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Американский актер, снимался в сериале "Грабь награбленное".
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EVF Performance CrossFit Columbus Circle

My church today.

181 Cabrini

I'm very serious, you see. An untouched preview from today's headshot outing. I kinda like this one. 😬

Washington Heights, New York

My wife got shot today. Isn't she looooovely!!!!

The kind of accuracy you dream about! 18 minutes at a 22 stroke rate with an average 2 minute split! Not if I could just do this for 90 minutes I'd be set! #goals

New York, New York


EVF Performance CrossFit Columbus Circle

Sunday Funday Are you challenging yourself, or staying in your comfort zone? Growth happens when you step out beyond your own comfort. Stay explosive out there. Know that you were created to accomplish wonders. ❤️☀️🙌💪🏻

Hillsboro, Oregon

Throwing it back this Thursday to 'Kabuki Titus' at @bag_n_baggage! They open 'Romeo & Juliet' next weekend, but like this adaptation of Titus Andronicus, this ain't your grandmas version of R&J. If you're in the PDX area, this "unprecedented cross-cultural collaboration" is not to be missed. Go to bagnbaggage.org for showtime and ticket info. Sending all of my love, light, and broken legs to the cast as they approach their tech week in the outdoor space. Hydrate, throw that voice, and have a fantastic run! I love you! ❤️☀️💪🏻

New York, New York

This may be the most accurate representation of nights at home: couch potatoes, me shirtless watching MASH reruns with Rocket licking himself. It's the little things in life. ❤️☀️🐶

New York, New York

Flying solo for a few days whilst Megan is in Michigan. Who wants to come over and play Settlers of Catan with us? Rocket is indecisive at best.

Admittedly, I have yet to see 'Wonder Woman. But I'm okay with that. Because I'm married to one.

EVF Performance CrossFit Columbus Circle

Went with some challenging weights for this workout for time. The list says it all. Finished in just under 35 minutes! Thankful for supplements that get me there, and to @guthrielewis for the encouragement!

Portland, Oregon

This time last year, we were CHECKIN' THE GATE on location in PDX for The Falls: Covenant of Grace. I also forgot my belt.

Row House Chelsea

Long and strong. Had to go sign for a UPS package right there in the middle. Other than that, hovered around 2:00 split at a 22 stroke speed for 25:00. Pleased as punch. 💪🏻👊🏻

Today, I feel proud. Proud to promote supplements that are the #1 supplement for gut health. Proud that so many have placed their faith in me and in themselves to make a positive change in their lives. Proud to help them become healthy, balanced, and strong. Proud to tell everyone that they can try them risk-free, and that if they don't end up being right for them, they can get all of their money back. Proud to tell them these supplements have a less than 1% return rate. Proud that my small business is the business of improving lives. It's not about skinny. It's not about replacing meals. It's not about planned and portioned meals. It's about being well and balanced from the inside-out. What do you have to lose? (Hint: the answer is nothing)

New York, New York

What if Marc Antony showed up to Caesar's funeral a bit tipsy? I'm gonna post one of these every once in a while as my own on-camera practice, as well as celebrating Shakespeare. Im a firm believer in that if you really wanna work, you always have an outlet, even if it means hanging your bedsheets as a backdrop, buying a sturdy tripod on Amazon and rehearsing in front of your dog. Artists, go forth. The world needs us now more than ever.

New York, New York

Find me a cuter assistant. I dare you.

Knees, legs, and hands dirty from the turf, body fatigued and spent. After rowing over 40,000 meters this week at @rowhousenyc, I ended my week of workouts with an EVF360 class with @guthrielewus. Starting off with 1 minute pieces, 2 rounds total of jumping lunges, KB weighted step-ups, DB G2O's, medicine ball plank tuck-ups, and air squats. Ended with a 22 minute piece of 50-40-30-20-10 Burpees, Box Jumps, sit ups, and 2x single-under jump ropes. Stick a fork in me. I'm done. But happy with the work I put in this week. Grateful for natural supplements that help me push thru my discomfort, crush my goals, improve my mood and quality of sleep, as well as keep my weight in check. Lemme know if you wanna try them, risk free!

New York, New York

Soaking up the lights of my life. ❤️☀️

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