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Sitges, Catalunya, Espanya

Good to be home, but thinking of this view & guitar as I drift off to sleep. 🌊🌞🚗 #Sitges #Spain

Nasrid Palaces Granada, Spain

Do you believe in ghosts? 👻👻


Starting to think I should wake up before sunrise every day (in Spain). Filter: nada. ☁️🌞

Seville, Spain

How to exit every party. 💃🏻🕺🏻#flamenco

Hotel Alfonso XIII, Sevilla - The Luxury Collection

¡Buenos Dias de Sevilla! Me encanta.

My mom's high school senior portrait. Thank you for being the best example of grace we could ever hope for. We lucked out with you as our mother in countless ways. #happymothersday ❤️

Bar Cañete

Most delicious & entertaining meal in Barcelona with this one. ¡Mil gracias for the rec, @eliotsumner! 🙏🏼💙🇪🇸 #cañete #barcañete

Soho House Barcelona

Been in Barcelona 1 day and ran into a dear old friend / my brother in trouble. Spain's young Leonardo DiCaprio! #Holdafriendsknee #WhereDoMyHandsGo #AmiHuman?

Soho House Barcelona

Jet-lag: eliminated. Thank you, @sohohousebarcelona, #albariño & #Klonopin.

Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

TFW you're 17 months old and have a summer cold, but you got a sense of humor so it's all good. 🤒😋 #AugustRuggles #helpme

Central Park

Guess who has 4 legs and loves Central Park? ❤️🐶 @easleythedog

Thrilled & humbled to have gotten to work on this new #Netflix show that's going to blow your mind. #GypsyNetflix

It's early in the morning About a quarter till three I'm sittin' here talkin' with my baby Over cigarettes and coffee, now And to tell you that Darling I've been so satisfied Honey since I met you Baby since I met you, ooh All the places that I've been around And all the good looking girls I've met They just don't seem to fit in Knowing this particularly sad, yeah But it seemed so natural, darling That you and I are here Just talking over cigarettes and drinking coffee, ooh now And whole my heart cries out Love at last I've found you, ooh now And honey won't you let me Just be my whole life around you And while I complete, I complete my whole life would be, yeah If you would take things under consideration And walk down this hour with me And I would love it, yeah People I say it's so early in the morning Oh, it's a quarter till three We're sittin' here talkin' Over cigarettes and drinking coffee, now, lord And I'll like to show you, well I've known nothing but good old joy Since I met you, darling Honey since I've met you, baby yeah I would love to have another drink of coffee, now And please, darling, help me smoke this one more cigarette, now I don't want no cream and sugar Cause I've got you, now darling But just let me enjoy Help me to enjoy This good time that we'll have, baby It's so early, so early in the morning So early, so early in the morning And I've got you And you've got me And we'll have each other And we don't, we don't want nothing but joy, y'all Nothing but joy Song by Otis Redding. Photo by @audrarhodes.

NYPL The New York Public Library

Shoutout to my talented director friend who I'd happily accompany to the opening of an envelope if this was the afterparty. #bettemidler #hellodolly #broadway #nypl #scottrudin #joshdavy ❤

Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Haven't had this much fun at a wedding in a long time. Love you guys so much - congrats again! #thebubus #thebubuwedding ❤️🌈

Finally took a break from worrying about the world to redesign my website. Feel free to send to Casting Directors. 😘

The Public Theater

Oh man, #GentlyDownTheStream @publictheaterny is a wonderful show you should all see. Harvey Fierstein is out of the world heartbreakingly good, but I walked away hoping I'm lucky enough to work with #GabrielEbert one day. So present, so surprising, so honest, so GREAT! ❤

Much love from these Thompson Twins! 😘 #haveagoodday #AugustRuggles

Get into your old family photos! More and more I love all mine. This is my great-great-great-great-great grandfather, John McAdams, Jr., who was born in 1815 & awarded a land grant of 13 square miles in Walker County, Texas for his service as a Captain in the Texas Revolutionary War. His father, John Sr., was born in 1779 in County Down, Ireland. #stpatricksday 💚 #thatbeardtho #countydown #republicoftexas

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