Юджин Саймон

Английский актер и фотомодель. Известен своей ролью Джерома в телесериале Обитель Анубиса. В качестве модели, он представлен агентством Models 1.
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This is a thank you to the great Texan folks at @comicconhouston for having me. Much love to all xx

Space City Comic Con

Room 300 for our panel @comicconhouston for @gameofthrones with @esmebianco and Julian! X

Space City Comic Con

Sat in the glorious middle of it all at @comicconhouston between @esmebianco (Ross) and Julian Glover (Pycelle)!

Space City Comic Con

Here at @comicconhouston for day two! Just gonna have my coffee with Flash Gordon real quick! 😂

Space City Comic Con

I have arrived! @comicconhouston

Houston, Texas

Morning @GameOfThrones fans attending @ComicConHouston! Little teaser from the next episode for you! ;)

I'm comin' for you Texas! @comicconhouston #got #gameofthrones

Another day in the @BMW heaven-mobile (Mini Clubman) as I go to pick up my brother from the airport. X

Quand on a l'occasion d'écouter Un peu de musique Francaise, c'est le meilleur chose dans le monde!

Taking my @BMW Mini Club Man out for a hike everywhere I go!

Only a bloody actor would live somewhere with this kinda rig set up!... 🎭

The good guy is coming to California! #feelthebern

When you're cookin' up a storm you do need to shield your eyes a bit! 😉😉 Bolognese anyone? Xxx

Got the script! Now to drive the Mini @BMW BEAST home to learn it! X

Once I get home and I've parked I suddenly realise how gorgeous the dashboard on the @BMW Mini Clubman is! (P.s. never text and drive!) x

Took the awesome Mini Clubman for a hike to Franklin Canyon. The #newcar needs a spin I think @BMW!

The Grove

A YUGE Miniclubman thank you to @BMW for this gorgeous car! Never driven anything like it! More car photos to come 🚗

Hey people! For everyone going to @ComicConHouston in Houston, Texas I have a very important message for you! #got

My impersonation of a startled possum.... #yourewelcome

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