Грант Гастин


Американский актёр и певец, наиболее известный благодаря ролям Себастиана Смайта в сериале «Хор» и Барри Аллена в телесериалах «Флэш» и «Стрела».
  • Все 1896
  • Фото 1814
  • Видео 82

Tonight - Barry and Joe meet the Devoe’s. Barry gets a little obsessed and @kimengelbrecht and Neil Sandilands continue to bring it and impress the hell out of me every time I work with them.

Back to work for a short week. #JettLife #NeuroticNora

This isn’t even all the heroes involved in our 2 night crossover event... seriously.

You’re not gonna wanna miss the 2 night crossover event this year...

Good (late) morning, Vancouver.

I️ can’t wait for everyone to see more of Neil as The Thinker. He’s without a doubt one of the best actors I’ve had the pleasure of working with on this crazy show. The dude’s a legend.

New episode tonight.


Had a clutch stay-cation with 3 of my favorite people. So many polaroids.. and this crappy selfie Tyler took. He gets paid to take pictures.

Zoe thinks Tom is super interesting... I️ had a lot of fun at the Fan Expo in Vancouver yesterday. We had a great panel with a lot of our cast, and got to meet a lot of really cool families, and all kinds of kids and grown people that have a love for The Flash. To see the affect these characters and stories can have on people is always incredibly humbling. My deepest thanks to everyone who came out to see us and everyone who continues to support our show.

Good times last night at the Tom & Grant screening in Van. Tom is a genius and I’m glad he lets me hang out with him. Thanks to all the friends and Flash family that came out last night.

One of my favorite humans directed tonight’s episode of Flash. He also happens to be a brilliant actor and now he’s my all time favorite Flash director. The one and only Tam Calvin(he gets it). We also debut two new characters that you can get a peek at in the second photo. One of them is a living legend and one of them will be one day. Just you wait..

Solid weekend in Ohio.

Happy Halloween. Mom sent me this shot this morning of Tyler and I. The infamous clown and dinosaur costumes that she made. I’m dressed as a crime scene investigator today... again.

More to come as far as photos are concerned. Quick, jam packed weekend. Insane Ohio State win for my first ever game at the Shoe and Dodgers even up the series. What a sports weekend... Also this girl.

Stuck in an airport, but I found this gem.

Travel day.

@blakegriffin32 is hitting game winning three pointers now. So, everybody else is in trouble.

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