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ONSEN Hot Pools

Perfect way to cap off the weekend 🙌


Just blending in with all the other posers around here 😎🍷🔆

Cardrona Hotel, NZ

You can't see in this photo but we're actually staunching out another tourist couple who have obviously hired a pro photographer to shoot something for their blog. Well... you can see me staunching them out. 😎

Lake Wanaka


Puzzling World. Wanaka

Had to be done. #puzzlingworld #quintessentialshot #thisisheavydoc

Cardrona Alpine Resort, NZ

Felt like the biggest kid in the playground today as all these little bundles whizzed past me ⛷️ my instructor gave me the tick of approval though 🙌 thanks @jmctainsh couldn't have done it without you 😘

Cardrona Alpine Resort, NZ

Pretending to know what I'm doing 😏 the outfit definitely helps 😅 ⛷️🏔️ #beginnersluck #hittingtheslopes #skibunny #firsttimeskiing

Wanaka, New Zealand

Made it. Just in time for sunset 🙌 #27hourdetour #spontaneousroadtrip #7hrsdrivingthroughfloods #dontevenmind #bringonthelongweekend

South Island

Winter is here 🏔️

Phi Phi Islands

With all this crazy weather in NZ what I wouldn't give to be back on a Thailand beach... tourists and all #tbt #takemeback #latermoon

Day 1: read the morning paper at arms length. 🙌 #wokeuplikethis #neweyesforchristmas #lasereyesurgery #recoverytime

Auckland Eye

This eye pun could not be any cornea but I think it lens itself nicely to the fact that this nerd is finally approved for laser eye surgery after 3 months of tests and nearly 25 years of making a spectacle out of myself 🤓 #myopia

That post production life: when everyone else is wrapped and you're only a third of the way through but you still get to party anyway #winning #thatpostproductionlife #thatsawrap #butthatsnotawrap #ashvsevildead #postproduction #wrapparty

In honour of International Yoga Day, my intention is to find what feels good. Thanks for that mantra @adrienelouise 🙏 #internationalyogaday #sideplank #stretchalittlefurther #smile #findwhatfeelsgood #fwfg #yogawithadriene #stirlingwomen

Waitemata Harbour

Find yourself a friend with a boat. A day on the water will always put the wind back in your sails ⛵️🌅🗽🙌 #newzealandscup #americascup #cityofsails

I'm donating something I no longer need to a charity auction to #beatbowelcancer. I received this bag during my time on #Spartacus - a durable, good quality cabin bag which has accompanied me on trips to LA for pilot season. Only cast and crew received these as gifts. Find out why I've decided to give mine away at livewithout.co.nz (link in bio - scroll down to click through to the auction) You can also make a donation at beatbowelcancer.org.nz Thank you x

Tunnel Beach

Back on his home turf. @jmctainsh

Tunnel Beach

Inspired by the wild formations at Tunnel Beach, the in-laws and I decided to form something special of our own. #bandofbakers #bakerband #albumcover

Tunnel Beach

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