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Clare, Michigan

Michigan Mondays are the best! Time to conquer the world and enjoy it! #glennandbrooklyn #Brooklynandbleu #Michigander #Gaymichigan #PureMichigan #fall🍁

the INstitute of Dancers

DOSE🎯 Is here 💯 TAG @ciara in comments PLEASE 🙏🏽😎 (FULL VIDEO LINK IN BIO) Dancers @theinstituteofdancers Choreographers @cedric_botelho Director Camera Editor 🙋🏻‍♂️ Artist @ciara #DOSE ❤️

Lansing, Michigan

NEVER BE ASHAMED OF WHO YOU ARE 🌈 #nationalcomingoutday #glenndouglaspackard #nationalcomingoutday🌈 #gaycountryboy #Glee #human #loveislove @humanrightscampaign

the INstitute of Dancers

ITS OUT 📣📣📣! #DOSE @ciara Dance Music Video! Link in bio 🚨🚨🚨🚨

I’ve seen the world, I’ve worked some of the biggest entertainment events, I’ve been to some of the most extravagant parties but you can never take the country outta this guy! #tbt

Lansing, Michigan

It’s a selfie kinda day & good lighting 👅 #jurassicpark

Me ⬆️ ....you too?

Old Town Lansing

#BrooklynAndBleu Oct. 7th 2018 🧡🍁Fall 🍂🧡 #cutedogsofinstagram #aussiesofinstagram #miniaussie

the INstitute of Dancers

[clean version] @theinstituteofdancers is creating quite a UPROAR here in MICHIGAN 💥😱💥 TAG @liltunechi & @therealswizzz below 🏆 #uproarchallenge ___________________ Filmed by @glennpackard Choreo by @deavondrej Dance Company @theinstituteofdancers Host @bobhoffman11 @mary_turner_gajda

Broadway Dance Center

WHOS READY FOR DANCE CLASS? Of course I had to stop at @bdcnyc this was my second home for like 8 yrs in the city back when it was on Broadway and we moved to 58th! Of course I had to stop there with my other half BRIAN @brianthomasfilms :) yeah, my last name use to be Andbrian #GlennAndBrian #BroadwayDanceCenter #BDCnyc #MyComingOfAgeYears #HeWillSayBrianAndGlennButEveryoneKnowsTheRightWayToSayIt 😂👬🏳️‍🌈🕺🏼🕺🏼🙌🏽❤️🙏🏽💯❗️

the INstitute of Dancers

October is national bullying prevention month! I was someone who was bullied almost everyday in my high school freshman to Junior years, to the point I couldn’t walk the hallways without being pushed around, called hurtful words or my books pushed out from me, I would eat alone in a teachers room because the cafeteria I for some reason was consider a bullseye for throwing food at, and why was I being bullied...cuz I was nice . Back then it seemed like the end of the world, but with what I know now, I’m glad it wasn’t. I hope with my status in the industry I can help prevent this from happening to others. I am here for anyone that needs to talk to someone who went thru it. I’m proud of #theChildrenofPink music video music dance film I directed with my company @theinstituteofdancers . It was INspired by @pink beautiful speech at the VMA. Take a look at it (LINK IN BIO!) and make sure you take a moment to help someone being bullied. 💙

New York, New York

My Girl ♥️ Fabiola ... class, beauty, intelligence, queen, & BFF @fabiolahesslein If you know my NYC years then u would picture me and this girl would be on my left side ❤️💚💜🧡💙💛 #NYC #GBFF #MyLife #MyComingOfAge #nycgay #nycgaynightlife #michaeljackson30thanniversary #DrinkingGames #RightHandWoman #RideOrDie #Love #Beauty #Friendship #Foodie #DontEatMyFood

DUMBO, Brooklyn

#DumboBrooklyn with 2 people I’m lucky enough to call #Friends ☝🏽🕺🏼☝🏽💃🏾🙌🏽♥️❗️ @gheintzsight @ashley_menendez #EmpireStateBuilding #MyLife #Nyc #MyComingOfAge #BrookeKnowsBest #Newyorkcity #i❤️ny #ManhattanBridge #BrooklynBridge #NoRules #FFL #DUMBO #BootBrothers

Houghton Lake, Michigan

When i think back in my life of who had the biggest #INfluence in my life, a person who INspired me, gave me the right advice along this life journey & made a profound impact, molding me into the man I am today. I think of my mom & her 4 sisters. The 5 of them gave me nothing but encouragement, built me up to believe in myself, truly taught me right from wrong, showed me the meaning of love, laughter & family. The bond they share together is something made for the movies, an ultimate pure true meaning of unconditional sisterhood love. I love you Aunt Sandy, Aunt Sharon, Aunt Dar, Aunt Janice & my beautiful mom Paulette Packard 🙏🏽❤️🙌🏽❤️ @theinstituteofdancers #theINway #theIN❤️ #theShepherdSister

