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Eve- “I wrote this myself!” ::on the paper:: fdqi :7hsgs fjijji oskehdud hshsutsu #lifesize2

Atlanta, Georgia

You guys!!! 🙈🙈🙈 My boyfriend flew to Atlanta and surprised me for my birthday! I literally had just broken for lunch when I see him walking towards me with roses. My friends were supposed to fly down. I was not expecting him at all!...... You guys got me haha! You pulled it off and I’m so happy. I feel so special and so loved and I’m so happy he’s here. Thank you for surprising me babe. It means the world to me that you came to spend my birthday with me 😁😁


Atlanta, Georgia

Miss them

Atlanta, Georgia

Real quick before they call me on set because @ciara is one of my favorite artists #levelup #levelupchallenge #lifesize2

Learn to see things backwards, inside out, and upside down 📸: @tyrabanks

Francia won 😉

Cheesin so hard because I get to work with the amazing @tyrabanks on the sequel of one of my favorite childhood movies #lifesize2 #shinebrightshinefar #smizing 😆😆 Look out for it this holiday season on @freeform

July 26

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHLOE! I appreciate you and your friendship and all the love and support you have shown me since we met. Excited to spend every day with you both again soon! ❤️


For years I’ve shared my passion for stopping human trafficking and I’ve also been working with @uheroes in their mission to rescue & rehabilitate child victims of slavery. On Monday I had the honor of meeting some of the children we’ve rescued and I wanted to share it with all of you. A lot of you have made donations in the past and I am very grateful. I want to introduce you to the lives you’ve changed. Check out my video on IGTV in my profile.

Over 2,000 children have been separated from their parents in the last two months! It is wrong! It is inhumane! Children are children! They should not be sleeping in cages, using foil as blankets for warmth wondering where their guardian is. These children are at a higher risk of being trafficked and raped! Use your voice and call your reps! #keepfamiliestogether (swipe the photo)


Megan, you wrote such a beautiful script and I’m honored that you chose me to help bring it to life. Thank you! I’m so proud of you and so happy I finally got to work with you again and have you as my director. You are very talented my friend. I adore you and can’t wait to see what more you do❤️

I’m still trying to make fetch happen

New York, New York

I’ve never seen myself as a speaker. (It’s actually been a fear of mine) I’m grateful @teenvogue gave me my first opportunity to do so and proud that I faced my fear. I was really nervous and these wonderful people were so encouraging and so was the audience. Being able to look at you guys and hear you speak gave me the courage I needed and the inspiration to keep doing it. I thank you for that. #thefirstofmany #teenvoguesummit

Grand Cayman

Listen, do I wish I was doing this right now? Duh! But more importantly I’m glad I did. I haven’t taken a vacation in years! YEARS!!! I’m a workaholic, I suffer from anxiety, and I don’t know how to shut off my mind. I forced myself to do it on this trip (apologies to my reps for all the delayed emails.).... Being back home now I realized that my battery was basically at 2% in power saving mode. I feel fully charged and more confident to take on the world. I allowed myself to breathe for a few days which I can honestly say helped my anxiety. Moral of the story is, even if it’s a staycation, it’s important to do what you can to allow yourself to breathe and recharge for a few days..... And it’s ok to.

Cayman Islands

Living my best island life 💃🏻

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