Грант Гастин


Американский актёр и певец, наиболее известный благодаря ролям Себастиана Смайта в сериале «Хор» и Барри Аллена в телесериалах «Флэш» и «Стрела».
  • Все 2004
  • Фото 1911
  • Видео 93

So your house is nice and so are your triceps. So what!? Tom Cavanagh really isn’t that great.

#SDCC @lathoma3

#SDCC @variety ?

#SDCC @entertainmentweekly

Another successful #SDCC. @variety

Stole this from one of our amazing fan pages because I love the edit. This is definitely the thing I’ve been the most excited to announce to you guys. Barry’s about to be like, “New suit, who dis?”. And I’m obsessed with it. Another comic con down. I might spam you guys with pictures later, but they’re all all over Instagram already anyway. I hope everyone that came out had a great time. It’s always surreal meeting all of you and seeing the love you all have for our show up close and personal.

The only selfie I took all night. Couldn’t even take the shades off. But it’s with the lady love and my love Colton. It had been too long. Comic-Con 2018 has begun. Gonna try and sleep now for a few hours...

New season, old suit, same stunt double.

Just wrapped of episode 501(that’s season 5 ep 1) with my dude David McWhirter. Always have fun with David. I think this may be my favorite first episode of a season since the pilot. Starting 502 today and then it’s off to San Diego tomorrow for some Comic-Con. #TheLionIsHungry (Zlatan shirt)

Grew up an O’s (and sometimes Mets) fan in Virginia where there isn’t a SINGLE PROFESSIONAL SPORTS TEAM and I loved Machado since he entered the league. Pumped to see him in @dodgers blue. (I realize I’m not ESPN, but I’m pumped about this)


It’s the end of the first full week of season 5. Feels like it might be a special one..

How good are these?? I hadn’t quite figured out the smile yet.

Also, this thing is great. I had to ask my Mom to send me some shots. Comic-Con wanted school pictures, but my favorites were a couple little league pictures she found that I’ll also post because they’re too good.. @daninicolet you win. I’m obsessed with you. Just 1 week until #SDCC

This thing has already been posted everywhere, but here it is again as a friendly reminder that #SDCC is only a week away...

Today is my favorite person’s birthday which makes today my favorite day. Also it’s 7/11, so that’s a legit birthday to begin with. We had the best friggin time at the @venetianvegas this passed weekend. We were treated to an amazing dinner at @chicalasvegas and capped it off at their club, @taolasvegas where apparently @jonthoma and I stayed reppin’ O-H. Super thankful to the Venetian for giving @lathoma3 a memorable birthday with a lot of her friends. We shall return... I LOVE YOU LA.

Vancouver Road Trip: Season 5 was a great success.

San Fran is the best. Tyler and Rookie’s first time. She sat and watched pretty much all of California, Oregon and Washington go by.

Gustin Dogs.

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