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Isla Cozumel

Had a great father son scuba diving trip in Cozumel 👌🏼🐠🌊🐡

London, United Kingdom

Looks like I'm up to something 🏙

Brindisi, Italy

Happy Monday, time to go get it! If your not dancing to work in the morning you have the wrong job! #runningman #dab #backflip

Tower Bridge

I thank God every day I wake up in this beautiful word that I am living in. I get to travel all over the world to do what I love. Every day I grow as a filmmaker and am constantly learning from some unbelievable mentors who are killing the entertainment game. There is nowhere but up from here folks! I'm on a one way rocket all the way up and I will NEVER stop. 🚀🎥💯

Castro Marina

🔴Double Red Whammy🔴

Marina Di Andrano

Some of the realist cats in the game folks.

Brindisi, Italy

Just tapped in to Brindisi, Italy. About to shoot the most lit music video of my life with @damien.sandoval & @bbthedp for @stoosheofficial !! Stay tuned on my snapchat... gbackstrom95

I would not be where I am at without the guidance and support. Wish I could spend the day with my momma and take her out to a movie and dinner but she is in Colorado! Miss you mom, I'll take you out when you get back from Colorado. 🙏

Playa Del Rey, California

Sophomore year yuh done. #🍾 #🍂

Hollywood's future is bright. ☀️🎬 #millennialcomeup

Playa Del Rey, California

Do I think about her all the time? Yes. Does it motivate me to become a better person? One hunny. I learn from my mistakes and continue to change for the better. But the biggest question at this point is, why do I always want the things I can't have?

I'm seriously feeling blessing at this time in my life. Being a full time student at LMU while juggling my acting career AND my new business @droneproshots has given me so many opportunities to give back to the world by creating entertaining content through cinema. The best part is that I love what I am doing. Not only do I love the process and the craft, but all the talented individuals that I have met and influenced me to become a better filmmaker and actor. I love you all, thank you for your support and love. ✌🏼️ 📸: @jessecallahan

Playa Del Rey, California

🎥 Young bloods making the power moves mayn 📸 :@jessecallahan

Mercedes Benz coastin PCH with @platinum_group and a huge squad of exotics today. It was lit 🔥

Playa Del Rey Park

@alecholden is my night hand man till I drop💯

Don't be simple minded because you won't stand out from the pack.

This is my second short film for LMU Undergraduate sophomore PROD200 class. The plot revolves around a man who gets burned alive by a psychopathic minded couple. The victims best friend seeks revenge on the couple kidnapping them both, ending their lives and arranges a meeting in the afterlife between the insane couple and the man that they burned alive. LINK IN BIO ✌🏼️🎥 #filmschool #production200 #loyolamarymountuniversity #cinematography #5dmark3 #fueledbyrevenge #shortfilm #ZenmuseX5 #LMU

Southside Johnny's

Had a great time in Colorado with these two clowns. Back in LA and time to get working! Gotta finish this semester up strong👊🏻

Cheyenne Mountain Resort Colorado Springs

Your boy was a champion 🏅🎖

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