Гарт Брукс


Американский исполнитель кантри-музыки. Брукс привнёс элементы рок-музыки в свои записи и концертные выступления, что принесло ему огромную популярность.
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Edmonton, Alberta

So this really happened...HA! And a whole lot more! love, g To watch it on #StudioG click link in bio or go to Facebook.com/GarthBrooks #garthinedmonton #yeg


Edmonton THANK YOU for 3 AWESOME nights!!! 5 shows down, 4 to go!!! I LOVE you!!! love, g #GARTHinEDMONTON #yeg


Edmonton 1st of 9! We are ready if YOU are!!!!!!! love, g & t #GARTHinEDMONTON #YEG #Edmonton

love love LOVE!! Happy Valentine's Day! love, g To watch today's #ValentinesDay episode #StudioG, click link in bio or go to Facebook.com/GarthBrooks

Wells Fargo Center

ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to extraordinary fan support, Garth is adding a 4th #GARTHinPHILLY show, 3/26 at 7pm! Tickets On Sale 2/16 at 10am EST -Team Garth #philadelphia #philly

Just In: The next stop on Garth's World Tour with @TrishaYearwood is #GARTHin_________. Double tap if YOU want Garth to come to YOUR state! - Team Garth

Nashville, Tennessee

ICYMI: Watch @TrishaYearwood surprise Garth with a Birthday Cake LIVE on #StudioG! Click link in bio or go to Facebook.com/GarthBrooks! - Team Garth #HappyBirthdayGarth


Thank YOU Memphis!!! 4 shows in 3 days! You were AWESOME! My hands are up for YOU!! love, g #GARTHinMEMPHIS

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tour Announcement: Next stop #GARTHin_______ Are YOU ready for Garth & @TrishaYearwood to come to YOU? -Team Garth #GarthInPhilly #philly #philadelphia

"Love wins. Every time." love, g To watch tonight's #StudioG LIVE click link in bio or go to Facebook.com/GarthBrooks #loveoneanother

Cinncinati, Ohio

Do me a favor and #SpreadTheLove on social media. We all need that! Share something that makes you smile!! Here's mine!!!! love, g

New Year, new direction of #StudioG. Are you READY to join me? love, g To WATCH, click link in bio or go to Facebook.com/GarthBrooks

US Bank Arena

The QUEEN votes to keep the beard!!!! Kicking off 2017 with #GARTHinCINCINNATI!! love, g * Follow behind-the-scenes on @amazonmusic Instagram*

You asked, Garth answered! The next stop on Garth's World Tour with @TrishaYearwood is_____ - Team Garth #GARTHonAMAZON #AmazonMusic #GARTHinLUBBOCK #lubbock #lubbocktx

"Love is the most durable power in the world." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. #StudioG To watch, click link in bio or go to Facebook.com/GarthBrooks. #MLKDay

Nashville, Tennessee

Garth goes LIVE on Facebook at 7pm ET/ 4 pm PT tonight for the first Inside #StudioG of 2017! Post your video Qs for him using #AskGarth or comment below. Double tap if YOU are joining -Team Garth

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Let's join @MrBobbyBones and make a difference in the lives of the children at @StJude . $20 for each Ultimate Collection box set sold online or in @Target stores from now until Christmas will go to St. Jude!! love, g Click link in bio to get YOURS or go to Target.com/GarthBrooks

Only the QUEEN could get me to wear this, but check out what @TrishaYearwood is wearing! love, g HA!!! #UglyXmasSweater​ Click link in bio to post YOURS or go to UglySweater.GarthBrooks.com

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