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Los Angeles, California

#Repost @kennyhamilton Rainy days in LA so why not catch a vibe? @ghoss lyric video out now... #FeelsLikeSummerRemix 👻👻👻 #linkinbio #Ghoss

Los Angeles, California

It’s not what you say it’s the WAY! (Waa-Wed = Water) shout to @lovefaune for the A1 parenting!

Los Angeles, California

#Repost @littlethemovie Little secret, big problems. | My girl @marsaimartin is about to be the youngest executive producer of a feature film released in history! I cannot tell you excited i am for the entire team that took this over the finish line! #entrepreneur #womeninfilm #comedy

2017 my dear friend @louisupkins said i had to come to see what #dabosweeney & the @clemsonfb organization are doing there & to sew into them. Well the greatness you could fill as soon as you stepped into the facility! I had NO doubt the story book outcome of tonight’s national championship game. But what’s more special is the emphasis on the academics & the soul of the people connected to this legendary organization! #GoTigers #clemsonfootball #IBelieveWeHaveFoundOurNextFalconsQuaterback 🐯

The why...

Reynolds Lake Oconee

Happy 2019 from the Squad! #happynewyear2019 #happynewyear


Daniel | Nomi | Zoie

M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S 💫 #TisTheSeason #ItsBetterToGiveThanToRecieve #JesusInterputedTheEnemy #Steamer 📷 @quainphoto

Atlanta, Georgia

J O Y #MerryChristmas

Southwest Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia


Atlanta, Georgia

Thanks to our mayor of Atlanta @keishabottoms today is officially #KimPorterDay in Atlanta Ga. Happy Birthday Kim! @quincy is doing Juuuuuuuuuuust Fine! #Dec15

Atlanta, Georgia

Not sure why it took this long but three times a charm! Congrats to my favorite solo artist of all time @janetjackson #MissJacksonIfYoureNasty 😢

I’m bout to catch a GOOOOOOOOOOOD stomp right now my G! Lego #Repost @diddy ・・・ Get up and keep going. LET’S DANCE!!! This my morning mood. Good morning to all, we lived to see another day, NOW LET’S MAKE SOME HISTORY!!!!! @fonzbentley TURN YOUR PRESSURE INTO PRAISE.

Los Angeles, California

I’ve known Phylicia since college.... for her to have navigated the waters she has to land here is nothing short of a heroic effort! I’m so excited to watch you spread your wings! And @shawnholiday well... he was the first other than @diddy to publicly acknowledge my A&R gut and eat in a meeting with the biggest in the game (translation... “industry folks don’t do that) and i have watched him play the long game like a PRO! Watch out for Columbia folks... there are some out of the box thinking smart folks at the helm. J/S 🙏🏾🙌🏾🎯 #Repost @purplephy27 ・・・ It’s funny how hard it was for me to post this. My career has been drafting statements for so many other people, but when reflecting on this journey and this current destination, I got writer’s block. I realized it’s only the beginning. Prayer and manifestation have been key to getting me here. Supportive parents, loving friends and a long line of mentors and industry mentors who have propped me up and reminded me of their journeys. I stand with so many executives when I say it is truly a beautiful time to be in the space of collective consciousness and self awareness. I am not only enthusiastic but I am honored to be in this position of influence. To my new Columbia Records Family I appreciate your support and belief in me. @shawnholiday I am thrilled to have you by side and appreciate you “seeing” me. Let’s go!

Atlanta, Georgia

#sponsored Join me this Saturday in Atlanta as I host @RollingOut and @Buick's “Celebrate The Come Up” Game Day Lounge with a host of special guests as we put or HBCU pride on display for the North Carolina A&T vs Alcorn St Bowl Game. Swipe in stories to register! #ThatsABuick #Morehouse

Historic Fourth Ward Park Conservancy

If at first you don’t succeed... 🙄

Los Angeles, California

Who remember this one tho? 😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

Los Angeles, California

This was a year ago oct 31st. You had the best costume naturally. You had the best smile because your heart was anchored in the most high. You were well read. A pianist. A chef. The best sidebar conversation. A groove. You represented Columbus Ga but you were a citizen of the world. Your impact was undeniable and i get comfort knowing you knew that. I helped raise your boys and found such joy watching your daughters help watch over mine. We were family. I can hear you saying figure it out... but this one takes the cake. WE WILL! Puff will never be the same and nor will any of us. The shoes are too great to fill. But I’m already seeing us band together to cover each other during this time. I pray that months from now when everyone is back to their normal routines that we will continue the undergirding necessary to keep the boat afloat. Thank you for your quiet elegance & teachable spirit. We know what to do. Until we meet again in heaven. 🙏🏾 #KimPorter #Kimstrong

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