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Los Angeles, California

Exactly two years ago today Mike sent me this kid he found online. We didn't even have our management company yet - it was just an idea. So proud that today he signed his first deal. Thank you Sarah and everyone at Primary Wave.

Testarossa Autodrive

Los Angeles, California

The First Annual Wexler Valentine's Day Dinner.

Seven years ago today I met the girl who would change the course of my life and show me what really matters. Love conquers all. 💞

one of us has the voice of an angel

Midtown, 2004. I sat down at a poker game this week and a guy at the table said "I think I worked at Columbia when you were signed there." He happened to have this pic in his phone iPhoto. Not much has changed...

New York, New York

The godfather shared a few nuggets of wisdom with me last night

Los Angeles, California

Stay classy

RIP Koala - 2005 -2018 Wanted to share that last night our beautiful dog Koala passed away. I feel stupid even posting this - I know there are so many worse things that are happening to people right now, and I am not looking for sympathy. But I just wanted to share to both honor her and get it off my chest. It's been a rough 24 hours. (And a rough week. A friend in our community passed unexpectedly earlier this week as well). Whenever I've had experiences with death, the notion of god was always brought into question. When I was younger, not being able to understand why death would happen would make me doubt the existence of a greater purpose to the universe. But as I've gotten older, I realize just how much order there is underneath the chaos, and how if you're listening, the creator is arranging everything perfectly for you. The experience of losing loved ones (human or animal friends) is painful, but through the pain I realize just how perfect Koala's passing was for me and my family. God arranged it so that it would be the best possible scenario for us. And for that I am grateful. I just wanted to share because I know many people deal with not only death, but other painful aspects of life. And it's been my experience that pain is only the ugly gift-wrapping of the blessings the universe is trying to give you (whether you believe in god or not). I always ask for long vision so that I can see the bigger picture of why things happen and through that understanding, find peace in pain. I wish the same for everyone reading this. Koala was an unbelievable dog. So fabulous. A psychic once said she was a movie star in a past life. She was photographed by major photographers, and loved to lay in luxurious fabrics at her mother's atelier. We were blessed her little soul came into our lives and she will be sorely missed. Rest In peace Kokobear

TEAM EFFORT (@whoisregn has a nice fridge)

Mike Carden's two favorite things : His Birthday and Surprises.

The Forum

This week made me rethink a lot of things. Helped me remember to not take anything for granted. Life is short. Hold on to the good ones.

Sportsmen's Lodge

don't mess with Erin

Almost got me. So grateful for my team and my family. Love you guys.

MA Lounge

The claw

Don't talk to me or my children ever again

Cam enjoying his stay at Chateau Saporta


When your best friend has the wedding of the year. CONGRATS MR & MRS SANTI!!! 💞

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