Гленн Дуглас Паккард


Американский актер.
  • Все 1970
  • Фото 1927
  • Видео 43

Gym time with my 2 favorite workout buds @kodi_fitness & @shaneadkins93 they wish they could keep up with me, have u seen their bodies ...so sad :( lol #Inspire #PureMichigan #SamSmithLookaLike #MissAmerica

This face makes my heart smile, how can it not! ❤️️🐶❤️️🐶❗️ #GlennAndBrooklyn #Aussie #australianshepherd #cutedogs #instadog

Linq / High Roller

Family in Vegas 🎯❗️ @masonpackard1 @ericapackard

My slasher horror film @pitchforkfilm is winning big at all the film festivals. Go to link in my profile for all the details :) pictured here with the talented man who played Pitchfork perfectly @danielwilkinson #PitchforkFilm #PitchforkIsComing

So true ....so true! Who agrees with me out there!?! #Horror #ScaryMovie #HappyHorror #Horrormovies

GOOD TIMES with the HOGANS :) #Boo

HAPPY 🎃 HALLOWEEN 👻 ❗️from Brooklyn & I. Shirt from @flexcomics . My movie PITCHFORK website launch today. Link in profile! #HappyHorror #PitchforkFilm #FlexComics #glennandbrooklyn

#Nationalcomingoutday ...This is a photo from the day I told the first person that I was gay, I was 21 a small town country boy now pictured here in college. You can see how scared I was, it showed all over my face .... I remember it like it was yesterday, I actually remember each time I came out to someone that I loved, that was important to me...my heart racing, so nervous....hoping they would still love me, not look at me different. I'm older and wiser now.....I want to share my story and words to those still coming out to help try and make a difference. Here is some words I have always lived by "NEVER BE ASHAMED OF WHO YOU ARE" ⚡️ "LEAD BY EXAMPLE" ⚡️ Everyone won't understand, some take longer then others to understand and come around, don't push ur believes on them, just live your life by example, live it to the fullest, be you and enjoy ur adventures and all life has to offer....But I can tell you ....that once you live truly honest to yourself and others around you, you will have this unbelievable freedom and your smile will be infectious "smile and the world will smile back"-GDP ;) #dreambig @humanrightscampaign @instagram @trevorproject

Me & my Monster® @Pitchforkfilm gets worldwide distribution for all media & theatrical with Uncork'd Entertainment. Dreams do come true! 👏🏽💥🎉👍🏽🎯🙏🏽❗️ #PitchforkIsComing #PitchforkFilm #Pitchfork #Director #Horrormovie #Slasher #SlasherFilm

#tbt how about this 90s retro of myself! I must have been cold! Bahahahahaha

The dance world has evolved over the decades and this generation needs to #DanceLikeEveryonesWatching ...havin fun with the cast of @pitchforkfilm while prepping for the footloose inspired barn dance scene in my slasher horror movie...coming at you JAN 17' @keithwebb @celinabeach @lindsdbach @b.raetz @thenikkidee @vibhuzinsta @ms_sheilamarie @david17mayorga

Anyone hungry?!?!

#RoadTipWithGlenn "Don't tell people your dreams, show them"

Film Festival weekend in #HotSprings AR, with 2 of the stars @danielwilkinson (Pitchfork) & @rachelhc71 (Ma) of my feature horror film @pitchforkfilm #PitchforkIsComing #PitchforkFilm #Slasher #Horror #hotspringshorrorfilmfestival #wesCraven tribute on my #Starbucks drink

**MY SUMMER IN PHOTOS** I'm saying bye to a bitter sweet summer. It was a emotional one, but we are family strong and had some moments to cherish filled with love and good times during the summer of 16. Here are some of those moments :)

Happy Birthday to this special guy, anyone who is friends with him knows that he is a one of a kind, & I'm lucky enough to share some incredible memories and adventures! he is one of my favorite people on this planet :) He is family..Love you @danielmiagany

Sharing a moment with daddies pretty little girl BROOKLYN #glennandbrooklyn

Professional Dance Workshop coming up with me!! Who wants to sweat, who wants to dance, who wants to be inspired!?💥🎉🎯❗️ #Dance #Choreographer

Gym time before 🍕🍕🍕🍕 time ❗️😂❗️

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