The hottest album of 2017 is about to drop. What will the tracks be?

She and me make we. 📸cred - the incredible @maxwanger

Hard to imagine a greater honor than these words from this man. If you haven't read this play. Please do. It's an incredible piece of work and I'm so grateful to have had the chance to be a part of it. And thank you to @dylzenvision for reminding me to always remain grateful.

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