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invented overalls

Embarrassing this lil smoosh since day #1. Happy New Year💫

An actual SUPER HERO GODESS and my new best friend. If he’d of given us a few more weeks like he was supposed to maybe he would have a name. 12/10/18 best day of my life.

happy birthday to my hero

Voting is cool and you get a sticker!

HAIL 😈🙌🏻!

She is perfect, I am monster with giant head. Thank u @childrensla for having me as a plus one. They’re helping so many kids and families and could always use your help if you are looking to get involved❤️

Had to learn to play drums in just a few days for this film... that’s not counting my two weeks in a Weezer cover band in middle school. @highvoltagemovie in theaters in select cities and on demand everywhere today!!!

A couple months from introducing a new human into this world. It’s a bit scary. But I know because of her he will be one of the good ones. And the world needs good ones. You’re going to be a wonderful mother Colleen. Thank you for always making the world a little less scary.

Lipstik! Finally! Was amazing to see how much thought and detail and hard work went into these. And they came out perfeck. So proud of my weirdo ❤️💄 #mirandasingslipstik at Mirandasings.com

Had a blast making a movie with these scene stealers. @highvoltagemovie will be in theaters in select cities and on-demand on October 19th!! Check it⚡️🥁 @davidarquette @ryandonowho @go_nino @perreyreeves #lukewilson

Reliving those 8th grade glory days. Been a few years since I rolled around. Still waiting to go pro 💥

soundcheck karaoke • Memphis, TN

Always typecast as the normal one... Go follow @mancampmovie for updates on this insane comedy coming 2019!!! Say hello from me!

There is a kid in there crushing it on stage every night and he don’t even know it yet. Can’t wait to tell him all about it someday. I watch in wonder at this badass woman #mirandasingsnooffense tour

Amazing time filming in the Mountains! Very excited about this one. Thanks for everything Colorado but I gotta go catch a bus👋🏻

I... I just... don’t know how to explain this one

I think 3 posts in a row now officially qualifies this as a fan account and I’m totally cool with that. #1 fan and I’ve got Diarrhe! Out today wherever they still sell books! Praise be @mirandasingsofficial Seriously I watched @colleen work her butt off on this and it’s GREAT👏🏻

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