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Бывший ритм-гитарист и бэк-вокалист альтернативной рок-группы My Chemical Romance, возглавляющий также собственный коллектив Leathermouth. В 2014 году также организовал сольный проект «FrnkIero AndThe Cellabration».
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still hands down one of the best signature models of all time, the @fender Squire @mikeyway Mustang short scale bass in metallic sparkle finish with competition series black racing stripes. so much fun to play this thing! P.S. where the hell is the @ray.toro.official signature guitar?!?

this is currently the oldest (non-kid related) image on my phone... 2014?i think, the cellabration at Webster Hall in beautiful NYC. joyriding stage invasion.

dear @eliquinters when can i make an appointment to outline everything else i have in white? #BlastOverOrSticker? #danhiggs @smithstreettattooparlour

i mean, i’m not saying they were right to do it... but y’know, i get it 🤷‍♀️

got the handsomest little monkey on my back... lucky me. #bestjobever

read it and weep fuhkers! #OriginalGoldenGirl

hambone said it best.. plus my phone keeps autocorrecting it to “Wizard Bitch” which come to think of it might be a pretty fun read too ...🤔. just get Wizard Beach by Shaun Simon! #Repost @johnhambonemcguire with @get_repost ・・・ If you are a fan of Casual Interactions (the podcast, I know you are socially awkward, me too) then you know that Shaun’s new comic “Wizard Beach” dropped today. You can find it at your local comic shop and you should totally go buy it because it rules. If you don’t know anything about what I’m talking about go buy it anyway, because it’s awesome and you deserve something nice. #wizardbeach

Oh have you heard? Episode 3 of my podcast with @johnhambonemcguire & Shaun Simon is now available! Listen to Casual Interactions, Episode 3: Madame Yellow & The Paper Thief, wherever podcasts are found and listened to. xofrnk

HooooLEEE Craaaaps!!! #RadMailDay X-mas comes early for the iero feet!! thank you so much @mikeyway @kristincolby & @stancesocks ! these are hands (&feet) down my favorite socks of all time and the older i get the more important comfortable socks are to me. thank you so much! xoxoxo 🖤🖤🖤

somehow between all the flossing and dabbing, Miles soccer team found time to crush their opponents 5-2 and win the championships. #WeAreTheChampions #FullOfMud #FullOfIceCream

practice time with Miles 🖤🎵

Thank you so much Wolf and @riotstyle for my holiday care package! rad music [☑️] inappropriate xmas sweater [☑️] perfect way to...impress your friends! make babies cry! offend the elderly! [☑️☑️☑️] happy xmush xo

finally found a tree that gets me. #grump #bahscumfuhk

can’t stop(won’t stop) messing with my new CMOSludge from @snkpedals all day today, thanks so much Scot! 🖤 Shits getting wavvvy! ( @epiphone phantomatic through Black Magick @suprousa + Wu-Tang @stancesocks )

so me and @tuckerrule are finally #TazTwins! congratulations us! Many thank yous to @frank__william and the wonderful @smithstreettattooparlour

Last day for free shipping! xo #Repost @kingsroadmerch with @get_repost ・・・ We've got some new Frank Iero tees and hoodies available now, just in time for the holidays! Plus today is the last day for FREE SHIPPING so order now! Link (also in bio) https://kr-m.co/frankiero • • • •  @frankieromustdie #frankiero #merch #kingsroadmerch

so psyched to get into this! thank you Chris!! Hunchback ‘88 by @steakmtn #radmailday

Lily threw a surprise birthday party for her blanket today. His name is Munnchy, and i didn’t know this but apparently blanket years are kind of like dog years. 🤷‍♀️ Happy 80th Munnchy, you old motherfuhker!

why fist fight over a flat screen tv at walmart, when you can just log in to our @kingsroadmerch store for all of your holiday shopping needs?! free shipping, happy friday! xofrnk

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