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Американская джазовая певица и мульти-инструменталистка, получившая премию Грэмми 2011 года в номинации «Лучший новый исполнитель года», в результате она стала первым представителем джаза, выигравшим эту награду.
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Finney Chapel

ummmm....so, bass gods out here liiiike....yeah we gon give you a little blessing after blessing....This is MILT HINTON’s BASS....(WTF???!!!) helluva re-entry into playing...humbled is an understatement (also just cause playing next to Jack, Leo and Joe...gah!) thank you Spring Quartet for ferrying me to these sacred relics of the sound...🤤🤤🤤😭😭😭🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Cornell University

oh...I started playing bass again...long story...this is the god’s bass...I can’t even...holy sh*t...Scott Lafaro recorded Sunday at the Village Vanguard on this...my joy-tears are part of the fingerboard now...

Ithaca, New York

HOLY S*IT... this is Scott Lafaro’s bass.... holy grail level... my guts arte trembling they said this was in the car when he... thank you all spirits and forces that enabled this close encounter of seventh kind...I’m laid out... (come hear Spring Quartet at Cornell tonight if you’re around - Jack Dejohnette, Joe Lovano, Leo Genovese et moi...and Lafaro’s bass....whaaaaaaaaaaaat???!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭🤯🤯🤯🙏🏾

-cause if you happen to be in Atlanta for Algebra’s birthday, and you hear about a concerted effort to make our shared future livable...I meaaaaan...we out here, we out here???? Bout to go speak to Georgia power #actionclimate #12littlespells

Dallas, Texas

in Dallas gettin our stride grease ready to spread all over the NPR airwaves... we guests today on Live From Here with Chris Thile... you know, to sink into our thang and everythang ☺️ #livefromhere #christhile #12littlespells #music #magic #lifeforce #esperanzaspalding #dallas #texas #tx

it was lit tulsi2020.com @tulsigabbard

tulsi2020.com y’all!! we out here supporting Candidate Tulsi Gabbard...she needs 16,000 more people to donate to her campaign for her to make it to the national debate stage!! (literally giving even $1 will count toward reaching it!!) she get on there...can somebody say truth telling?? this is also healing work to me... in addition to working on an Opera and magic spells...(obviously) i will never give up on people power #tulsi2020 @tulsigabbard

all UP in it! this conference/training has been mind/heart expanding, profoundly educational and of course: magical...and it’s got to be cause what we signing up to do has never been seen, and some might argue is damn near impossible...personally, those odds turn me on... #leadonclimate #climaterealityproject


in Atlanta at Climate Reality Project Leadership Corps. You know, training in some more practical spells for healing the planet too...oh THAT part of our body...Al Gore sposed to be here somewhere. #leadonclimate

yo everybody in NY, my brother from another mother, and one of my favorite living artists is playing March 5th...let’s go support the real ones! National Sawdust, March 5th, 7pm...epic

currently mixing 4 magical new spells...if you feel your blood tingle...well... @ferninthestudio

looking back at 2018: Bless! What a year... THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO EMBRACED THESE 12 LITTLE SPELLS! Especially everyone who listened, felt, co-conjured, watched, ordered and came out to the live shows...I meeeean, the spells are for you! Thank you to our amazing posse of makers and shakers: Matt, Justin, Fernando, Sarah, Morgan, Ethan, Ben, Burniss, Edmar, Elkhanah, Adam, Seth, Mariza, Diery, Vada, Betsey, Matt 2, Civitella Ranieri and all the fellows, Shorefire, Oscar, Concord, WME, Wayne, Carolina, Anna, Alejandro, Adobuere, The Lotus Sutra, Lizzie and our Reiki family, venue crews, studio assistants, film grips, drivers, caterers, resistance makers (great coaches after all) and benevolent love everlasting...Happy 2019! -til the next full thing, touch in mine the longing deep down you have to dance, now know, all limbs are readying to rise dancing the “animal”, with others... 📸Elizabeth E. George Photography

thank you Rolling Stone for naming 12 Little Spells as one of your 50 fave albums of 2018...damn...I’m so grateful for all the space being held for these spells!

In light of all the incredibly beautiful music released into the world this year....Thank you Amazon!!! (still...can’t they tell it’s not jazz?)

thanks Billboard...but ummmm...can’t you tell this is not a jazz album???

yup. that smile...LOVE YOU WAYNE!!! @wayne.shorter #heroes

Congratulations to my dear Mentor, Inspiration, Friend and Guide Wayne Shorter for being a 2019 Kennedy Center Honoree!!! ...I love this glorious being from a depth beyond what words can express, and would not exist as the creator I am (and person I am!) without the profound and directly nourishing work of our Maestro Wayne! (and his supra hero wife Carolina, that’s her in the background) they’re having a toast in Wayne’s honor on Arcturus...💫 @wayne.shorter


Thank you NY times!! 12 Little Spells #4 in top 28 Albums of 2018...and loving my company...! See y’all in Pittsburgh tomorrow!!!

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