Грейс Фиппс


Американская актриса и певица.
  • Все 1635
  • Фото 1553
  • Видео 82
New York, New York

"Why are there so many songs about love and heartbreak...but there's only one song about the boys being back in town..?" -the Boyz

And girl and her big happy pretzel 📸 @turntvonnelit

The outfit. The inspiration. 📸 @turntvonnelit #Beetlejuice

Sacré Bleu!


This mirror telling me to "TAKE A SELFIE" feels like really it's just trying to get out of doing its job...

My Ma! Muh Luv! Aspen Matis! #AGirlInTheClassroom

But the patriarchy tho!!!!!!! We collectively remembered the boyfriend's name and not the blonde friends'! 🙄😭 In my defense: I 100% didn't remember the boyfriend's name. #Screenwriting the secondary character of equal importance in the script, but perhaps not in the world

🍕 Pt. 3

🍕 Pt. 2

🍕 Pt. 1

📸 @turntvonnelit

@outlierimagery #SpeedRacer also his NAME is Speed Racer! (In response to the movie Speed Racer)

Tying this coat took so much effort, and I regretted it so instantly.

New phone. Who dis?

TIMber! ....get it? Cause it's Tim, and he has a tree, and "timber" is what lumberjacks tell when a tree is falling, but it's a fake tree, which you can tell cause it's pink, get it?

Trinidad Sour! If you like your cocktails like you like your women, and you like your women mysterious and a littler bitter: you'll love this one. Its main ingredient (1 1/2oz) is angostura bitters, which was invented by a doctor living in Trinidad, who entrusted his sons (who didn't get along) to make the label and the bottle, which is why they're different lengths. Then 1oz orgeat syrup (which you can make yourself, which is fun, but the "fees brothers" stuff is tasty too). Add 3/4oz lemon and 1/2oz bourbon, shake with ice. Cocktail is in front of the picture of Martha I keep in my kitchen on top of my pinkest @marthastewart magazine. #cocktailoclock @aguynamedpatrick #ILoveMartha

We miss Grace Tame! ( @tame_punk ) also @ohnospenny ( @velocitrapstar ) 🌲🌸

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