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Американский актер, снимался в сериале "Грабь награбленное".
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Row House Chelsea

GOOD one today. Didn't hit my PR of 1:30, but damn. @bflo26 teaches an awesome Full Body 45.

There are times when I have trouble believing he's real. I mean...that FACE. Our guardian angel. ❤️🐶

New York, New York

Rocket is helping me mail out some 'Falls' swag! As you can see, he's absolutely thrilled. #thatsjusthisface

New York, New York

It's official! Thanks to @sagaftra, @nbcuniversal, @thegassergroup, and to everyone who donated on my birthday! This is a very special moment in my career. Onward and upward!

Are we truly aware of this fact? You are loved. You are cherished. You are more than enough. I love you. ❤️💙💜💚💛

Regal Cinemas Union Square 14

IT's all happening! 7pm show, which means I forgot the Derry curfew. NYC is stoked to see you vision @barbaramus @andy_muschietti @sophialillis! Congrats to you and the cast and crew! Looking forward to Part 2! ❤️🙌🤡

New York, New York

Today marks 2 years in NYC. To mark the occasion, we changed the button designations on our call box. Moving here has been the toughest and most rewarding choice I've ever made. Thankful for the magic of this concrete jungle and for the army of angels that continue to support and grace our journey. Go boldly in the direction of your dreams. They're much closer than you realize. ❤️💜💙💚☀️🌙✨

New York, New York

Friday nights at my place be like

Portland International Airport

Obligatory PDX Airport shot. Still the best airport in the country. Until next time, home state. Stay green. 💚☀️

Oregon State Fair

Here at the Oregon State Fair, we race pigs. These 4 show a lot of promise!

Jana Lee Hamblin's Act Now Studio

Cue-to-cue for the final actors Showcase at the ActNow Studio in PDX. 10 years ago, I was blessed enough to find this space and an angel in @janaleehamblin who was honest and unmerciful, because she wanted to see my grow, to see me show up, to see me messy. To see me. Period. I carry these lessons and memories into the concrete jungle of NYC, and bind them to my heart with hoops of steel. I'll miss this space. This place. My artistic home. Always forward, forward always. Thank you to my brothers and sisters for their honesty and for playing with me, particularly @kristinateasley @ian_d_stout and @ambo1216. Thank you, Jana. We're all a testament to your love, your surrender, your lust for storytelling, your honesty, your care, your pushing us to be our best selves. You've formed and changed an entire generation of Portland actors. I love you more than life itself. ❤️💙💜💛💚☀️🌙✨

Hometown haunts, beginning with The Beanery on Court Street with a great view of the Opera House. I worked at this local coffee shop for over 2 years before I moved to NYC the first time. If you ever visit, try their Iced Java Trio. It'll give you the Katherine Hepburn shakes, but in a good way! Thankful for the opportunity to return to where I came from, reflect on the places and experiences that formed your humble servant, grateful for the memories, keeping what serves my journey forward, discarding the rest, going deeper.

New York, New York

Legs for daaaaaays. ❤️🐶

New York, New York

That post-GOT thousand yard stare. I can't handle this season. It's all happening. And I take it very personally. Dracarys my feelings. ❤️🔥🗡

Today at church, we got on our knees and prayed for it to be over. Lots of focus on breath and efficiency of movement. Feeling spent and ready for some brunch in Chelsea.

Healing to the victims and their families. Wisdom and steady hands to the doctors, surgeons, and first responders. Hope and light to all, that we may create and live in a world devoid of hate and fear and control.

Liberal college professor punching permit-carrying Nazi. Pretty much sums up my feelings.

EVF Performance CrossFit Columbus Circle

Finished round 2 in 11:29 with 20 pound weights, 15 minute cap. Those man makers are no joke no matter what weight you use. Thanks to the crew at @evfperformance for the Sunday Funday! Now to eat all the food there is anywhere ever. And maybe a shower.

Portland, Oregon

New Poster for my feature film 'The Texture of Falling,' written and directed by @mariaallred! Very proud of this cast and crew, and I cannot wait to show you what we've created!

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