Женевьев Ханнелиус


Американская актриса, комедиантка и певица, известная по ролям в сериалах канала Дисней («Ханна Монтана», «Дайте Санни шанс», «Держись, Чарли!» и «Собака точка ком»).
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we love laser tag lighting

Greenwich Village

The Bahamas

Oh hello beautiful!

happiest of bdays to lil izz: the room to my mate, the gloss to my ier, the dumpling to my noodle


Chinatown, Manhattan

happy tuesday

How many lives will it take before we realize the only real thing that can help prevent these horrific attacks is gun control? Texas, you have my heart. (via @shrillsociety)


Williamsburg, Brooklyn

New York, New York

On film by zu

$3 chipotle burritos! $5 wig! priceless moments!

Whitney Museum of American Art

usually here w the clout

Happy birthday to the people’s president, @hillaryclinton ❤️🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸 Thank you for always fighting for peace, equality, women’s health, and human rights. I’m so thankful you’re not going anywhere, we need you. You give me, and so many others, constant strength and hope. #ImAlwaysWithHer #HRC 🎉🌈💞❤️


Williamsburg, Brooklyn

monday nights are for ramen in brooklyn 🌈



Friday the 13th apple picking adventure 🍏🍎

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