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Knees, legs, and hands dirty from the turf, body fatigued and spent. After rowing over 40,000 meters this week at @rowhousenyc, I ended my week of workouts with an EVF360 class with @guthrielewus. Starting off with 1 minute pieces, 2 rounds total of jumping lunges, KB weighted step-ups, DB G2O's, medicine ball plank tuck-ups, and air squats. Ended with a 22 minute piece of 50-40-30-20-10 Burpees, Box Jumps, sit ups, and 2x single-under jump ropes. Stick a fork in me. I'm done. But happy with the work I put in this week. Grateful for natural supplements that help me push thru my discomfort, crush my goals, improve my mood and quality of sleep, as well as keep my weight in check. Lemme know if you wanna try them, risk free!

New York, New York

Soaking up the lights of my life. ❤️☀️

Washington Heights, New York

Sometimes, my chest is just more comfy than our sofa. Friday evenings at the Farmer studio. ❤️🐶

Row House Chelsea

Red headed with #pride! Come join us for our Pride Row tomorrow with coach @max_not_mark!

Row House Chelsea

Admittedly, I didn't beat my old time or maintain the split I wanted. It was in the last third of the heat that I lost my groove. It became a mental battle as well as physical. Thankfully I got it back for the last 4000 meters and finished strong. I'm grateful for the hours I put in, for a job that helps me be better, and for the opportunity to fall short. "The training is nothing. The will is everything." Looking forward to my next challenge, which is a new and terrifying one. More to come. In the meantime, stay explosive out there. Work hard. Recover gracefully. Eat and burn clean. Take a multivitamin. Hydrate. Rest. Unplug. Breathe. Love with abandon. ❤️💪🏻☀️

Pre-Half Marathon face. #rethinkingmylifechoices

Row House Chelsea

VERY much digging the new, limited-edition apparel at @rowhousenyc! We only have and handful of these, so come and show your pride! And remember that @max_not_mark has his PRIDE ROW here at RHChelsea this Friday night at 630pm! Spots are going fast!

New York, New York

And another. And another. And another. People must be feeling both brave and inspired this week! I've had 3 people step up and step out of their comfort zones to try something new. Something as simple as an all-natural multivitamin for energy and balance. A supplement to lose weight in the most natural way. A probiotic to bring good bacteria to their digestive tract. It took courage. It put them in a vulnerable spot. They took a leap of faith. And I'm SO excited to hear if the results to come. Message me here or email me at bfarmer503@gmail.com if you're ready to begin. I'm here to help. ❤️💪🏻☀️

Searching for that 24 strike rate. Found it in the last half, but it was elusive at the start. Happy for the power rally at the end, lowering my split but maintaining the same speed. Long and strong. Slow and steady. Practice makes practice makes practice.

Yesterday alone, I had two people step up, step out, and take a chance on something new. We're all looking to improve our lives, and often times it takes a leap of faith. We must trust that the net will be there to catch us, and to shift our expectations of ourselves and others. There will never be a "right" time to try something new and bold. We must trust our instincts and go boldly forward in the face of our fear and doubt. Our ego tries to protect us from getting hurt or disappointed. We must recognize these destructive voices within and know that they're lies. Plain and simple. Try taking the word "try" out if your vocabulary. Replace it with "I will." Immediately the energy in your body, the world around your, the air you breath, the literal molecular structure of the universe shifts and aligns with your goal. Message me here or comment below if you're needing a boost or a jump start to your goals. Let's start something. Let's stop waiting. Don't try. Simply do, and KNOW that the universe has your back.

Bodies are weird. The top is a skin tag I have in my left armpit. Had it for as long as I can remember, but it's rarely seen. The bottom is a scar that is only visible if you're SUPER close to my face. Got at when I slipped on my bed and hit the baseboard. One of my earliest memories. The things I've viewed as imperfections are the things I'm beginning to celebrate, because they're what make us unique as individuals. Let's start celebrating our bodies! They're the mortal coils of our atomic, eternal, cosmic stardust, and we should never be ashamed or hide them away. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. ❤️💪🏻

Yes YOU! ❤️☀️

Are you taking a multivitamin? If so, do you know what's REALLY in it? How are you supplementing the essential vitamins and minerals you need each day to keep you off of caffeine and sugar to keep you going? Let's chat! Message me here or email me at bfarmer503@gmail.com!

I met a new friend / one of Rocket's cousins this weekend at Trader Joe's. This is Darby. #thatfacetho

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Sinning on a Sunday.

Before and after. Sunday Funday @evfperformance with @guthrielewis delivering yet again!

Gotham. My city. My heart. My joy. My adventure.

Row House Chelsea

Two separate 2k meter tests yesterday. Wasn't heading for a PR, as I'll have to go to a very dark, disconnected place to match my record. Worked on speed, the first set at 26 s/m, and the 2nd at 28. Maintained pretty well! Lots of work ahead, but pleased with the progress. Embracing the process. 💪🏻❤️

Portland, Oregon

#tbt to working on location for Covenant of Grace, the 3rd and final chapter in The Falls trilogy. We shot all over the Portland area for a whole month. One of the most fulfilling and challenging experiences of my life. I liked this pic a lot. It has a sort of Gatsby/green light vibe. Directed by @jongarciapdx and produced by @lakepropdx and @fauxmemeproductions. Photo by @jamiecduke.

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