Грант Гастин


Американский актёр и певец, наиболее известный благодаря ролям Себастиана Смайта в сериале «Хор» и Барри Аллена в телесериалах «Флэш» и «Стрела».
  • Все 2084
  • Фото 1980
  • Видео 104

Finishing up my annual road trip back home with my brother and the dogs. Taking a minute to reflect on yet another season of The Flash. These seasons always come with many ups and downs. I don’t know how any of the departments on our show pull it off week after week. Yet, they do. We made it through another season and we’re stronger for it. I love these people like they are my family. Only we know what it takes to make this thing for 9 1/2 months out of the year. I can’t wait to go back and do it again in 2 1/2 months. I mean... I can. And I will. But I’ll be excited to hug them all again and get back to work in July. I hope everyone enjoys the final stretch of episodes of season 5.

What a pleasure it was to be directed by my friend and cast mate, @dpanabaker. So impressed and proud of you!! I’ll be sitting on the couch to watch this one tonight.

I’ll remember this one. 📸: @tylergust10

Man. I can’t believe @tylergust10 and I just got to witness that 31 point comeback at Oracle, in person! @patbev21 is an absolute animal, and @trezz24 is a monster. Also @louwillville and @landryshamet are cold blooded, man. LOVE my @laclippers!! So pumped we got to see them make history...

Come see me. Just one day.

A snapshot from last night. “Are you SURE we haven’t shot in this alley??” (Probably every Vancouver actor in every alley)

When someone says they don’t watch The Flash...

Opening day!! Go @dodgers !!!!!

Snowboarding alone this morning. Working tonight. I was super proud of myself... #VancouverPerks

For the people that wanted “new pics”. I don’t take a lot on set. But here we are, still standing towards the end of the crossover this year.

It kinda just hit me this morning that Arrow will be leaving us next year. Ever since I started doing this, it’s always been “Flash & Arrow” (or really this should of said “Arrow & Flash” on it’s cover....right, Stephen?)We don’t get to see a lot of each other, because we both work very similar schedules, on different shows, for 9 1/2 months out of the year. But when we’re brought together for those grueling crossover episodes, it always results in something pretty special. And not JUST a special kind of hell. It’s just absolutely bananas to stand around with that many people in super suits, and get paid to play make believe on tv. It’s something that wouldn’t happen year after year if it weren’t for the groundwork that Arrow, Stephen and the whole cast and crew laid for us. Not just that, but Stephen has always brought a different kind of passion to his show and the whole Arrowverse. It’s always been clear to me how much it means to Stephen to have the privilege of getting to go on this journey as Oliver Queen. And how much care he’s always put towards it. I will never forget ohh soo many memories we shared together during our hundreds, if not thousands of hours of crossover filming. Thank you to everyone who was a part of making Arrow for letting me come on this journey with you all. Congratulations on a badass show that will live on forever. I’ll never forget binge watching season one and being scared shitless my first day on set, seeing you all in person. Stephen, you’re a legend. Maybe this means we can hang out more?

Yo! We’re doing a surprise extremely limited drop today in honor of the Captain Marvel release ⚡️ Only 25 of each. Go to @bearwalkerofficial to grab one.

So here is why this picture is great. Some random dude shouted my name and then took this 30 seconds after I introduced myself to @teamvic at LAX. @lathoma3 gave me a hard time because I had really wanted a picture but didn’t want to bother him. I kept talking about how disappointed in myself I was for the next 10 min, but then he walked by again and I had my chance! But I still didn’t want to bother him... So here is fate giving me my picture with Victor Cruz(kinda). You’re the man, bro. #Gmen #cruuuuz

Optimal height for this job. 📷: @kyleharris

Our short, Tom and Grant is now available on @vimeo. Click the link in my bio. @cavanaghtom @tomandgrantshort #tomandgrant #comedy

FEBRUARY 27. Available on Video on Demand and Vimeo(FREE for our backers!) @cavanaghtom @tomandgrantshort #TomAndGrant #Comedy

We’re gonna go pro together next.



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