Фрэнк Грилло


Американский актёр. Известен ролями в сериалах "Врата", "Направляющий свет", "Слепое правосудие".
  • Все 1772
  • Фото 1730
  • Видео 42
Dunkin' Donuts

#itmustbesunday. Donut porn.

Me and my boy waiting for daddy's car #ATTHECARWASH. YEAH. #daddytime.

#wolfwarrior2 hits over $750m in china today. I guess it's safe to say a trip back to the Middle Kingdom is in my near future. #bigdaddy

Palisades City

Can't wait to come home for good and do some damage on these bad boys. #ktm450excfsixdays #kawasakikx250f #endurocross

Fortune Gym

#theresnoplacelikehome Back at @fortunegymboxing with my boy the one and only #josenevarro. #olympian #boxing

Palisades City

Thanks @collidernews for first exclusive. I couldn't be more excited about this. A true team effort and the first of many w our partners @netflix. @carnojoe @jrushky @garretdillahunt #SheaWhgham #WARPARTY

Will Rogers State Beach

#theresnoplacelikehome the solitude of early mornings my favorite Now #riseandgrind and get some shit done. #moveordie.

Chicago O'Hare International Airport

@united_airlines_offical first class. Perhaps the oldest worst plane I've ever wasted my money on. It's 1972 all over again. Can't imagine I'll make it to LA. Oh well.

Done and dusted. Wrapped for the weekend and #LABOUND. To say I'm happy is like saying Trump is a little stupid. #onelove. #actionflixhurt

#TheBestBarEver. Find this. Get this. Eat this. Nothing but real food. @thebestbarever @johnschaech

Out of the mouth of one of my #heros. Not a perfect man by a long shot but put it all on the line for what was right. For equality. Sad we are still dealing with this bullshit 40 yrs later. And that's just from our "President". #onelove #riseagainstthehate

No need to wear those stupid fucking hoods anymore. Our nazi loving president just made it ok to be a terrorist. How long can we let this happen? #enoughisenough #timeforachange

My next stop is #MexicoCity to spend time w the great #juanmanuelmarquez #nachoberistain and #antonioberrera. I'll be exploring arguably one of the greatest boxing cultures on the planet. #fighterslife #travel

Bananas. Crazy. Wow. #wujing is the next huge Chinese superstar. We made it for 30m.

This is my puke face. This is my fourth flight in 24 hours. On small planes. #glamlife

In #senegal Africa where people are racially and religiously incredibly tolerant, compassionate and peaceful in spite of all they've faced. What's happening in Virginia is not only disgusting but should never be tolerated again. Anywhere. #onelove.

Only home for 24 hours and my sons still get the Sunday morning ritual. #dunkindonuts #daddytime

Training w my brotha @chrisvanheerden001 at @wildcardwest @shanemosleyjr @julian_chua #fighterslife #boxing.

Really?? WTF is this ? Disgusting. Should be ashamed. Where the hell is fat head Trump now ? No tweets ? Hey Mr. President you're doing great.

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