Грейс Фиппс


Американская актриса и певица.
  • Все 1909
  • Фото 1818
  • Видео 91


Therefore I Amsterdam// René Descartes walks into a bar, the bartender asks him if he would like a beer, and Descartes says "I think not" ...and disappears in a puff of his own logic

Knock-off Picassos + Sock-on Picasstoes #MomaSocks

Surprise #throwback from my Dasha (Dad) of lil tiny baby hildy!!!!!! Aaa😍😍😍😍 #hildyadventures

Who's on first? #1train #firstbase ⚾️ 🚊 🎥: @outlierimagery

Los Angeles, California

These are from Home restaurant in Los Angeles. Now I'm home in New York. Tonight I'm leaving again. Fried chicken 🍗.

Who York? 🎥: @outlierimagery

Y'all New York keeps getting better and better. Welcome @buliajabin !!! #TexasInNewYork #BigBlueDotsInABigBlueState

Simon My Man Spencer's Boy No One's Toy Eater of Goldfish and Great Pretender Perhaps the World's Fiercest New Contender

Me: Simon, may I have one of your goldfish? Simon: *hands me a whole school of goldfish* #GenerousAngelChild

One day In L.A. I fell for a beaux you might not guess It was a $25 camel 🐫 orange 🍊 color dress . . . #vintage #nomakeup

Happy Halloween!!! 👻🎃

Using Halloween week as an excuse to wear fun makeup 💄💜

Hildy and Zombie Rat ready for their close ups during production for last Friday's Z Nation. . . . . #znationsyfy #znation #zombierat #znationsarge #znation10k #hildyadventures

Is it funny if I wear this child's Lela costume for Halloween, yes or no? 👻 🎃 . . . . #teenbeachmovie #lela #halloween

"These pretzels are making me thirsty!" - Cosmo Kramer

New Z Nation tonight. Here's a fab #monochrome shot of my girly breaking out #BTS by @outlierimagery ☠️👽👻🤖👾 #znationsyfy #znationsarge

🌼🌼🌼 ☔️🚛

Spokane, Washington

Choker and shoe strap: Orange yarn 🍊 🎥: @outlierimagery

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