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Американская джазовая певица и мульти-инструменталистка, получившая премию Грэмми 2011 года в номинации «Лучший новый исполнитель года», в результате она стала первым представителем джаза, выигравшим эту награду.
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Thank you NY times!! 12 Little Spells #4 in top 28 Albums of 2018...and loving my company...! See y’all in Pittsburgh tomorrow!!!

the beautiful and brilliant Azar Nafisi! At lunch today in DC she dropped this gem: “that’s what art does! It holds reality accountable!”

welcome to December... thank you Mr.Legend for calling me to sing my fave holiday song...(I first heard it sung by the Muppets...!) See y’all in DC tonight, or what?

tour dates...12 Little Spells...12 little shows...see you there—- wait! there’s a 2nd Houston date! 11/28 Houston too...come through

birthdays are the best...

Brooklyn, New York

the twelfth spell: For hearing in historical accounts, casual exchanges, news reports, songs, poems, poor-english, recovery testimony, threats, denials, intellectual oration, convictions, prayers, rejections, demands, cries, laughter and silence, all the terrifying vulnerability and singly transformative force of the human capacity for loving others.

Brooklyn, New York

the eleventh spell: For remembering the perfected animal buried in the cultural programs of thought processes, belief systems, and thought-based searching.  Expels the tyrants of hamster-ball concern loops or stimulation loops imposing themselves on our minds via smartphones, Youtube, google and social media.  Triggers the memory of grace, and whets the sensory appetite for intra-personal regard, and Self-cultivated esteem.

... day 10, casting spells for the legs in action...and in Boston supporting the first monument to Dr. King in Boston... that’s magic...! ---------------------------------------------------- Full vid up now on IGTV/ link in bio #12littlespells

Boston, Massachusetts

the tenth spell: For recognizing progress one has made, but doesn’t feel. Affirms that every step taken has added up to the present point, and that effort exerted is forever contained in the memory of the legs. enables the forward leaning mind to listen to the legs when the legs offer guidance-from their memory mappings of distance traveled- by recalling each step taken thus far. ---------------------------------------------------- Full vid up now on IGTV/ link in bio #12littlespells

...day 8, spell 8...all limbs are...letting love branch out from me...I’d choose that to be my super hero power...:)

Brooklyn, New York

the ninth spell: For relieving the loneliness and disorientation felt from the absence of fathers. To experience the connection to lineage trees growing through one’s limbs, and experience the presence of masculine support and expansion through one’s own arm bones. ---------------------------------------------------- Full vid up now on IGTV/ link in bio #12littlespells

New York, New York

the eighth spell: For opening the portal connecting heaven and earth, the eye of intuition. Inward vision of heaven contained within, transmitting sight to earth plane (and vice-versa) widening the lid to the blue orb of divinity, socketed in the midriff. ---------------------------------------------------- Full vid up now on IGTV/ link in bio #12littlespells

Andrew Freedman Home

the seventh spell: 👣For un-locking, releasing and sending -through movement- the magic in one’s own body. ---------------------------------------------------- Full vid up now on IGTV/ link in bio 👣#12littlespells

...reaching in, unsnarling it out, feeling freer...spell 6 is for the longing deep down

Andrew Freedman Home

the sixth spell: For willingness to stretch ones feet into the depths of personal pain, shame, loneliness and desire. Promise of stepping stones laid along the bottom of that dark river, that meet the daring foot, dissolve terror and form a submerged path leading to the fountain mouth of true belonging, being and purpose. ---------------------------------------------------- Full vid up now on IGTV/ link in bio 🚶🏽‍♀️#12littlespells 12littlespells

touch in mine...

Andrew Freedman Home

the fifth spell: 🖐🏽For increasing the level of tenderness in one’s touch, and perceiving and comprehending communication exchanges between animate or in-animate surfaces and the fingertips.  increases the sensitivity to vibrational conversation, neurogamy and empathetic response between two or more individuals touching. aides in becoming aware of the energetic exchanges between the fingertips, fingers and palms when they come in contact with any surface (animate or in-animate). To listen with touch, through surfaces, and decipher the information emitted from them. ------------------------------ Full vid up now on IGTV/ link in bio 🖐🏽#12littlespells

life force with stride grease...our spell today is for the hips...for your own natural easing into your thang...yup

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