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Американский актёр, режиссёр, дизайнер, бывшая модель. Наиболее известен ролью Спенсера Рида в сериале «Мыслить как преступник».
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yo, i'm moderating the heck outta this 97 minute web series aka (a movie) staring my favorite sack o moldy potatoes, aubrey polaza. be there or be 🍔.

#gublertattoo of a prehistoric cave painting i did of a snail now on @princess_ashlynnn #gublertattootuesday

thank you whoever made this

i slept for 11 hours last night

perhaps the world's fastest #gublertattoo happened after last nights Q&A. now on @_spencer_reid

movie maniacs of NYC! it was a dream to share #68kill in the exact theatre that immortalized the rocky horror picture show, eraserhead, and night of the living dead, but the real dream was sharing the night with YOU! p.s that's not a nude body suit i'm wearing, i'm naked and have a skin condition

repost: @ifcmidnight

sorry. all added IFC #68kill saturday screenings are more sold out than your uncle nino's favorite hot yoga class

relax. a few tickets have been added to the encore sold out midnight #68kill Q&A tonight in NYC. (link in bio)

#68kill opens today. it's a movie made by lunatics for lunatics and very much in the spirit of the daring, whacky, and audacious midnight movies that inspired me as a kid because midnight movies where the one place where the weirdo always won. *not recommended for the faint of heart, the painfully serious, or weirdos under 17.

#68kill is a movie about the worst night of Chip Taylor's life. if you are coming to one of the saturday night screenings/Q&A at @ifccenter come dressed like it's THE WORST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE. there will be a costume contest. midnight screening and Q&A just added by popular demand. (link in bio)

thank you @nytimes! 🌰🍍🍰 (nutty fruit cake forever!) #68kill @ifcmidnight

you guys are midnight movie maniacs and can't be stopped! due to overwhelming demand IFC and i are adding another saturday #68kill costume party/Q&A screening and i will be doing the world's first PRE-Q&A (patent pending). Ask me questions about the movie before you even see it! psychics and soothsayers welcomed. (tickets in bio)

saturday night NYC theatre sold out! sorry. get ready for a wild night! also, come in costume. more details soon. #68kill @ifcmidnight @ifccenter @ifc

#68kill opens this weekend and i'll be doing a Q&A in NYC this saturday at 10pm at @ifccenter (link to tickets in my bio) also i have rabies

i've finally made it

...and the finale will cramp your lap! if you only watch 2 episodes watch "green light" & "red light." 2 of my favorites ever and not just because my hair looks like a 1980's stockbroker

Montreal! put on your sister's favorite blouse and join me for the canadian premier of #68kill at @fantasiafestival this saturday. Q & A/ massages after. (link to event in bio)

ouch! my new movie #68kill is in theaters august 4th from @ifcmidnight

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