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Бывший ритм-гитарист и бэк-вокалист альтернативной рок-группы My Chemical Romance, возглавляющий также собственный коллектив Leathermouth. В 2014 году также организовал сольный проект «FrnkIero AndThe Cellabration».
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thank you so much, Lima. i will never forget tonight. my heart is incredibly full. xofrnk

dear frendz, if you could all translate and share this it would be super helpful. looking forward to a fantastic tour. thank you! xofrnk

Tonight’s our night Lima... 8pm doors at CC Festiva. #FIATFV

and last but certainly not least... San Francisco nights 1&2 thank you everyone that came out to the shows, and participated in our little experimental experience. i hope you enjoyed the sounds as much as we enjoyed the company. i can’t wait for everyone to hear the new record in its entirety. South America and Mexico we’ll be seeing you very soon! 🖤xofrnk

Bakersfield & Los Angeles nights 1&2 🖤xofrnk

San Diego nights 1&2 🖤xofrnk

Tempe nights 1&2 🖤xofrnk

Lubbock and Albuquerque 🖤xofrnk

Dallas nights 1&2 🖤xofrnk

Austin nights 1&2 🖤xofrnk

These fine folks heard songs from Barriers before anyone else. Houston nights 1&2 🖤xofrnk

i recently commissioned these two pieces by @lamoursupreme while i was on tour and to get home and see them in person it’s truly unreal. (if you go to his feed you can find timelapse video of him drawing both cards.) #treasures

when i first woke up this morning i thought i was having a stroke, turns out it was just Lily making me breakfast. darkest crispiest toast of all time. #gothbreakfast #blackcoffee #blackertoast ☕️🍞

dear frends, i am beyond excited to announce that on the east coast leg of our US tour we will be joined by @yourbuddyreggie doing a solo reggie and the full effect set! And that the west coast leg of our US tour starts july 23!! where we will be joined by @geoffrickly doing a solo set! I can’t wait to share a stage with these amazingly talented human beings. 🖤 xofrnk

happy to announce that i will be back in the Ukraine with the Future Violents at @atlasweekend see you at the show! xofrnk

and like that! they were gone.... so much love and gratitude to our friends in @takingbacksunday what an incredible tour with a wonderful group of kind and talented humans. 🖤🖤🖤 please catch them on the rest of their 20th anniversary tour when they hit a city near you. as for me, i will be resting a little and making some noise with my friends before hitting the road again very soon... We’re coming for you South America & Mexico!! check www.frank-iero.com for upcoming Future Violent tour dates! #FIATFV

Deer San Franciscans!! This show used/signed Future Violent Drum head with original art by @tuckerrule and myself will be up for silent auction at tonight’s (final night of tour) merch table! Please place your bids with @carlyhoskins and check back at the table by 10:30pm to see if you have won! happy bidding buds! xofrnk

Tonight’s our (2nd) night San Francisco.... 7pm doors at the Warfield. Last Show of our tour with @takingbacksunday 😢 (original mcr boozey from way way back in 20??)

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