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Бывший ритм-гитарист и бэк-вокалист альтернативной рок-группы My Chemical Romance, возглавляющий также собственный коллектив Leathermouth. В 2014 году также организовал сольный проект «FrnkIero AndThe Cellabration».
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ocean ghosts 🌊👻

frankie goes to hollywood...

throwback to a few years back... me and @dick_douglas grippin and rippin maybe 2015-ish? sorry, my jet lagged brain don’t work too good. someone tweeted this at me a few days ago and i don’t remember who it was that tweeted it, who took the photo, or where/when it was taken so please let me know in the comments and i’ll tag appropriately. hell for all i know that’s not even me in the picture. 😐 ok, nevermind. EDIT: according to @one_dayata_time it is in fact me and @dick_douglas in this picture and it was taken sometime in August 2015 by @justinurban03 at the loading dock in Salt Lake City, Utah. ReEDIT: it was @phant_o_matic that tweeted it to me... and that’s her in the bottom left hand corner.

stolen from @neverlow killer night #ynwa #goreds 🔴 @liverpoolfc @lfcusa @premierleague @plinusa

🔴🔴 @plinusa @premierleague @liverpoolfc @lfcusa

we out here @liverpoolfc @premierleague @plinusa @lfcusa

⚽️🔴🔴🔴 @liverpoolfc @lfcusa @premierleague @plinusa


question: did you really fly all the way back to NJ to watch @liverpoolfc destroy man city in your hometown? answer: you’re goddamn right i did. #YNWA @LFCUSA @liverpoolfc @premierleague @plinusa

my dad owns and operates almost every piece of merch i have ever made from every project i have ever been in... from sector 12 (in high school) to death spells (in my 30s). even while on vacation, this man is hard at work repping strong. here’s one of my favorite pieces on one of my favorite humans. #sosickofeverything #boozeyridez

drink drank beach goth 😼🏝🍺

the little monster’s monster breakfast remnants as arranged by said monster to resemble... “a monster”.

✖️ skunks for life. ✖️ ☠️ P.U. til death ☠️

sunday’s in the sun. some days are for exploration, some days are just days. but all days are dazzling with you by my side. 🖤🖤🖤🖤

#sweatylotionpinacoladabodyshots #humanbirdbath #fountainofyuck

oh hi, did someone order a case of the nightmares?! p.s. best part is that my wife couldn’t tell there was something terribly wrong at first either. #ohhimark

sad to miss @therealsurfbort & @cultureabusefanzine lay waste to rough trade tonight but as a consolation prize here is dani sean and i after we discovered how wonderful we are at throwing bean bags into plywood holes. if you’re in NY and aren’t going to their show tonight you’re most definitely fuhking up. (sorry @cultureabusefanzine no one took pictures of us playing games last time we hung out. but happy release show, miss you xo)

happy shredding day you crazy kids xo @saulcalamari + @bellareaction = hitched

bunnies in the mist...

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