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Three Points Ranch

Missing my favorite glamping destination in Texas, @threepointsranch. #threepointsranch

Just realized this is my favorite film of 2018! Can’t stop won’t stop thinking about ROMA. Watching a movie like this makes us more empathetic & that’s what the world needs now. You’ll be so happy you did. ❤️ #myroma @romacuaron @alfonsocuaron

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Give it up for MOMS ALL OVER THE WORLD! Almost 4 years ago @addisonic & I took ours on a trip to Italy. Today we begin the second chapter as we arrive in Argentina to finally spend another two weeks exploring together. Hard to believe these two turn 75 & 71 on this trip! ✈️❤️🇦🇷

Central Park

I haven’t posted anything besides stories here this year & I’m not really sure why. Perhaps I was a little annoyed with whatever algorithm depleted our engagement with one another & posting stories that disappeared somehow felt easier. Several of y’all have told me that’s annoying so I’m going to come back to this more permanent side for a little while now & again. About this photo. Yesterday I was reminded how wonderful it can be to break out of my comfort zone and try something new. I went for a run in Central Park because it’s something I’d never done before. I was exhausted and my allergies were killing me, but I felt some cool sense of accomplishment. And like a tourist in my own city. I told one of my best friends about it and she said “I think that is very cool. Life is not predetermined & we can do whatever we want at anytime”. And I feel compelled to come here and say to you that if there’s something you’ve been thinking about doing - do it & enjoy the experience, good or bad. Life is too damn short to live with any regrets. Oh, also - if you’re ever having negative thoughts about something or someone some great advice I got this year was to just take a moment & ask yourself “but what if the opposite is true?” I did that a little on my run when I was thinking “I don’t think my body can handle this”, but it could! Mucho ❤️.

The last couple of weeks feel like a foggy dream punctuated by tears, laughter and 9 barking dogs.  My father-in-law was truly a great man - both in stature (he was 6’8”) and in character.  I keep thinking of that Maya Angelou quote “People will forget what you did, people will forget what you said, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Mike was insanely accomplished and did a lot in his lifetime.  I remember countless hilarious, ridiculous things he said.  But above all else, he somehow always made me feel lucky to be in his presence.  He made me feel loved and appreciated.  Made me want to be a better person.  He simply had a joyful heart of gold. We miss you so much, Mike. ❤️

Look at this delicious little 👻 of Thanksgivings Past! I'd just had my first taste of Pear Honey Rosemary #bundtcake. Still givin' thanks y'all! 😍😛

Carlyle Hotel

When somebody tries to reach for your dessert. Like father, like son. 🍭#sideeye #augustruggles

Soho House West Hollywood

🎶 We love LA. 🎶 But also hate it because you know, life is complex and it can be dangerous to see things in terms of absolutes. • • • • • #nipseycomedy #uprightcitizensbrigade #amypoehler #sohohousewesthollywood

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, NY

My friend Alex was the first woman @ UCB ever to improvise alone & win #CageMatch last night as the only member of #TheStepfathers in attendance. While I'm not surprised, I deeply regret not seeing it live. Here's an outtake from our v fun headshot sesh today where she def has lipstick on her teeth. #AlexDickson #AlexandraDickson #uprightcitizensbrigade

Second Floor

ZOMG look at all these Halloweenies! Thanks for the amazing party @bradwalsh @csiriano & @themisshapes. #manor849 👻🎃😈 Polaroids by @bradwalsh

Second Floor

Happy Halloween! Had a lot of laughs walking up to strangers and whispering "do it!" over their shoulders on Saturday night. #🎃 #nofilter #devilindisguise #manor849 #secondfloor

New York Theatre Workshop

Just shed mucho tears @ the beautiful production of Mary Jane at @nytw79. Bredonda was beautiful as always @ecaltman ❤️#brendawehle #newyorktheatreworkshop

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, NY

Look deep into my eyes. You're coming to @nipseyucb's show PURE LIKE ROSE tonight at 8pm! 🌹 #nipseycomedy #uprightcitizensbrigade

Do yourself a favor and download @bradwalsh's new album #antiglot. All sounds on it come from his BODY and it's been my farm soundtrack when not listening to 1950s vinyl. I also firmly believe all women should be lucky enough to be dressed by #christiansiriano. The End #tbt


My younger brother on the farm. Is the quiet deafening @drum_and_strum ? #texasourtexas #farmhouse #farmlife

New York, New York

Please enjoy this delicious non-birthday cake for a very funny human who impressively knows every word to "Stan" by Eminem and performs it with great #passion, @mikescollins. 🎤 🎶🤡🎉#butterandscotch

Pier59 Studios

Le dreamboat! 😍 #oitnb

Pier59 Studios

Thanks, @bradwalsh. ❤️ Your album is amazing!!! #bradwalsh #antiglot

The White House

Posted this after Orlando & here we are again. Prayers are great, but we also need policy change. How many people have to senselessly die before something is done about this epidemic on a federal level? @everytown helps you know what you can do to help end gun violence in your community & on a national level. PLEASE text ACT to 64433 to help save lives. ❤️ #policychangeforamerica #gunviolence #banassaultweapons

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