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Auckland City

❤️ of the 🏙️ - #heartofthecity #loveakl #lightpath #skytower #urbanlandscape #hopetounbridge #heartofaklcity #morningwalks #citystrolls

Mt Eden Summit

🚲 ⛰️ A-D-V-E-N-T-U-R-E-S ⛰️ 🚲 ... ... Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul 🌻 - Henry Ward Beecher ... #bikeakl #mteden #bikeadventures #daisies

Western Springs, New Zealand

Just happy to be watching some ducks really 🦆 #bikeakl

The A team. #ashvsevildead #postproductionsound #workhubbies

Cable Bay Vineyard & Restaurant

Just a casual wine + casual head scratch on a Sunday afternoon 🍷😑 #purrrrrrr ... 💪: @jmctainsh

Waiheke Island

S-U-N-D-A-Y 🌺

Something I've been working on for awhile: finally managed to grow some hydrangeas out of my head. Very pleased with today's efforts 💪🌿💐💪 @boutiquebackdrops

Federal Street

* F-R-I-D-A-Y * F-E-E-L-S * 🌟 🌟 🌃 ... #starrystarrynight #happyfriday #auckland #skytower #federalstreet #lookingup #fairylights #cityphotography

The Sugar Club

Getting down to the business end of season 3 with the #ashvsevildead fam 🤘 love making TV with these legends. #postproductionlife #heretiltheend

Turned up on #VivaLaDirtLeague's doorstep for some good ole fashioned team bonding 🎮🤳 .... RG @vivaladirt: Can Rowan overcome his fear of girls thanks to the PlayStation game 'That's You!' ? Find out!! Link in description' .... #gamers #youtubers #boredwebseries #playstation #sponsoredpost


It's not a party these days without a table to graze from 😋 thanks so much @goodtograze for this beautiful spread, such a hit at my 30th! 📸: @healthyalways #grazingtable


Turning 30 is a lot easier when you have people to giggle with 🙊 #whatsmyageagain #thirtyflirtyandthriving 💃🌸💕@boutiquebackdrops

Land of Make Believe

Rolling into the new week like 🚚 not reeeeally into tanks and guns 🙈 but I played my part🎙️🎬 #theyseemerollin #theyhatin #ridingdirty #foleyfieldtrip #spotthemic #gafftape #postproductionlife

Auckland, New Zealand

Three guys, a girl and a cameraman... pretty sure there's a joke in there somewhere, especially when you're filming with the boys from #VLDL! If you appreciate a bit of gaming humour you gotta check these guys out! Thanks for the playdate @vivaladirt ✌️🎮🎥🎬 #webseries #gamers #vivaladirtleague

The Urban List HQ

Lovely to celebrate 2 years of @urbanlistakl and @boutiquebackdrops last night!

Grey Lynn

Wow! Pretty 🌸💜 just put down a tape with my agent and found spring when I walked out. How convenient! Love when spring is sprung upon you. #MHAWNZ #photochallenge #spring #springhassprung

Today's #MHAWNZ challenge: a creature. This sparkly specimen has been presiding over our mail for the past two months. It mysteriously appeared for @yogawithkylie's birthday and never left. It is filled with happiness and magic and chocolate and lollies. It provides us with joy and a tiny burst of sugar whenever we most need it. We could never break it, because LOOK AT IT 🦄 how could you break something so full of goodness? You can't. It's too pure and that is what makes it so resilient. "If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely." - Roald Dahl. Thank you for our daily reminder of where inner strength comes from, our everlasting pinata friend. ✨


Today's #MHAWNZ challenge - Papatuanuku: Mother Earth 🌬️ --- She gives birth to and nourishes all things - trees, birds, people... --- She's also got great curves - we should appreciate them 🌄✌️💚

Mt Eden, Auckland

Look how happy we are to be locked out of the office! Today's #MHAWNZ challenge was the @mhfnz lockout. We all stopped making TV for an hour and got some fresh air 🍃 technically the building is locked 24/7 so it wasn't too hard - and with long production hours we NEED a break. Sometimes it's all too easy to stay inside, and eat lunch at our desk so we can feel 'more productive'. But the truth is we all need to increase our steps and our heart rate and vitamin D intake and clearly I'm still high on endorphins!! Just ask the small volcano in my backyard 💪🏞️✅

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