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Just adding another layer to yesterday's burn!

Me and Gran ❤️




Margo, not only do u have the best cheekbones I have ever seen but ALSO such a cool sense of style. U guys can see what I am talking about on her page @gezze_out!! You can always express yourself and your style no matter if you're standing up or sitting down. ❤️

Jk it was actually very cold at the beach. Taken by my instagram husband @cassimekenzie

He's like 99% sure they're not real 1% gonna watch them just in case

Happy Mother's Day! Love u mimi

FANTASIA!!! HAHAH @fantasiahall


How come every hip person I know has a pic like this on their Instagram

Carrizo Plain National Monument super bloom!

Everyone I went to high school with got so HOT

I love cats

Another day another pic Otis didn't wanna be in

My mom's Junior prom

90's Aunt Lala 🦋

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