Ашот Габрелянов

Российский медиаменджер, исполнительный директор медиахолдинга «NewsMedia», генеральный директор телеканала LifeNews до сентября 2014 года.
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Washington Square Park

The perkiest yorkie ever

Asked me to pose

Donkey King

Hearst Technology

Pretty impressive

Noses are red, night is bright, friends will be friends. with @chic_777

Miami Sunny Isle Beach

"Just do it" @7fia7 gives us a lesson how to do gymnastics

Feeding raccoon casually

These mapped numbers show the citizen journalists who have sent one of our customers exclusive videos within the last 24-hours.

Hooray! 1 million citizen journalists are now using Babo technology worldwide! That’s one small step for our company, and one giant leap for journalism.

When the TimeOut covers your business

Spring. Finally.

"That which does not kill us makes us stronger". No matter what that say just keep going.

Happy Socks

I should have come to this. My new armenian startup.


Center City Philly

Wall Street hoodie

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

And I'm phillying good

Wherever you will go

Russian TV journalist has been arrested today after publishing on the YouTube the series of footages about corruption in the Moscow road police department.

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