Grand Rapids Civic Theatre

This Girl♥️ @rachelhc71 RACHEL CARTER! Catch her in the play Steel Magnolias! #NYCroomie #michigander #FriendForLife #PitchforkFilm #Ma

the INstitute of Dancers

🔊#theINdancebattle🔊 JRS vs SRS... teaser trailer 🚧🚦🚧🚦❗️tag CIARA & #DOSE below 🙏🏽 ARTIST: @ciara STARRING: @theinstituteofdancers CHOREOGRAPHER: @cedric_botelho DIRECTOR: @glennpackard

J. W. Sexton High School

What an amazIN week! CEDRIC never disappoints, he always delivers the fun. My face hurts & my abs got a workout from all the smiles & laughs. @theinstituteofdancers company thanks u @cedric_botelho for being a big part of the start of their careers 💯🙌🏽🎯🙏🏽❗️

Packard Farms

WHO KNOWS THE ARTIST GLENN? 🎯❓🙌🏽 In #NewYorkCity 🏙I had the EROTIC CITY GIRLS , named after #Prince & #Madonna cuz you knew u were gonna get either one of them in my usual sold out @bdcnyc sexy choreo classes with some of my FAV female NYC dancers @fabiolahesslein @yosheryl @aliane96 @mrsdavis10 @lisamariemartinez_ @sheilajoyburford @candiscayne @danielle.flora @laurenbensal @hugjuliet @alisonamiconeoks @landon1007 In #MIAMI🏝I had #theKnockouts ,a Florida popular pop burlesque version of the #PussyCatDolls ft. some of today’s hottest female dancer/actresses @celinabeach @anisbel @catrendic @susiegarcia @legoosey @janet_jones @mimzical @lisamariemartinez_ @_carlisbad_ @lauraramirez00 @itsteena @evakosmos @candice @itsmegenise even celebs like @mizzhogan @aubreyoday @j_sutta @kristinewmusic performed with them. Now I’m #HOME in #PureMichigan 🏡 still able to do what I live for but now able to live #theSimpleLife I always longed for in my 25yrs in the big city life! (give me log cabins season changes hello & thank you’s over cement slabs polluted air no eye contact or a smile, any day! I’m back to my roots and get to do sexy girl choreo/direction & bringing out their inner GIRL POWER, the best confident & talented version of themselves possible. Coming this Friday get ready for #theINgirls of @theinstituteofdancers 💃🏾🤩🐄❗️ DANCERS: @emmaasaf321 @mariyaaa___ @mayyaaa.__ @bellaislittle @sydneyscherm @sydneylettau @carolinetilleyy @imanirobs @kyrahjewel @maddiefoxyfox @tarrielcannon ARTIST: @jason_mraz cover @manumoraoficial #ImYours DIR/CHO: @glennpackard #LifeIsGood #LifeHasAlwaysBeenGood #GlennDouglasPackard #JustOneLayerOfMe #MyStory #MyPassion #MyLife #INspire #LeadByExample #LoveIsLove #Choreography #MorningPost #MyLifeAsaCreativeDirector #DontStepInTheShit💩 wait for it... 😂😱🤣😱🤣 Love to all the girls tagged above and the ones I didn’t tag, you know I ❤️ ya -GDP

World Trade Center

#My911Story I was there, I was one of the people crossing the #GeorgeWashingtonBridge that night! It was scary because you were told explosives had been found in a van on that bridge & you were risking ur life trying to walk or run across it, but my family wanted me off the island cuz all the panic in the news and theories going around! I had just wrapped doing the #michaeljackson30thanniversary celebration the night before at #madisonsquaregarden & I was literally 14 blocks away from the #WorldTradeCenter just 4 hrs before this horrific tragedy happen, celebrating with cast mates & #macaulayculkin . So of course I wasn’t up when the first plane hit, my parents were panicking trying to reach me & my Brian, my fiancé at the time from their Michigan farm , but you couldn’t get thru on cel phones in the city everyone was calling loved ones. It was a scary and sad time in #NYC, it seriously look like a war zone or things you see in movies but seeing it for ur very own eyes was hard to comprehend. The days to follow in the big Apple were very gloomy, posters & posters filled walls of the city walk ways & subways of the missing people. I cried a lot for those families. The city had this eerie quietness to it, as well as every time a plane or military few low your heart pounded hoping it wasn’t still happening. I had lived in nyc for 10yrs, I said goodbye to it 2 months after #911 happened, it was a huge turning point in my life personally, emotionally & professionally, Florida was my home now. I loved NYC there is no other place like it! Full of diversity and art. I woke up today in #PureMichigan thinking about that day and the families effected who lost or had injured loved ones from 911. I’m sending you all much strength on this day. I will always ❤️ NYC. #i❤️ny #Remembering911

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