Аарон Пол


Американский актёр. Стал популярным в 2008 году, благодаря сериалу «Во все тяжкие» компании AMC, в роли Джесси Пинкмана.
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Look at this beautiful angel. Look at this place! I started planning this 30th surprise about a year ago and I searched all over the world for the perfect setting. Found many magical places but this spot kept speaking to me. I can not thank @airbnb enough for this incredible gift. My heart goes out to you. We will never forget this paradise you introduced us to. When traveling for vacation or even for work I always use their site to find places to stay and I have never been let down. I love you all.

Love you all!! Thanks for making this beautiful trip happen with me!! #Repost @jedidiahjenkins with @repostapp ・・・ Conspire to Bless. . It's Lauren's 30th birthday and we've been lying to her for months. Aaron told her that they were going to Thailand, just the two of them, for her birthday. What she didn't know is that he invited all of us to Thailand too. . We booked our tickets ages ago and sitting on a secret like that is so hard. I'm terrible at it. I second guess everything I say. I analyze her text messages and exclaim 'look, she said -when we go to Thailand- see, she knows!!' and my friend will say 'she means her and Aaron. Calm down.' . We all got to the airport super early and booked our seats at the very back of the plane. Aaron held her away til the last minute and they boarded last. We flew from LAX to Hong Kong on the same flight, and she didn't know the plane was full of her best friends. Aaron kept 'going to the bathroom' and coming to hang with us. She must've thought he had diarrhea. . Anyway, during our layover in Hong Kong.. we coordinated the surprise. All the way in China, she couldn't expect it. . She said it's the most surprised she's ever been in her life. She kept crying. . (@kennyjamez is filming the whole thing and we already have nostalgia about it) . A week in Thailand celebrating @laurenpaul8. What a gift she is to the world. Thanks for sharing her with us @glassofwhiskey.

Nothing beats having the greatest friends on the planet surprising your wife on her birthday in Hong Kong to head off to Thailand together for her birthday. I love you so much my pretty little bird. So happy you were born. Also, Thailand, I love you so much already.

It's amazing what your heart does when it is jolted. When news floods in and panic takes over. Emotions run wild. The beautiful woman I am looking at is my grandmother (my moms mom) and she is turning 94 today. She is easily the strongest woman I have ever met. Example, she got kicked by a bull once and broke her hip (which she had to replace) and never complained about any sort of pain. The other day she was walking to let her dog out and next thing she knew she was on the ground. Her back splintered in 6 places. Right before this photo was taken she had her daughter Darla (my mom) call each of her grandchildren so she could say goodbye. She said that it was time for her to sleep and go see grandpa. She would always tell us "I love you all the same. No favorites." After she said goodbye to me I packed a bag and went straight to the airport. She is now recovering back at home telling jokes and resting a lot. She is a fighter. A beautiful fighter. Thank you grandma for everything. Anyone who is reading this and are lucky enough to have grandparents in their life...call them. Let them know how much you love them. Also, please send warm thoughts out towards my beautiful grandmother. She's the best. Love to you all.❤️👵

It's here!! First glimpse of what's to come on season 2 of The Path! Your fragile house of lies could collapse at any moment. #ThePath Season 2 premieres January 25, only on @hulu.

Joe: Yes, That was me. Obama: Please stop. Joe: I will not stop. This room will smell so bad when he gets here. Obama: Joe... Joe: Nope.

The 11th hour has come and it is loud. Louder than before. Louder than ever. Your family and friends fighting with one another, picking sides. Raising their voices to be heard. Spitting out the cliff note facts they think they might know. She said he said. Wrong. No. Stop. Enough. We are split. There is no talking to the other side. Either side. Republican or Democrat. Whoever wins there will be half the country holding each other, screaming, crying, packing their bags (if they can) and moving because they may have lost hope in this beautiful country of ours. The land of the free and home of the brave. Whatever happens tomorrow let us all remember we are living on this pale blue dot in the middle of nowhere and none of us knows what's going on. What I do know is that we should all have at least ONE responsibility and that is to simply LOVE one another. Simple as that. Let us just try and keep our heads high and grow as a nation and stand strong by each other's side no matter the outcome. Do this in a kind way. A loving way. Not in a I told you so way. No more hatred. No more bigotry. Let us work thru our beautiful and flawed differences. That's all. Thank you for reading. #VOTE



Got a sneak peek at this special last week and my mind was blown. Bravo my friend. You always amazing me. @davidblaine is the greatest magician that has ever lived. He is beyond magic at this point. Such a legend. #davidblaine


Who is this?? #Repost @thepencilbroke with @repostapp ・・・ The door was left opened again last night and only whispers were heard thru the crack. All she could think was that she was sorry.

Had such a blast working on this film with one of my dearest friends @annabellewallis and our beautiful director @zdubdub. Very happy that the world will finally be able to see this super intense thriller. Trailer in my bio. Check it! Comes out November 11th in theaters and VOD. #ComeandFindMe

"I feel like I'm Banksy right now". Last night running the streets with @jedidiahjenkins and my pretty little bird @laurenpaul8 feeling very much like a street artist. Thank you Dan for these amazing emergency googly eyes. We loved them. #nyclittlebuddies

In honor of the debate tonight I would love to throw out my #WCW to the one and only @badgalriri. She once stated she thought that Pinkman should be president (love that idea) and I just wanted to remind everyone of that fact just in case you didn't see it the first time around. Love you all. #badgalriri #Pinkman #2016 #imwithher

Hello old friends

Love this kid!! Playing the father to the one and only @aimeeelaurenceee is a dream. She brings such amazing happiness to our set and we are all incredibly grateful to have her on our show. Always laughing. Never complaining. Truly excited to be an actress and to be working. What she does this coming season will blow you all away. Such a talent. Thanks for taking this picture @realmonaghan! Love you lots! #ThePath #Season2 #Hulu

It is the fallen sky that breaks when the whisper grows. The silent breath moves like an ash desperately floating thru the sky grasping at ears to hear it. The fire has long burned out but the haunting spirits want to fan that dead flame so intensely that lies will burn in the hearts of many. The box of secrets will soon be opened and hopefully even the most die hard will question the sanity of this man. He will fall. He should fall. His bigotry will no longer be heard by the innocent. He will lay there laughing because he is the only one that matters in his cobwebbed narcissistic mind. Let us all wash our hands clean of this past year and rejoice that the nightmare is nearly over. This single human being has brought such hate not only in America but all over this world. He has brought hate into our private homes, our work place, our playgrounds. He has that power bleeding from every pore in his body and we must put an end to it. We need to rid our minds of this man. Simply walk away and never look back. He is a parasite. A poison. This must end. Let us all rejoice together and live as one, A human race, floating in space, not knowing what is going on. I love you.

Kings Theatre

It's rare that a band can move an entire audience to tears. @sigurros continues to have that power. Thank you for last night boys. Beautiful as ever.

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