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Американская джазовая певица и мульти-инструменталистка, получившая премию Грэмми 2011 года в номинации «Лучший новый исполнитель года», в результате она стала первым представителем джаза, выигравшим эту награду.
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National Sawdust

goin in at National Sawdust @matthewthomaswyatt #justintyson

We doctors

This opera is bout to be my favorite thing ever...every day I tend it, shine on it, and water it...and hear these inspirational words: “if at first you don’t succeed... keep on trying til’ you suck a seed.” - Clark Terry

Last night at the L.O.C. after the premier of my commission piece. (yes, violins were harmed in the making of this performance) Thank you Library Of Congress, thank you Olivia De Prato, Leo Genovese and Francisco Mela!

another day, another rocking of my life force... thank you @_azikiwe_ for stopping me on the street and asking to take my photo... #LIFEFORCE

what...? #LIFEFORCE @_azikiwe_

The lesson for today's class is: Lead with your LIFE FORCE, and leave ‘em with somethin to think about... #LIFEFORCE #gahdamniloveteachingsongwriting

Last night - celebarting @nytimes ‘Overlooked’, a project to write obituaries to women who never got them. (Laurie Anderson!!!!) #overlooked #herstory #lifeforce

From Memphis, last Saturday, with so many inspiring advocates, lawyers and exonerees all weaving together the Innocence Network. This work is so critical, and strikes me to my core...thank you @innocenceproject for bringing me into the family. I wrote "Land of the Free" dedicated to one of their exonerates who spent 30 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. Aint no justice, aint no peace... #lifeforce #myforceburnscleanerthanyourstyle

Yup, them’s mine. Thanks NY Times for celebrating us makers... 📷 @thomasgiddings

I’m here. contemplating what’s next... all suited up for my next mission...

Dear @jazzfmuk ! Thank you for nominating 'Exposure' for the Award for Digital Initiative of the Year. It was all that and more for yours truly...and I'm loving my nominee company...!

Thank you 2017 and all peeps who made Exposure possible! ...extra especially @oiidmusic...hell yeah you brought us all inside the music!! :)

@nytimes well shomon Art Review! you bout to make me go look at the sh*t again!!!

EXPOSURE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! -ok lemme explain...

when your girl Yissy Garcia and her group are visiting from Cuba, but you don’t have a complete drum kit...gaaah! Tear that hi-hat up girl!!


doin it and doin it and doin it...and doin it and doin it and doin it... conjuring Iphigenia from my do den in Oregon

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