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Американский актёр, режиссёр, дизайнер, бывшая модель. Наиболее известен ролью Спенсера Рида в сериале «Мыслить как преступник».
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ouch! my new movie #68kill is in theaters august 4th from @ifcmidnight

and the last 10 episodes will bloat your face. (starting with the episode "spencer")

3 old heads on a wall

if you lit a romantic comedy on fire and put it out by beating it with rusty chains and a gin soaked tube sock you'd get my new film #68kill. in theaters august 4th from @ifcmidnight (link to trailer in my bio)

john steinbeck


perhaps my favorite childhood photo

season 12 of @crimmindscbs is now streaming on @netflix and i'm so proud of the last 10 episodes and my prison crew

sorry not sorry

p.s kyle isn't singing here, he's getting electrocuted by the 1.4 million volts of electricity that constantly pulses from my groin

happy birthday America i love you so much!

🎤🎉🇺🇸 yes

blue grimley

hey MTV cribs check out my new yacht. it's got most of its roof, marc jacob's barnacles (the fisherman not the fashion guy), and a bearded man who's sleeping (or dead) in the engine room. let's get this party started.

cave painting of a prehistoric snail

carmen sandiego sunday

cat fish shark

#gublertattoo of a cat fish shark i painted with watercolor and limes now on @yourgirlkayjen

in their infinite coolness @a24 has created a pop-up museum where you can temporarily die.

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