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Lansing, Michigan

💥DANCER AUDITIONS💥 We been getting some great video submission, which the deadline is tomorrow night . Don't let a MI dancer miss out on this opportunity share and repost so that a Michigan talent has this amazing dancer experience at @theinstituteofdancers ⚡️💥🕺🏼🎯💃🏼❗️ GDPtheINstitute@gmail.com for more info #TheIN #TheINstituteOfDancer #MichiganDancer #Dance #MoveMichigan #MittenMovers #DancelikeEveryonesWatchIN #MSU

We all have choices 🎯❗️🎯❗️And I choose to Love. ❤️🌈❤️🌈❗️ #Human #AllLivesMatter

The Palace of Auburn Hills

Family wedding fun with @masonpackard1 & my brother Tim(othy) 🕺🏼⚡️💥🎯❗️ #idressUpSometimes

My beautiful parents doing and looking good! ROCK N ROLL 🕺🏼❗️💃🏼 I am the man I am today because of their strong foundation. #UnconditionalLove #Parents #FamilyStrong #PureMichigan

I LOVE THIS STORE @mi.coast in @saugatuckdouglas ❗️🕺🏼🎯 with @kodi_fitness 👊🏼💥💃🏼 #PureMichigan #dougatuck

Clare, Michigan

2 years ago today I stepped on set and directed my 1st feature film (no dream is to big!) @pitchforkfilm a indie slasher horror film, which came out this year. It was a dream come true and a dream to work with so many people that I truly love. It also was characters that were so close to my heart, they had been in my head for 8yrs and it felt so good to release them and watch them come to life on camera. It was very much a passion project that I am so very proud of, the film won many film festival awards, got worldwide distribution within a year of making it, and can be seen at @redbox & @familyvideo to name a few. I also have to say that the best version out there is the special features DVD/BLUray on @amazon with my monster #PITCHFORKfilm on the cover :) I'm so excited for PITCHFORKS first HALLOWEEN coming very soon! #Horror #Slasher #Halloween #FridayThe13th #NightmareOnElmStreet #iHorror #ScaryMovie #Blessed #BooitsGlenn #GlennPackard #Forkyeah

Houghton Lake

🌈🕺🏼⚡️Got the hair did ⚡️🕺🏼🌈 #powermanandironfist

Reunited tonite with @daonlysalt & @darealpepa of @saltnpepaofficial whooohoo we had reality shows out at the same time ...this was 8 yrs ago! #reality #choreographer #BrookeKnowsBest #Miaminights #PureMichigan #SaltnPepa

So if I had gotten married to a woman, this is what my 21yr anniversary pic would look like! @rachelhc71 my NYC roomie and the actress that played MA in my film @pitchforkfilm ❗️🌈💑 love this extraordinary lady ❤️ Enjoying #HoughtonLake Sunset #LakeLife #PureMichigan

"WHEN YOU STUMBLE MAKE IT PART OF THE DANCE!"-GDP I know this first hand, that's me on my 19th bday & what was left of my leg, I was in a ATV accident that my tubular & fibula bones shattered & came out of my leg. Doctors wanted to amputate the leg from the knee down, but a doctor, the late DR. NICHOLAS IVAN, said he would try to save the leg, by putting a steal rod in my bone, putting my leg back together again, but he said I would never walk normal again and have to fight an infection I would most likely get from getting dirt in the opening in my leg. Dr. IVAN saved my leg! I did get that infection and I did fight for my life, I did have a bad limp that was later gone with months of physical therapy! And I was farming at the time and on my 21st bday I did the one thing that was my passion, ENTERTAIN! I walked into my 1st dance class and like FORREST GUMP instead of RUN FORREST RUN it was DANCE GLENN DANCE!We all have our stories, this is mine ....you will have lots of ups and downs and highs and lows in life...focus on the ups, the highs, turn the lows and downs into a learning experience and rise them to be highs! I always say don't wait for something bad to happen in ur life to start living! For I live and dance like I could have had only one leg! #Inspire #nationaldanceday #FindYourPassion #GlennDouglasPackard #MyLife #MyStory #DanceOn #Dance #Choreographer

It's always so great when you don't have to lecture PERFORMANCE! That some have it naturally. I say like the gym is 30% workout and 70% what u put in your body. That truth of booking work in dance is 70% performance and 30% the amazing training we put our bodies thru! @brandiibottger has it! love to see her dancing and PERFORMING, loving doing her passion ...DANCE!! ⚡️❗️🎯Cut to the Feeling! 🎯❗️⚡️ This song is giving us life! ❗️🎯❗️🎯 @carlyraejepsen Choreography: @glennpackard #CarlyChairChallenge who needs a partner when you got a chair 💃🏼❤️🕺🏼❗️ #INSpire #theIN #CarlyRaeJepsen #cuttothefeeling #WestFloridaDanceCenter #theINstituteOfDancers #GlennDouglasPackard

⚡️❗️🎯Cut to the Feeling! 🎯❗️⚡️ This song is giving us life! ❗️🎯❗️🎯 @carlyraejepsen Choreography: @glennpackard #CarlyChairChallenge who needs a partner when you got a chair 💃🏼❤️🕺🏼❗️ #INSpire #theIN #CarlyRaeJepsen #cuttothefeeling #WestFloridaDanceCenter #theINstituteOfDancers #GlennDouglasPackard

Cut to the Feeling! ⚡️⚡️❗️ This song is giving us life! 🎯🎯🎯❗️ @carlyraejepsen Choreography: @glennpackard #CarlyChairChallenge who needs a partner when you got a chair 💃🏼❤️🕺🏼❗️ #INSpire #theIN #CarlyRaeJepsen #cuttothefeeling #GlennDouglasPackard HAPPY #NationalDanceDay #WestFloridaDanceCenter #TheINstituteOfDancers

#nationaldanceday I hope everyone in life gets to find their passion! Mine is dance, creating, family, adventures, scary movies, superheroes, cabins & living the best life I can! I think my life is amazing and I owe that to DANCE, for finding my passion at young age! CUZ LIFE HAS BEEN NOTHING BUT AMAZING! I HOPE YOU ALL GET A TASTE OF WHAT LIFE IS LIKE DOING WHAT YOU LOVE! #INspire #Dance #Choreographer #LifeasaCreativeDirector

Thx @officialjairodriguez for coming to support my show in Vegas, if ur in VEGAS people make sure to check out his show ..... it's HILARIOUS🤣😂🤣😂❗️

**DANCER AUDITIONS** Make sure if you can get to these auditions....THEN MAKE IT HAPPEN! @mtaagency represents many of the world's most successful choreographers, dancers, creative directors & athletes working today. These Agent experts in their field, actively work with me & other select clients to provide counsel, generate opportunities, and cultivate, create, and develop projects and client interests. Their reputation in the entertainment industry has been built upon their hands-on development process, working intimately with clients to generate the best results possible. If you want the best representation and professionalism across the board, then @jimkeith76 & the team at THE MOVEMENT is for you! #ProudofmyAgent #Movewithus #GlennDouglasPackard #dancers #Choreographer #glennpackard #lifeasacreativedirector

I hope u find ur passion, ur spotlight, ur stage! Everyday is a good day when you do! ENJOY THE MOMENTS! #DaddyYankee #PrinceRoyce #ChinoYNacho #Premios #Choreographer

Feeling strong mentally and physically! Hear me Roarrrr grrrrrr! #ShamelessSelfie #LionHeartedStrong

It's going to get LIT up in here at the @westfloridadancecenter this week in FLORIDA, I will be doing 5 workshops don't miss out! Some of the best Florida dancers are coming out of this dance facility! #FloridaDancer

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