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the INstitute of Dancers

🎉🎉 1 year 🎉 🎉 @theinstituteofdancers celebrates 12 months 🎯 check out all the highlights and magical moments on our official YouTube channel in this special 1 year #INniversary video, LINK IN BIO! THIS IS THE ONE TO WATCH 🙏🏽 #theINarmy #MichiganDancers #theINstituteofDancers #theIN #theINway #GlennDouglasPackard #INspireMI #DreamBig

the INstitute of Dancers

I’m so extremely proud of these 5 young artist ranging from age 16-23! (I was just moving to NYC at 23 with a empty resume!) They have accomplished so much at a young age, they should be proud of themselves, If they KEEP MARCHING FORWARD ...ALL THEIR WILDEST OF DREAMS & GOALS WILL COME TRUE! Choreographer @rudygarcia___ (ahhh-MAZING & dancer) 💯 Artist: @jlo @badbunnypr 🙏🏽 Dancers: (my beautiful #GirlsOfTheIN 💋@theinstituteofdancers ) @mariyaaa___ @carolinetilleyy @imanirobs @mayyaaa.__ Film: 🙋🏻‍♂️ Holler of supporters 📣 (the dance dreamers) @theinstituteofdancers ⭐️ #ProudDanceDad #UncleGlenn #Dreammaker #theINarmy #theIN #MichiganDancers #MichiganDance #LoveLansing #INspireMI #rudygarciachoreography #GlennDouglasPackard #theINstituteofDancers

Old Town Lansing

Working on my Michigan winter tan 😂🤪❄️☀️ #PureMichigan photo: @danielleantoninaphoto

South Beach, Miami

RT: NAME A BETTER TRIO? amazing memories and a bond shared like no other :) @mizzhogan @ashley_menendez 🙏🏽🎯❗️

the INstitute of Dancers

My Gang of Dance Dreamers 💥✊🏽❗️ ( #RED - FULL VIDEO LINK IN BIO) Artist: @5sos (TAG BELOW 🙏🏽⬇️❗️) Song: #Youngblood Dancers: @theinstituteofdancers Choreographer: @klassikkanec Director: 🙋🏻‍♂️ Camera: @paulmatthewmedia

the INstitute of Dancers

This is pretty cool. 🎯👌🏽 Not bad for my little Michigan dance company, who’s dance music video I directed to be featured on @ciara INstagram page. I don’t think people realize how hard it is to build something like this in a small state. But I have been enjoying every second of it. It’s come with its ups and downs but I choose to focus on the ups and these beautiful souls who want a career in dance. They deserve this so much for all the hard work and not to mention sacrifices they make weekly. DONT TELL PEOPLE YOUR DREAMS, SHOW THEM! #theINarmy #theINstituteofDancers #theIN #GlennDouglasPackard #MichiganDancers #Ciara #Dose #DoseChallenge #INspire #theINway #IfYouBuilditTheyWillCome #IfYouBuilditTheyWillDance 💥💥 SEE FULL VIDEO - LINK IN BIO 💥💥

Packard Farms

We were going to recreate the bottom left photo but we were way to full from eating. My nephews all grown up now! 🎯 Happy Thanksgiving 🧡 @shaneadkins93 @samadkins15 @ryanadkins

the INstitute of Dancers

My family of Dance Dreamers @theinstituteofdancers wishing u all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING to ur families born into & created into. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 #SOthankful #MichiganDancers #theINarmy #theIN #theINstituteofDancers

Old Town Lansing

Morning from Michigan digging my loft(and lighting 😱😂) in @oldtownlansing HOME 🏡 ❤️❗️hitting u with #bedroomeyes 👀👀😂

