Джина Гершон

Американская актриса. Известна ролями в фильмах «Связь» и «Шоугёлз». Также занимается озвучкой различных мультсериалов.
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Sometimes its good to try on a new face ....

Beautiful flower in the sun

Wishing everyone a peaceful Memorial day. #cleanse #purify #gratitude

Always good to have a place to hang one's hat

This tree seems to have captured this evil looking guy . #karma doesnt play

Good morning Sunrise..... #cantbeatmothernature #enjoy #peace

These guys auditioned to be the geiko reps , but when they didnt get the gig they said fuck it and moved to the North Shore in Hawaii

Ok This is 84 year old "Aunty " playing amazing grace through her Nose Flute ! Dont see that every day.....#noseflute #whaaaa?

Happy day #untouched #sunsetbeach #northshore

Such a cool looking life guard stand under the trees in the North Shore


Wise old man of the sea ... You could tell him anything.

Just communing with the wise old banyan tree.

I really hope i dont die . #i lovememytaco

Ukulele store on the North Shore

Shower anyone? #getwet

Morning walk

Paddle boarders at sunset


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