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I remember getting a call from @iamwill saying he was working on a song for Barack Obama after he had just lost New Hampshire and I remember being so nervous when o got to the studio. He asked me to bring my axe (That's music language for your instrument) so I packed up my violin & drove swiftly to the @recordplant studio off Santa Monica. I walked into the studio & there were cameras set up & I was sooooo sick to my stomach because if you recall at this time the battle was heated between he & @hillaryclinton Will could sense the fear & he then told me "no bro I took his speak from when he lost New Hampshire (now known as the "Yes we can" speech) & set it to music. It was brilliant! I pulled out my violin & laid my part down several times & was done. Will then pulled me into a private lounge & told me that the Hillary Campaign had just reached out to him & wanted to take the peas to dinner. He had never met Barack nor knew anyone from the campaign. And he was torn as this was day 2 of "Yes We Can" & Hillary had just reached out. I don't know how but God always seems to give me the exact words in times like this & if you remember correctly Hillary's narrative at this time was about "Hard Work" & that's what it would take to get change done. Out of nowhere the words came to me. I said "Will Hillary is talking about "Hard work" that's perspiration... you've put this whole thing together because of "Inspiration" I believed if he thought about his heart would lead him to the choice to give him the most peace. Well the rest is History. And I will never forget waking up on my birthday to an email from then Senator Barack Obama thanking me for my efforts which were caused by his inspiration. I took the charge he gave the American people in Chicago when he accepted the nomination that we all had to do our part to make change in our great nation. Even tho I've had the access to see our out going President. I never used it for the sit down. I took the charge. I'll get my sit down post presidency & exchange battle stories on the things I've done as a citizen to create change. Thanks BO 🙏#HePutAnSInsteadOfZ #IWasntTrippin #HeGotTheEmailRightTho

Marietta, Georgia

#Repost @thefader Happy birthday @michelleobama. 👑 Photo by Chip Somodevilla.

Cafe 290

My brother from another mother of course in his natural habitat! Make sure you check out the Doc Olympic Pride American Prejudice about the other 16 Atheletes that went to Berlin with Jesse Owens that we don't know much about. His song "Find My Victory" just got past the first level for an academy award Nom!" Thanks to my uncle Alfred for the invite for Guys night out Cousin Aaron Watson & my Dad! Momma Hightower 😘 #Repost @thetonyhightower with @repostapp ・・・ Maaaaaan I'm up on ROSWELL Rd listening to some BIG BAND jazz.......totally not expecting to see who I bumped into.....my homie from..WAAAAAAAAY back.......REAL ATOWN......we used to be in a dance group named ONYX......REAL YEEEKKERS!!!! ..........Derek Watkins aka @fonzbentley ......good times man!!!!! Thank God we're making our folks proud!!! GOD IS!!!!

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. --Martin Luther King Jr.

Also tmrw on a new episode on #lifteveryvoice we have the beautiful @nickimicheaux . From There eyes are watching God to the ABC Family drama series Lincoln Heights to currently on TNT drama series Animal Kingdom playing detective Sandra Yates. She always gives memorable performances. Check the link in the Bio where she opens up about dealing with Depression. And the full interview this sunday at 10am/9C on @bet

Avalon Ice Rink

"This is everything!" #ultralightbeam

If you watched "The people vs OJ Simpson" or Girlfriends or are currently watching @lethalweaponfox you know this phenomenal talent! Check out her equally magnetic story this sunday on #lifteveryvoice this sunday on @bet at 10am/9C check out our conversation on the power of the holy spirit in my bio right now!

Old National Hwy.

"Yes we can, Yes we did, Yes we can" - #presidentobama #obamafarewell #ObamaOut

Before reality tv was scripted! #Repost @brooklynbabs with @repostapp ・・・ 😂😂😂 this is gonna live on 4ever 😂😂 @215eness I love you but u can't be fucking with the hair connect 😆😆 #makingtheband2 #badboy #mtv #realityTV this nigga @215eness said "you feel good about yourself now" 😂😂😂 I'm crying over here.... Wait but how I just put @imfreddyp in the middle of it ? 😂😂 my sis @sara_stokes looking like oh shit here we go again wit the bullshit 😂😂 @fonzbentley was like "it Aint gonna be none of that" 😂😂 #classic #mustseetv let's have a #makingtheband tour with all 3 groups #reunionshow #dramadramadrama 🤔🤔🤔

Bet y'all can't find shawdy... #adamspark #CoachBattle #CoachCloud #Centerfield #peeweerockets

John 15:5 Stay connected ✨

City of Riverdale

GO OFF!!! #TheCalmCollectedSitDownAfterIsJustSavage

9th Ave Street Food

✨Gourmet Street Food✨ LISTEN!!! It's right across the street from Krispy Kreme on Ponce y'all know! But this Jerk Chicken Philly on cocoa bread with hand cut fresh fries made by a butter wavy?! Stay Focused and fall thru! @jkw28 Approves! And he's got good taste @9thavestreetfood #WhatUpBrett #SpelmanSis #femaleentrepreneur #foodie

High Museum of Art, Atlanta

THIS is my young boy @elly30 in paris last week. He speaks fluent French , I said to him "but what size is the jacket tho?" He says to me " 3XL , I did it for the culture not for the long run" my response to him " well done young Jedi "

Inauguration bout to be 🔥😂

Dad life...

Lake Oconee, GA

Lake life...

The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee

To the Dj "The Low End Theory from the Top!" #HappyNewYear #ritzcarlton

The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee

Isaiah 43 "Stress Free in 2017"

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