WANNA LIVE A LONG LIFE? Here is the secret, listen to the words of the real life superhero! #MyINspiration #LeadByExample #Repost @marvel.dc.nerds with @get_repost ・・・ The path he started many many years ago, millions and millions of fans and so much joy. Thank you again for making life so much easier. . . . Link to video 👉🏻 https://youtu.be/iZiNKB28_Ns Made by MulliganBrothers on youtube, search for Stan Lee and you will find the 3:15 long video. . . . . . #avengers #avengersinfinitywar #infinitywar #venommovie #venom #ironman #infintywar #scarletwitch #hawkeye #blackpanther #superman #blackwidow #antman #spiderman #shazam #xmen #marvel #captainmarvel #guardiansofthegalaxy #spidermanfarfromhome #dcuniverse #loki #avengersannihilation #aquaman #deadpool #superhero #avengers4

Marvel Comics

STAN LEE HAS THE GREATEST SUPERPOWER OF ALL TIME, to make a positive difference in people’s life & HAVE HUNDREDS & THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE DO GOOD DAILY TILL THE END OF TIME! I got to meet my real life superhero, who passed away today, on June 15th 2013. @therealstanlee there will never be another human like you. As a child of the age of 13 I turned to his comic books that help mold me to be the creative, adventurous, be good, lead by example & my peter pan syndrome person I am today. He has INspired so many people in his lifetime!!!! He also help people and families create careers & a good life with creating such iconic superheroes like Spider-Man, the Hulk, Doctor Strange, the Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Black Panther, and my all time favorite the X-Men! I still collect comics to this day, 36 years later!!!! Every Wednesday is comic book day, did you know that? the new issues come out.I look so forward to that day, I go to my local comic book store pull my books, and escape in the world of do good and justice for all. Your legacy will live on forever Mr. Marvelous! #Excelsior #stanlee

Old Town Lansing

Woke up this morning to Brooklyn holding my hand and staring at me with love in her eyes. ❤️🐶 we are going on 14 years of cuddles! #DaddiesPrettyLittleGirl #glennandbrooklyn #miniaussie

the INstitute of Dancers

I have to say this was one of my favorite weeks at @theinstituteofdancers WHY? First to have my dance dreamers in front of this working choreographer @dannylugo_choreographer that helps make Dancers dreams come true...but also to show good people can finish on top! I always say Michigan dancers have something special about them when they go into a audition or casting because not only their talent shines but that humbleness a Michigander presents is something that attracts a producer, artist, Director, or choreographer, it makes industry pros what to be around these type of people on set or in their work environment. And Danny is the ultimate example in showing how humble can get you far in this INdusrty. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 thx bud for taking a week out of ur busy schedule to educate, train & INspire #theIN 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 #LeadByExample #theINarmy #theINway

Pure Michigan

‘If you see someone without a smile, give ‘em one of yours’ -GDP 😋

the INstitute of Dancers

#MondayMood 🎯 TAG RIHANNA 💅🏻 @badgalriri 🍽🔥🍽🔥🍽🔥 below ⬇️ #breakindishes DANCERS: @theinstituteofdancers @mariyaaa___ @carli_marie1224 @gheisl @imanirobs @addisynwallace CHOREO: @mariyaaa___ @glennpackard FILM: 🙋🏻‍♂️#theDreamMaker

the INstitute of Dancers

TAG @ciara 🎯 TAG @theinstituteofdancers (Dancers)🎯 TAG @cedric_botelho (Choreographer)🎯 TAG @glennpackard (Director)🎯 #DOSE full DANCE Music Video link in bio 🙏🏽💥✊🏽❗️

Honestly one of my favorite moments in my lifetime. Creating and working with this actor! @danielwilkinson aka #Pitchfork I will cherish these 21 days for a lifetime. Go see #PitchforkFilm just for this actors portrayal of this petrified monster. DREAMS COME TRUE! @pitchforkfilm now playing on iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Vudu & Amazon Prime! HAPPY HORROR 😱

Clare, Michigan

Happy Halloween 🎃 from me & my favorite movie monster @pitchforkfilm 😱 @danielwilkinson ✊🏽💥❗️ watch it for $3.99 on Amazon prime, YouTube, google play, iTunes, & Vudu 🙏🏽

Lansing, Michigan

A Smile is the best thing you can wear! 😃💯❗️photo credit (the brilliant) @fgpix

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