Грейс Фиппс


Американская актриса и певица.
  • Все 1776
  • Фото 1685
  • Видео 91

G. Phippy on the mic! #RomeoAndJuliet

Listening to the mixtape Jill Scott 'Say Yes to This' subtitle: thinking of becoming a pin guy #PinGame #OverthinkEverything #Hamilton #JillScott #Subway

First time takin' the bus alone #NYC

Kid writing a paper at the gala #Columbia

Guess who came to visit pt. 3

Guess who came to visit PR. 2 (the thing on the wing)

Guess who's coming to visit!!! @tamepunk #TB #ThrowbackTuesday

I just bought lotion that's made to smell like a pina colada. #JaneBlaineGraceandDannyGoToPuertoRico


We got coconuts to drink and they were good, but then a spearfisherman came and said "do you want me to open those? I have a machete," and then it was awesome.


Howdy #JaneBlaineGraceandDannyGoToPuertoRico

Magik #JaneBlaineGraceandDannyGoToPuertoRico

Here is a photo of me crying in the rainforest remembering the time recently when our friend Ben pretended to be a shark in 4 foot deep pool because my relationship to the pretend world is more intricate than my relationship to the real world where a hand on ones head does not make one a real shark and it was also not currently happening and I wasn't even in a pool.

Burrrrmaids (that water is super cold y'all) #JaneBlaineGraceandDannyGoToPuertoRico


Blaine + Danny + Yoga Grace + Stranger Posing In This Photograph #JaneBlaineGraceandDannyGoToPuertoRico

Juuuust playing MASH in pink pen drinking tiny scotch at the airport.

I love this version! #HildyAdventures #IShouldPaintThis from @maiandgrace

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