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There is a kid in there crushing it on stage every night and he don’t even know it yet. Can’t wait to tell him all about it someday. I watch in wonder at this badass woman #mirandasingsnooffense tour

Amazing time filming in the Mountains! Very excited about this one. Thanks for everything Colorado but I gotta go catch a bus👋🏻

I... I just... don’t know how to explain this one

I think 3 posts in a row now officially qualifies this as a fan account and I’m totally cool with that. #1 fan and I’ve got Diarrhe! Out today wherever they still sell books! Praise be @mirandasingsofficial Seriously I watched @colleen work her butt off on this and it’s GREAT👏🏻

Hi!👋🏻 Forever in awe of this person and how big brained, kind hearted, talented and hard working she is. A consistent reminder of how insanely far superior the female mind and body are. In addition to GROWING A HUMAN IN HER BODY! the best person I know is heading off on book tour/ tour tour for more than a month to meet many of u. There truly is nothing in this world that makes her happier. Go say hi for me , cheer her on, laugh, sing, hydrate, hug, take ur vitamins, and protect her at all costs x

Dating *UPDATE* Family❤️

This a wild one. @nbctimeless TONIGHT 10/9c on NBC #TIMELESS #clockblockers

Available to dog sit. DM me for bookings. (insta famous animals only pls) #nationalpuppyday

Super fun week going back in time with the fine folks @nbctimeless As Huey Lewis and the News once said “Gotta get back in time” 🎵

A lot of wonderful people in front of and behind the camera on this one! So grateful to have played a part in this film. Now finally on demand at your leisure 👍🏻👍🏻

Fanny game strong

pow pow gnar gnar

Well this is bullshit. Think I'll go back to LA now. Safe and happy new year🎉

If ever in New Haven, CT go to @atelierflorian and say hello to my brother, head chef, @brookstocklin Try that bomb bouillabaisse!

Thanks Mom and Dad for the promo. First ever acting headshot. Bold font choice, but may have to bring this one back into circulation. #christmasinconnecticut

Travel budz #middleseatlife #mirandasingstour

I would say some day people will build a statue in your honor... but they already have. Now more than ever it seems hard to quantify the importance of a show created, executive produced, written, and starring a strong women that empowers its audience to embrace and believe in themselves as they are. Know u will continue to do countless great things in life and that many you have personally inspired will as well. Congratulations and thank you @colleen for two amazing seasons.

Group hug please

🎗This is in one hour! Gofundme link in bio❤️

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