Гордон Рэмси


Британский шеф-повар шотландского происхождения, известный как первый шотландец, удостоившийся трёх звезд Мишлен.
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Bread Street Kitchen

The #StreetLounge menu was made for sharing but it's just too good to share !! #UpYourStreet

Now that's what I call a cocktail ! The White Geisha will be launching at @luckycatbygordonramsay.....coming soon ! Gx #LuckyCatMayfair

London, United Kingdom

Fork yeah ! Earn yourself some brownie points this #MothersDay and see what we're serving up at @gordonramsayrestaurants in London.... Link in bio Gx

London, United Kingdom

Who knew tofu eggs were this tasty ?! #Vegan breakfast now at @breadstkitchen ! Recipe in stories Gx

America, tonight at 8/7c there’s no clowning on an all new @masterchefjunior !!!


The finishing touches are added to @unionstcafe's gurnard spaghetti ! Recipe in my stories Gx

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

One hell of a way to open @hellskitchendubai !

The royale way to start the day ! @narrowlimehouse

London, United Kingdom

The most incredible burrata ! @yorkandalbany

London, United Kingdom

Can't wait for you to join me for a drink in this bar.... Gx #luckycatmayfair @luckycatbygordonramsay

London, United Kingdom

So excited to give you guys a @luckycatbygordonramsay sneak preview..... Orkney Scallop with yuzu and sweetcorn hot sauce, finger lime and wasabi leaves Gx #LuckyCatMayfair

Stay up late with @j_corden and @latelateshow tonight...I may even break a sweat (or a plate) !

America, tonight things are getting messy again in the @masterchefjunior kitchen ! The Junior Home Cooks return tonight at 8/7c.....and boy are they talented !!

London, United Kingdom

Poached to perfection ! Burford Brown egg, celeriac, hazelnut and truffle sauce vin jaune @petrusrestaurant

London, United Kingdom

It's happened....the #vegan roast has landed at @breadstkitchen ! #roastrevolution

London, United Kingdom

Officially a cocktail convert....sign me up for the next masterclass @heddonstkitchen !

Las Vegas, Nevada

As @beyonce asks “Who run the world ?” My answer in #Vegas would be women. On #internationalwomensday it’s my pleasure to 👏🏻 these amazing women who run 4 out of my 5 restaurants in #Vegas. Thx ladies for all your hard work Gx

They’re no me, but they’re definitely cute !!! The Junior Home Cooks return Tuesday on an all new season of @masterchefjunior !

Someone really needs to get their eyes checked tonight on @24hoursfox at 8/7c.....how in the heck does he look or sound like me ?!?!?

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