Магдалена Фрацковяк


Польская модель. Появилась на подиуме в 22 года, довольно позднем для модели возрасте. В 2000 году, когда ей было 16, мама отправила ее фотографии на конкурс варшавского модельного агентства.
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📹 about presentation of my New Collection " Lolita " in our retailer in Poland @moliera2 ❤️special thanks to Glamour Poland for making this footage @magdalenafrackowiakjewelry

Display of the Heart - Hoops Earrings ( Lolita Collection ) in of my retailers @moliera2 & @magdalenafrackowiakjewelry

Glass display in of my retailers @moliera2 & @magdalenafrackowiakjewelry 🌟

⭐️ HALF BUTTON EARRINGS & EMBROIDERED CHOKER ⭐️ " Lolita " Collection 🗝 magdalenafrackowiak.com

⭐️ HALF BUTTON EARRINGS ⭐️ from New Collection " Lolita " 🗝 magdalenafrackowiak.com @magdalenafrackowiakjewelry

Summer is almost gone 🌺

During a shoot @agentprovocateur 💥

@agentprovocateur before the shoot " fitting "

The new campaign of @agentprovocateur 🖤 with @elisecrombez 👩🏼👩🏻

I usually don't like cooking but I discovered that when you do for the love ones it's a pure pleasure 😋 my chicken noodle soup for my Alexander ❤️

I know some of you had difficulties in finding " Lolita " Collection on my website ( magdalenafrackowiak.com ) We made a little changes 🤗 hope now it will be more clear 🕊 here Heart - Hoops Earrings 🕊 I'm amazed how many of them we sell 💘 thank you @magdalenafrackowiakjewelry

And here is the result of using these two products 🌟 the skin is radiant and delicately glows in gold and bronze tones 👩🏼

Another fantastic product I just bought - it is sheer highlighting duo, two illuminating powders from @tomford Both powders in the tone of rose and peach 🌹 🍑 normally you shall use them on your cheeks but I apply on my eyelids and it opens my eye 👁 or sometimes on the top of edge of my lips and it brings them into the spotlight ✨ 👄 ✨

Many people ask me what cosmetics I use so I decided to give away some of my secrets for a beautiful skin 🤗 I use everyday @tomford bronzing primer before light foundation, it gives me illumines skin with the touch of a sun ☀️ especially now, that it's getting cold it helps me to keep my skin radiant in delicate gold and bronze tones 👩🏼 ✨✨✨

🌹 Lolita 🌹

" Lolita " Collection @magdalenafrackowiakjewelry 🌟

Every Lolita needs her Teddy Bear 🐻

🐻 TEDDY BEAR 🐻 with moving hand and legs 🌟magdalenafrackowiak.com 🗝 " Lolita " Collection @magdalenafrackowiakjewelry

🐻 TEDDY BEAR 🐻 with moving hand and legs 🌟magdalenafrackowiak.com 🗝 " Lolita " Collection @magdalenafrackowiakjewelry

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