Аарон Пол


Американский актёр. Стал популярным в 2008 году, благодаря сериалу «Во все тяжкие» компании AMC, в роли Джесси Пинкмана.
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Hey everyone. Look what I did. Words can't express how excited I am that this little one has entered our lives. Just thought it was time I would share this beautiful news with all of you. ❤️👶🏻

Full service on the set of The Path. Thank you @aeharvell for always being so wonderful. And look at @rob_slayer718 showing up out of nowhere with an extra dessert after this beautiful one spilt it all over herself. You legend you.

Excited to join #GCFest this year in Central Park to stand for freedom, for justice, for all. Join me! Click on the link in my bio.


Goodbye Iceland. Until next time. 🌈


This planet @laurenpaul8 and I traveled to is pretty great. ☄️

Reykjavík, Iceland


Even the strongest straight face can be broken by an unexpected entrance of vitaminwater. #drinkoutsidethelines #sponsor

Where's Bojack? 🐴

Everyone needs to stay hydrated. Even old characters you find yourself channeling on set. #Drinkoutsidethelines #Sponsor

"I saw a couple articles yesterday about the loss of productivity caused by the eclipse. Something like $700m lost because of 'distracted employees.' Ha! Makes me laugh. That we could even have the conversation. Something as miraculous and strange as the sky going black at 1:30pm for two minutes, and we talk about money. I mean, I don't mean to be critical. It is interesting to know how much a few minutes of our times is worth, I guess. But the fact that our country is suffering a divided conscience, a broken heart, and a polarized confusion like nothing I've seen in my life... and the sky would go black, inviting every single human being in its path to stop for a few minutes and gaze, is a bit of a miracle, a cosmic gift. And it sliced right across the whole damn country as if on purpose. . As I stood there, I thought how lovely unity is, but it only comes from simple problems. Seems that the only thing that would bring us all together is a giant meteor or alien invasion. Science and race and cultural narratives and American myths... these things are complex and our animal brains struggle. A big black orb in the sky, wow, we can all grasp that. . I thought about how long ago they predicted this eclipse. There's a NYTimes article from 1932 speaking about the eclipse on August 21st, 2017 like some futuristic fantasy. If science can so accurately predict the movements of the moon and the earth, I wonder why so many people disbelieve the chorus of scientists about our changing climate. I wonder if science's power of prediction is limitless. If everything is just complex math. Like, at some point in our future, will a doctor be able to predict a distant mood swing I'll have in 2061. . I thought about the people I was with, their component parts of joy, curiosity, kindness, gratitude, and mischief... and how I get to live life with them...and I get to cry with them... usually at beauty." -Jedidiah Jenkins @jedidiahjenkins . This was written by this man ☝🏻I wish I could write like this. Give him a follow and be inspired by his words every single day. 📷: @orionpahl #eclipse #nashvilleeclipse

Dear LA, This beautiful boy got lost and needs to find his way back home. If you know anything please call this number or repost. Thank you so much. Ap #FindGarbanzo



🖤 #wcw to my bride @laurenpaul8 You inspire me every single day.

I heard there was a Reddit battle today trying to understand my confusion at a fashion show. Here's one of the great memes that was created during the battle. My god I love Hal. And I think the guy playing him is alright as well. Love you Cranston.





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