Грейс Фиппс


Американская актриса и певица.
  • Все 1965
  • Фото 1874
  • Видео 91

Hiummm-snumphfff - Gracie Gillam 2018 . . . 📷 @turntvonnelit

Inaction shot

Spokane, Washington

#BTS Behind the Screams of #znationsyfy . . #Picasso #GertrudeStein #JacksonPollockBloodSpray #ZnationSarge #ButIPlayOneOnTV 📷 @natashashallbetter 💋

Spokane, Washington

One girl, no cup. ☕️☕️☕️ . . . 📷: @natjohnzang August 2017

Comin for your bum @tamepunk

A photo of me standing on a radiator to open my blinds Spokane in a thrift shop one piece which is how I spent much of my downtime from work this summer. 📷: @natjohnzang

#DoneWithMidterms . 🎥 @turntvonnelit


Absolute chaos #FlotteboLife #FlotteboDeath???

Sunday Funday

Having a smoothie in bed without ya. Miss ya already @natjohnzang 🍓 ☀️ 💏 🐶 📱

Gordon Ramsay’s show that’s on Hulu now is weird. @natjohnzang and I like watching & talking back to it. His dialogue with his children is generic, but his recipes are creative sooooo..@natjohnzang and I made a big “American Style” breakfast from it, then I did a little bitty one but with maple bacon the way I make it. Nat left nyc today. I’m gonna miss ‘im. #GordonRamsayAmericanBreakfastForOne #GordonRamsayAmericanBreakfast #CookingForCoping

I need to get my butt to the Smithsonian again STAT!!! When I learned Kehinde Wiley was gonna paint President Obama’s portrait, I cried because I was so excited to see it and also to have been an adult in this seemingly very transitional moment in American history. And now seeing these portraits just keeps making me cry again! Waaaa! Picturing these works in the National Portrait Gallery makes me feel, um, proud. I just. Oh Golly! Just look at em’!!! Aaaaaa!!!! 😫😫 #AmySherald #KehindeWiley #IncredibleEmotionalPortraiture

If you can see them, they can see you #TheaterTraining 🎥: @turntvonnelit

Hildy: *shivers twice* Me: ☝🏼

Grey Garden’s 2! This time?! No gardens!!

Chicks with chicken. 🐥 👯‍♀️💃🏻that’s that #FLOTTEBOlife #JuliaGulia #Ikea #roastchicken #LongstandingFemaleFriendships

😇 🍸

#tbt to shooting with the terribly lovely and talented @samvartholomeos. I was pretty sick during this shoot and Sam did an exemplary job or pretending I wasn’t gross for the camera. Such a damn fun shoot for @thebloodymess (Ryan O’Leary) whom I’ve wanted and expected to be directed by for a couple years now, and what a payoff. Ryan also has photo credit for this behind the scenes pic (this boob grab, I assure you, was not in the script) #bts #throwbackthursday #magichour

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