Грант Гастин


Американский актёр и певец, наиболее известный благодаря ролям Себастиана Смайта в сериале «Хор» и Барри Аллена в телесериалах «Флэш» и «Стрела».
  • Все 1949
  • Фото 1859
  • Видео 90

Barry when he ain’t got no speed.

Good morning, Vancouver.

Yesterday we became snowboarders. There’s no turning back. I’m sore in the weirdest places.

Whistler for the weekend, but Jett still finds something to complain about. Even while perched on top of a table. #jettlife

Some cool fan art for tomorrow’s episode of @cwtheflash. @candicekp did me a solid and tagged in for this episode. I’m excited to see her do her thing this week. Tune in for #RunIrisRun

#internationalwomensday (Stolen from @kevinlove, who I guess is my inspiration this week)

Once again, @gregorythesmith has pulled off what looks to be one of my favorite episodes of @cwtheflash. I’m always excited when I get to work with him. This one in particular was a challenge. I was nervous about how we would execute this one after my first read of it. You’ll understand why when you see it. It was a fun challenge to work through with Greg and the cast, including a couple of Speedster legends, @johnwesleyshippjr and @violettbeane. A very ambitious script from @sterlinggates. And @candicekp and I got to do a scene at the end that I was nervous about shooting for 6 days. Emotionsss hunayy. Check it out tonight! (I’ll actually be home and able to watch it for once)

Good read on mental health from @kevinlove and @playerstribune. Putting the link in my bio. If you’re into sports and hearing athletes/humans speak their minds and tell their stories in their own words, then give @playerstribune a follow.

Last night, Greg Berlanti and Keiynan treated us to an early screening of Love, Simon which stars my dude Nick Robinson. Greg is a brilliant director and I hope I can be in every other movie he makes. The entire cast is spectacular, especially my buddy Nick. Such a sweet and thoughtful performance. I loved it. Make sure you go see it when it hits theaters on March 16. @lovesimonmovie @gberlanti @therealnickrobinson @keiynanlonsdale

Let’s finally win a Kid’s Choice Award! The blimp has always been a dream. I mean, come on... Kid’s Choice Awards was my jam growing up and I’ve had a surreal experience getting to go couple times. That’s why I shall be there again this year to present! Can’t wait. Tune in or come out. And voting starts in a couple weeks I think. Our show and myself are both nominated. Let’s get one!! (Also Flash is back tomorrow) #KidsChoiceAwards #TheFlash

Thinking of my dude @thatkevinsmith today. You work too much, bro! And I am lucky enough to be able to say from experience that when Kevin works on something, he gives 100% of himself in every capacity. I’ve marvelled at his work ethic, positivity and energy many-a-times. He’s a unicorn. Send him some positive, healing vibes today. The world needs him. #TheWorldNeedsKevinSmith

Only true friends will help you make an eyelash wish. Check out the link in my profile. @tomandgrantshort

We’re back next Tuesday but @candicekp gave me an extra one off. Thanks, homie. (Nah, I think I’m in this one too actually)

Entertainment Weekly debuted the Tom and Grant trailer today for everyone. I’m putting a YouTube link in my profile for the trailer, and make sure you subscribe to the Tom and Grant YouTube channel to stay up to date with the happenings. @tomandgrantshort @entertainmentweekly

Our teddy bear. #JettLife

It’s a sunny Saturday at home in Vancouver. Much needed. #JettLife #NeuroticNora

Doing pretty much everything in my new favorite sneakers. @goat #JettLife #goat

Tom & Grant trailer coming soon. Says Tom. I dunno when. Ask him. @cavanaghtom @tomandgrantshort

Happy Valentine’s Day to my lovee.

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