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Evolution Dance Studios

I told @sarahhyland to take her warm up serious.... 🙄🤷‍♂️ #TheWeddingYear #choreography #Romcom #TheGalCanMove #DerekAndFaune #HereWeGoAgain #ShoutToAllisonHanley #MovieMaking #CreativeDirection

People of Philadelphia i cannot think of a more integral man of the people that would be a great public servant. I have known this man for over 26 years and he’s never compromised his integrity. VOTE today! @kjforcongress with @get_repost ・・・ Today’s the day, good people! The polls are open in Philadelphia until 8pm. Make your voices heard! It’s time for change! . . . . .

Fayette County, Georgia

He get it from his momma...and She get it from Nini! Years of sound counsel even when i didn’t want it! Give your Mothers a Hug today. And if they are no longer in this three dimensional realm...know they still hear you and love you! #HappyMothersday #LookmaNoHands

Los Angeles, California

I so appreciate you. Even more when i have both the kids all day! 😳 How you have done this is nothing short of a miracle. I love you and we’re going to your favorite restaurant and I’m giving you the ILL foot massage. @lovefaune

Los Angeles, California

Happy Mother’s Day! A gift from @therealandre3000benjamin | click the @soundcloud link in his bio #MeAndMy #lookmanohands #happymothersday #Horray3000OnIG

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

I just wanna make my momma proud! Make sure you watch @hairweavekiller & @yg performance tonight. You know i had to flip it for TV! @jimmykimmellive huge shout out to @aaronwlindsey @anthonyevansjr for helping get this together and of course the real MVP my wife @lovefaune and all the mommas around the world who birthed the 🌍

Catalina Jazz Club

The conversation we had earlier today was so prophetic... Congrats to Tit @ Kesha @metmuseum #Couplegoals #CovenantVibes #HeWhoFindethAWifeFindethAGoodThingAndObtainethFavor #Drip #ThatRockTho

This kid got it! #Repost @aaronaye Still can’t believe it’s out! Thank you to everybody who helped bring this video to life. To my friends who showed up in the cold to be apart of this moment with me, I love y’all. YouTube link now in bio. #Since96

Los Angeles, California

Looking forward to sharing with @marshillu tmrw evening. I’m focused, busy and there’s a lot going on we can chat about so pull up! This Thursday. RSVP today at mhu.edu/mhufb . @mhu_mentors This event just got approved as a Community Involvement Activity - RSVP today! www.mhu.edu/MHUFB #MHU #CardSwipe #marshillu #marshilluniversity

Los Angeles, California

Excited about @ghoss .... This Sunday @thepeppermintclub

Los Angeles, California

Excited for my man @timothylfields new book! Fun informative read.

Chick-fil-A 7th & Fig

Was driving to the grand opening of my @spelman_college sis @ashleythe0ne new @chickfila downtown and saw @raphael_saadiq driving and texting and called him out! He called me laughing and apologetic of his ill responsible behavior and i began to tell him about Ashley’s story. His response... oh I’m about to pull up! Thanks to @kennyhamilton for telling @extendoghoss and i to get the early look and FREE CHICKIFILA! #ImBloated #CheatDayAintTillSat #PolynesianSauceIsMadeInHeaven #spelhouse #wakandaforever

How is this even possible. The concept, execution, the idea.... Crying Real 😭 Happy Humpday

Los Angeles, California

To my day 1, Swats Born, favorite collaborator. #nationalsiblingsday #Dion #MyBro

Arboretum in Arcadia, CA


Los Angeles, California

👂🏾’First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.' - Ghandi

Laugh Factory

What a difference a year makes @virgilabloh blaaat blaaat blaaat Squad! 😭


Dat part! 😭😏🤷‍♂️

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