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Американская актриса, певица, сыгравшая роль Мэтти Росс в фильме «Железная хватка» братьев Коэнов, который многократно номинирован на премию «Оскар» в 2011 году.
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Music and my fave @missionathlete joggers. All I need. 🎶💪🏽 #onamission @amazon

Sending you love 💕

Morning 👀💅🏼💋

When @charliewalk comes to set...he gets his own trailer. #CharlieWalk #CharlieWatson #BumblebeeTheMovie

Two years of Love Myself 💕🌹

happy monday my people 💙

Meet Charlie Watson. #BumblebeeTheMovie

#MostGirlsAcoustic August 4th 🌹💕👑

Always on the go. Wearing #ReefEscape's. @reef_girls

#MostGirlsAcoustic out 8/4. 🌹

happy days my loves 💕🙈 I can't wait to fill you in on everything that's been going on. Live soon?


HBD @gisele 🎂✨🎉🎈

It was a #ReefEscape kind of day. ☀️🌊🍉🏄🏻‍♀️ @reef_girls

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#MostGirlsAcoustic 💋🍒

Dancin' in the rain. 💜☔️👸🏻 #MostGirls #HaileeTODAY

To every single one of you that came out and danced in the rain with me, thank you. For camping out, waking up insanely early, and singing SO loud. You made today unforgettable. And to the 6 MILLION of you following me, supporting me and constantly inspiring me, I love you. #HaileeTODAY #MostGirls

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