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Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, NY

My sketch team @nipseyucb has a show at UCB running two Mondays a month that you should probably see. Regular LOLS guaranteed. Next is December 12. #uprightcitizensbrigade #nipseycomedy #maudenight #haroldnight #sketchcomedy #science

REAL TALK: anybody got an awesome single dad for my mom to date? That's her on the left and it's hard to believe she hasn't been on a date since splitting with my dad in 1992 - and before that, I suppose. She has 5 kids & 9 grandkids and we all think she deserves to have a companion who is as equally amazing as she is. It's impossible not to be happy in her presence because she's the most loving, kind, compassionate and fun-loving person & I want to set her up with your help. This will be the cutest story anyone has ever heard if this is how they meet. Hit me up or TAG A FRIEND who might be into match-making with me. OMG you and I could be siblings one day! #SleeplessInSeattle #datemymom #tbt #momsallovertheworld Feel free to repost!!!

Hudson, New York

Highly recommend taking your shirt off and hanging out the passenger side on a cold November day in upstate New York. #feelsgood #noscrubs ❄️ 📸 by the wonderful & talented @audrarhodes

Happy 1st birthday to my favorite little blue eyed guy! ❤️️🎉 #augustjaramilloruggles #daddysboy #gusgus #ohwhatfun

Town of Copake

Thankful for you guys. Gobble till ya wobble! 🦃❤️🙏🏼 Role of female deer: @ecaltman

Hi! Or The Sea of Love. 🌊💙 (August at 11 months)

I will miss you, friend. 🎸. I'm genuinely into playing bass now, y'all - but on something much cheaper than this custom beauty. #goodbyefornow

Like a bird on the wire Like a drunk in a midnight choir I have tried in my way to be free RIP Leonard Cohen 💙

Today I woke up thinking about my grandfather and what an absolutely wonderful & inspiring person he was. A veteran of WWII, he and my Granna were married for 70 years before he died at the age of 92 in a room full of every child, grandchild & great-grandchild he ever had singing his favorite song, "I'll Fly Away". I was lucky enough to be there in 2008 when together he and my Granna voted for Obama and he told me with a tear in his eye how proud he was of the progress this country has made. He was deeply optimistic about our nation's future and spent his life treating others with kindness and respect & he taught all of us to do the same. And I know this year he'd be voting for the candidate that will move us closer towards love for our fellow man. Now I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes as I hope the best for our future. I love you, Papa. ❤️#imwithher #strongertogether #yeswecan #PantsuitNation

Maybe my favorite film of the year - a story you've surely never seen on screen. Achingly beautiful writing, acting, directing, cinematography, music - just exquisite. Go see #Moonlight as soon as you can. 💙 @a24 @bandrybarry

She's pure magical magnetic magnificence - you'll see. ✨ #gypsynetflix #gypsy #netflix #tbt ✨

The Box

The 3rd Halloween I've actually dressed up. Gave up on the #dayofthedead face halfway through, but long live #FridaKahlo and her eyebrows. 👻🎃💀

Guess who turned 11 months old this week and promptly started walking. This little goofkin! Vintage handmade costume by his grandmother that @kruggles7 wore on her 1st Halloween! 🎃

Boom Boom Room, the Standard Hotel, New York

Zombie Abraham Lincoln circa 2011. 💀#boomboomroom

Konnos Bay, Cyprus

Almost home! Hard to believe this was yesterday. #Cyprus was a dream. #konnosbay #agianapa #nevernude

Starbucks, Ledras

NAILED IT! ☕️❤️🙂#itsgreektome

Büyük Han

Buyuk Han (the Great Inn) is the largest caravansarai on the island of Cyprus and is considered to be one of their finest ancient buildings. Located in the capital of Cyprus (Nicosia), it was built by the Ottomans in 1572, the year after they had seized Cyprus from the Venetians. After spending most of the 1990s being restored, the inn has been revived as a thriving arts center, consisting of several galleries and workshops. 🇨🇾 #Nicosia #cyprus #getintoit

Roma Airport .... Aeoroporto Leonardo Da Vinci

Bumping into my boy @denniskwanphoto on a flight to Rome was a fantastic surprise! #winetime 🍷

This pilot shoot is basically Extreme Crossfit with Natasha Vaynblat & Carl Foreman, Jr.! 💪🏽 #3dumbells #uprightcitizensbrigade #maudenight #absolutelycomedy #crossfit

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