Гаррет Клейтон


Американский актер и певец.
  • Все 1688
  • Фото 1576
  • Видео 112


Heard it was national selfie day #NationalSelfieDay (I'm at a red light and not driving)

Tonight we get to live and breath the magic of @thelastbreakfastclub again! Can't wait to see you!!!

Lunch with one of my favorite people @rhorn1 the other day. 😁

🎩 another from shooting with @davidelaffe

Had a chance to shoot with @davidelaffe before opening night of @thelastbreakfastclub the other day and it turned out great! Thanks man!

💥 Met the @backstreetboys Saturday night with my #backtothe90s guys @bengiroux & @jensenreed! 👏🏼

This documentary is a first-person account of the Armenian Genocide. Please check out the site and lend your support with or without a donation--even a pledge by reposting to others helps raise awareness. And keep a look out for the doc. Thanks! Visit AOD.LA to learn more.

📸 Still in a Bahama state of mind. 🌴

On the way to Vegas where @BenGiroux and @jensenreed and I are gonna meet @backstreetboys tonight!!!

Friday ☀️

A year ago from this week we were on stage with @almostfamousinconcert. #FBF #AlmostFamous I am so thankful to have been in that show and get to know those people.


LOLing W/ @jenniferveal

Taking over @thelastbreakfastclub Instagram today! So happy to be back on stage tonight!!! ❤️ Photo cred: @abelarmasphotography


Tomorrow I'm taking over @thelastbreakfastclub Instagram! Follow if you want to see me act silly, make fun of myself and compliment my cast a lot!

🕊Is that a seagull?!

🎼 Focusing on @thelastbreakfastclub this weekend! 🎟📚 and I can't wait!!! 🎭 Photo cred: @mybrytography

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