Грэм Филлипс


Американский актёр и певец, известный по фильмам «Эван Всемогущий» и «Бен-10: Наперегонки со временем», а также по главной роли Зака Флоррика в сериале «Хорошая жена».
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Carmel, California

Happy 2018, friends. May your next journey around the sun on this glorious speck of dust suspended in a sunbeam be filled with discovery and love. Here’s to yet another chance to get it right and give into the music of it all. I for one have only just figured out what the heck one of my favorite old songs (might) mean, and I’ve been listening to it for the last five years, so things are already looking up. May you find new beauty and poetry this time around, even in what might at times, like this song, seem expired. As the pastor Robert Franks noted in his profound 1721 New Years Day sermon at Edmunton: “we die but once, and therefore we live but once on Earth...” So carpe diem you crazy kids. Stay young and stay curious. 🔭🌍🎉


What a ride. Such an incredible journey the last few months working on this film with such an incredible gathering of passionate and kind and supportive people. It really is confounding to me how lucky I am to have been surrounded by such positive warriors through what at times feels a bit like a battle. Films are big sprawling buggers to make and can bring out the best and worst in people. You all kept it together with grace and even made room for humor and creativity. It takes a village and you guys made it happen, made it happen right and did it with the right intention, keeping it tight and bright along the way. I have nothing but love for you. How my brother and I could ever repay the favor we aren’t sure yet, but we’ll start by not gumming up what you’ve put so much heart and talent into. The film touches on an incredibly important yet underexposed issue — the sexual abuse, violence toward, and trafficking of Native women — a stain on our country’s memory and an issue that all too often gets swept under the patriotic rug. A big thank you to those who have bravely shared their stories of survival. Without you, this film couldn’t have been made. The issue demands attention - now more than ever - and having a cast and crew that understood this meant the world to us. It showed on camera and will show as the story gets a new life in this coming year. Here’s to a bright future. Finally, gotta give a shoutout to my co-director, my co-writer, and most importantly, my brother. Parker, you are one of the most caring, attentive, kind, openhearted, driven people I know. Way to set the tone out there and guide this ship from the rocks and to smooth seas in ways I couldn’t. Love you, brother. #TheBygone

winds of change bringin in new energy


b-roll with the boys


First day on our first feature. Happy to have the best directing partner a kid could ask for. #thebygone

catch my first episode of riverdale tonight on CW if you’re inclined to see me lead a terrific and timely crash course on how not to act. many thanks to the cast for welcoming me in, you’re the best.

Carmel, California

lil morning visitor.

Douglas, Wyoming

While I'm stuck shooting in (beautiful) Vancouver, my brother's carrying the torch, roughing it out in the path of totality to snag footage of the eclipse for our own project. Good luck out there @sirparkphillips

Vancouver, British Columbia

bringing back the sneaky pocket square... or was it ever out #welcometoriverdale

Cape Town, Western Cape

Fitting in!!! 😬

Paris, France


Garden City Beach, South Carolina

"The rule for all fear is to head straight into it. When you are sailing in a storm, you don’t let the wave hit your boat on the side. You go bow into wave, and ride it.” Keep spinning, Class of 2016/17 🎓❄️

The Preserve

twenty-four and there's so much more

Shady Canyon Golf Club

"The soul is dyed with the color of its leisure thoughts" - Dean Inge

Well looks like fake news is getting through to the four year old Californian demographic so that's disappointing #fakenews #fakeconversations

The Beverly Hills Hotel

makeshift postgrad offices > library

Still slaving away over my thesis, but I got my DNA results back and they're telling me all sorts of useful things I never knew about myself, so I got that going for me which is nice...

Big things coming Owen's way in 2017. 🎉🏀🛀🏻

The Preserve


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