Грант Гастин


Американский актёр и певец, наиболее известный благодаря ролям Себастиана Смайта в сериале «Хор» и Барри Аллена в телесериалах «Флэш» и «Стрела».
  • Все 1923
  • Фото 1836
  • Видео 87

This weeks episode was directed by part of our Flash family, one of our 1st AD’s, Philip Chipera. It was the first episode of television that Phil has ever directed and it’s safe to say it won’t be his last. Also, Barry has a cool, new ability and some other things happened too..

Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes my way yesterday. My lady, @lathoma3 made yesterday the best, most relaxing birthday. She knows how I like it. So happy I could see some friends last night and also get some early birthday celebrating in for JLM. Love these people.

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” Happy MLK Day. Let’s continue to move forward listening to and supporting one another.

#tbt to this selfie with my stunning fiancé right before @gberlanti and @robbierogers wedding in our kitchen that is currently being demolished and made into its best self.

Will their hero fall...? Flash is back next Tuesday! And @kimengelbrecht gave us all a masterclass. Don’t miss it.

Because it’s obviously a glamorous selfie day.

Good morning. #JettLife #GoClips

Remember how we left you hanging? Sorry. We’re back next week.

“Draw me like one of your French girls.” #tbt

Happy 2018!

Malaysia Phase 2 - Sabah, family, food, drink repeat. We always eventually got where we were going. I met SO many people this passed week. New friends, new family and a bunch of random people that apparently watch Flash over in Malaysia. I will never forget this trip. I love my “spiritual wife” and her family and I can’t wait to marry her for real this year.

Malaysia Phase 1 - Incredible stay at @gayaislandresort. Gaya Island Resort would’ve been amazing and beautiful all on its own, but the staff really went above and beyond for us. We couldn’t have had a better stay. It was such a relaxing way for me to be introduced to Borneo and for us to kick off our trip.

This is one of those fun “everyone is doing it” things. Happy New Year, friends! Here are the moments from my instagram life in 2017 that you guys allegedly enjoyed the most. 2018 is gonna be awesome. And tomorrow I’m gonna hit you with like 20 vacation pictures. Sorry.

Happy Holidays from Malaysia! I’ve been mostly off social media because the Majalap family is non-stop and we’ve been running around and partying and eating and drinking since we got here. I did want to clear something up before the internet ran with it. It was incorrectly reported, without our permission that LA and I had a private wedding while we were here, but that’s not quite the truth. While we did have a beautiful, symbolic Kadazan ceremony to honor LA’s ancestors, we still won’t tie the knot until next year. (Also I’m still 27 for another few weeks.. the article got a couple things wrong) We’ve had a great time while we were in Sabah. LA’s GIGANTIC family is awesome. We got to hang out with Masidi Manjun, the Minister of Tourism, and had an incredible stay at Gaya Island Resort our first few days. Many pictures to come once we’re back in North America.

We made it.

En route.

My dude @justinbaldoni is amazing. Ask yourself these questions. Answer them honestly for yourself. Make the world better.

Sometimes you get to make something fun, stupid and awesome with one of your best friend’s.

Mid-season finale tonight of @cwtheflash. We won’t be back for over a month, but it’s the beginning of one of my favorite story arcs that I’ve ever gotten to do as Barry.

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