Эван Бейтс


Американский фигурист, выступающий в танцах на льду в паре с Мэдисон Чок . В паре с Эмили Самуэльсон — чемпион мира среди юниоров. Позже он стал выступать с Чок, они вместе дважды выиграли чемпионаты мира в команде, США в 2013 году.
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There are a few revolutionaries who are changing the way we see and connect with skating. Jordan started @oniceperspectives not long ago and has created an entirely new viewing experience for the audience. One where people at home can feel like they’re on ice with their favorite skaters. He’s invested a lot of time and money into this project. Then there is @rockerskating whose proliferation I consider like the dawn of cell phones. Like what did we do before we had Jackie Wong? How did we check results and keep track of what’s going on in our world? It definitely wasn’t as fast or easy as simply refreshing @rockerskating Twitter page. So when @oniceperspectives came to the rink and we had our @rockerskating hoodies on we decided to do a little commercial for Jackie. You can go buy his gear at www.rockerskating.com/rocker-gear-2019, and you should (it’s also his birthday today 🥳). You can also support our boy Jordan and his endeavors with @oniceperspectives by donating to his Patreon here: http://www.patreon.com/oniceperspectives. ▫️ ** I edited this caption to keep the focus on who it was meant for, Jackie and Jordan. No offense was meant to other skaters!

Happy birthday Pops. Always took me to hockey games but somehow I ended up a figure skater 🤷‍♂️

If you want to leave your footprints on the sands of time, do not drag your feet. 👣 Abdul Kalam


Tokyo, Japan

Never stop looking up.

Tokyo, Japan

Short but amazing season. No better place to end it than here in Japan. Thank you!

30 and counting. ✌🏼

Pushing through Friday.

Even though one of you peed on my records this morning, I still love you. #LoveYourPetDay

Montreal, Quebec

Back to work. . . 📸: @oniceperspectives

Sorry I didn’t get you Kenny G babe. Happy Valentine’s Day anyways. Love you. . . 📸: Leonard Oritz

Honda Center

Happy people 🇺🇸 #4CC2019 #4ContsFigure 📸: @flavioice

Honda Center

Can’t wait to skate for a home crowd again this weekend. See ya soon @HondaCenter. #4ContsFigure #4CC2019

When she needs help reaching the top shelf

Three years ago @usfigureskating launched a campaign to celebrate something we all do every day: get up. These moments are often overlooked, but shouldn’t be. The courage to get up is in every one of us. You might not even realize your own get up moments. That’s why on February 1, we make a point to celebrate the fact that we are all more resilient than we give ourselves credit for. It might be something small, like falling behind on your New Year’s Resolution (I’ve done that), or it might be something big, like falling at the Olympics (done that too, see above). The fact is, getting up and getting back in the game is something we all do a lot more often than we realize. So today, let’s recognize that, and next time you fall and pick yourself up, give yourself a little credit. #WeGetUp 📸: @aaronfavila

Detroit, Michigan

Welcome back @chockolate02!! Never seen a combo of grit and glamour like you’ve got. Real pleasure sharing the ice with you. I love you 💕

Maurice Richard Arena

Training with a zen master.

Little Caesars Arena

Fun night. Thanks @detroitpistons

Montreal, Quebec

The neighborhood watch.

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