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Бывший ритм-гитарист и бэк-вокалист альтернативной рок-группы My Chemical Romance, возглавляющий также собственный коллектив Leathermouth. В 2014 году также организовал сольный проект «FrnkIero AndThe Cellabration».
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Last call for the limited edition redacted #FIATFV shirt! Pre-sale ends today at 7pm EST/ 4pm PST exclusively in the @kingsroadmerch store and will never be seen again. xofrnkandthe➖➖

hello frends, if you’re in Nashville tonight our friend @jayweinberg is putting on a pretty amazing benefit show with some incredible musicians to benefit @bestbuddiestn In addition to the show Jay has also put together an auction with some rad memorabilia with proceeds benefitting @bestbuddiestn I signed some mychem records and a pair of boozey flip flops for the occasion and there are some other amazing items to bid on as well from some really great artists. happy bidding xofrnk bid here: https://e.givesmart.com/events/bBF/i/_All/55p5/?search=

3pm is here! i am happy to announce #FIATFV will be supporting our good friends @TBSOfficial on the first half of their North American 20 year anniversary tour in 2019! VIP & Presales start tomorrow & Tickets go on sale this Friday. www.frank-iero.com www.takingbacksunday.com

Limited edition redacted #FIATFV shirts up now for preorder in our @KingsRoadMerch store until Friday the 19th. Get in the know, before you know! (these won’t be made again.) www.frank-iero.com

hi, my good friend Mike Pelak wrote and directed a short film called The Deliveryman, and i scored it. you can watch it now on youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0hXFuOWmMU & vimeo: https://vimeo.com/274589751 🔪📦🎥🎵xofrnk

wonderful mail day courtesy of the extremely talented @deerjerk thank you so much Bryn!

2 years ago today my friends and i were nonsensically and brutally run down by a city bus in Sydney Australia. my brother and my manager were pinned inbetween the bus and our van, and i somehow ended up underneath the front driver side wheel well. The three of us were crushed and dragged down the pavement for approximately 10feet to what we imagined would be our death. we all still feel the effects of this, both physically and mentally on a daily basis. and there are many days where i question if we did in fact survive the crash... and wonder if what i perceive reality to be is actually just the afterlife or some sort of parallel universe. either way, today i get to spend the anniversary at home with the people i love. today i am lucky. keep the faith. xofrnk love you @dick_douglas & @cahertyny 🖤

hard pressed to find the words to express how truly unbelievably excited i am about this wooden Danzig @stevecasino just sent me... #daaaaaaaamnzig 🖤🖤🖤 Thank you!!!

Less than a month until XO by LeATHERMOUTH is released on vinyl! Preorder your limited edition copy now on the @kingsroadmerch store #11/9 www.frank-iero.com

Morning rituals with Kutsy 🌞🔪

oh you crazy for this one, Joe.

güd afternöon frends, i’m proud to announce a monthly podcast i made with people i know and love, @johnhambonemcguire & @sdotsimon It’s called Casual Interactions and episode 1 is available now! you can listen to it on itunes and spotify and all the normal podcasty type websites or you can just go to the B.Calm youtube channel and listen there. like and subscribe and be merry. xofrnk

jeeeez this is an old one... @johnhambonemcguire just sent me this. 99 maybe? playing a streetfair outside a deli/hotdog stand in NJ with the original Pencey Prep lineup. @sdotsimon is out of frame probably smoking, possibly ordering a chicken parm sandwich. Bruno Rocha may have still been in the band at this point too, but he’s also unfortunately not in the photo and there are way too many Bruno Rochas on instagram so i can’t find him to tag him either ☹️but if you’re out there man hit me up, miss you. Fun times, definitely not a fun gig. thank you @johnhambonemcguire ‘s friend natalie for supplying the picture that jogged a million memories. xofrnk (EDIT: hambone just told me this is in front of the Midtown Grill in Clifton NJ)

so these twin sisters got caught in the hurricane, and now they live with us... say hi to Bucket ⬆️ and Kutsy ⬇️, they’re new here.🖤🖤 (thanks @purrsnpups & @thedogshedd )

Anybody see me catch that ball in the second half of the @newyorkredbulls game today?! (didn’t even spill my beer!) Let’s go @newyorkredbulls ! #RBNY

me and the lady hangin out on the set of cars4... or transformers6... or just in front of a food truck that sells empanadas. either way this movie’s gonna suck. 📸 by @tuckerrule

gonna have to tape the @liverpoolfc game today, i’m busy watching these Reds this morning! Let’s go Reds! 🔴⚽️🔴⚽️ #YNWA

i didn’t think this shirt could get funnier, and then today i realized how offended Miles was by it.... 🤣 #CutYourHairHippie

record of the day: this @beachratsnj 7” on @bridgenine is so damn good, hell yea @bryan_kienlen @brianbakers @pete_steinkopf @mitylion killin it!

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