Гарт Брукс


Американский исполнитель кантри-музыки. Брукс привнёс элементы рок-музыки в свои записи и концертные выступления, что принесло ему огромную популярность.
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Nashville, Tennessee

#StrongerThanMe * Full #CMAawards performance on Facebook (link in bio) Facebook.com/GarthBrooks *

Nashville, Tennessee

More on Trisha’s tease tonight on #StudioG! #LBF!!!!! love, g ** Link in bio or go to Facebook.com/GarthBrooks **

First look at #GARTHatND! Are YOU as excited for the @CBS special as I am? More on #StudioG tonight!!! love, g

State Farm Stadium

Announcing the SECOND stop on The Garth Brooks STADIUM Tour #GARTHinGLENDALE (Arizona) Tickets ON SALE November 16, 10am MST - Team Garth . . . #GarthBrooks #Glendale #Phoenix #AZ #Arizona

The Dome at America's Center

Announcing the FIRST stop on The Garth Brooks STADIUM Tour #GARTHinStLOUIS Tickets ON SALE November 16, 10am CST -Team Garth . . . . #GarthBrooks #StLouis #Missouri

Due to your requests, a limited number of #GARTHatND shirts are back in stock and will be available until October 28. To order, click link in bio or copy/paste https://bit.ly/2yvuQZs -Team Garth . . . . #GarthBrooks #NotreDame #fightingirish

You could take my job, I could never do yours! Thanks for being the best at both! Stay safe! love, g #AllDayLong (Repost from Facebook — For the rest of #StudioG click link in bio)

University of Notre Dame

You ALL made history tonight @NotreDame! Thank YOU for letting me be part of it!! I am on top of the world knowing that we made a date to do it again! love, g #GARTHatND

Nashville, Tennessee

Announcing the Stadium Tour!!! Get ready for GAME DAY across North America!!! love, g For all details, go to GarthBrooks.com or click link in bio

Nashville, Tennessee

* Courage of Love * It’s all about LIVE tonight on #StudioG!! love, g ( To watch in full, click link in bio or go to Facebook.com/GarthBrooks )

Nashville, Tennessee

Come backstage for rehearsals for @NotreDame! This is going to be AWESOME! love, g #GARTHatND To watch #StudioG LIVE click link in bio or copy/paste bit.ly/2Qp9Wl5

Nashville, Tennessee

The QUEEN is coming to Notre Dame! Now THIS is going to be a Tailgate! love, g *Get your tickets, link in bio* #Repost @trishayearwood ・・・ What better way to kick-off #GARTHatND!! Announcing #TrishasTailgate @NotreDame! Tickets available now: (link in bio or copy/paste https://trishastailgate.eventbrite.com/ )

We’re talking @NotreDame ON SALE tomorrow...AND, don’t worry, I see you @AGT and @SimonCowell!! HA!!! love, g To watch, click link in bio or go to Facebook.com/GarthBrooks #StudioG #AGT

Are YOU ready for #GARTHatND? Join us tonight at 7pm ET LIVE on Facebook, we have a LOT to talk about! Tickets ON SALE tomorrow morning!!! love, g #StudioG

What is YOUR favorite song on Garth’s NEW Triple Live album? Sound off below #GarthTripleLive To download the album FREE (on desktop only) click link in bio or copy/paste Ticketmaster.com/GarthBrooks -Team Garth . . . . . #GarthBrooks #NewMusic #CountryMusic #Free #GiveAway #Ticketmaster

University of Notre Dame

LIVE from @NotreDame! Are YOU ready for NEW MUSIC for FREE??? I am!!! Thanks Ticketmaster!!! love, g Watch #StudioG to find out how to get YOUR free #GarthTripleLive, link in bio or go to Facebook.com/GarthBrooks . . . . #GarthBrooks #NotreDame #FightingIrish

University of Notre Dame

Are YOU ready for #GARTHatND? Make history with Garth at the first concert EVER at @NotreDame Stadium on October 20th! Tickets ON SALE September 14, 10am EDT! - Team Garth . . . . . #GarthBrooks #NotreDame #FightingIrish

As an entertainer, just when you think you’ve seen everything, last night happens!!!!! I was lucky to be a part of it!! love love love, g #Repost @opry ・・・ There’s a reason they call @garthbrooks the entertainer of a lifetime — In an unprecedented fashion, the #Opry crowd roared for an encore, and he delivered 4️⃣ more songs. Thank you, Garth for carrying forth the tradition of the Opry and taking it to a whole new level every time. 🌟

Grand Ole Opry

Taking over @Opry Instagram tonight!!!! We ARE family here!!! love, g

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