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Американский актер. Получил известность благодаря ролям Уорнера Хантингтона III в комедии «Блондинка в законе» и Аларика Зальцмана в телесериале «Дневники вампира».
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I’m gonna need to see you in my office right away. @cwlegacies

I want my dreams to look and feel like this #luciddreams #repost @sharks 🦈

The doors of perception... #repost @Nature

Eastside, Atlanta, Georgia

#bedbug If only he could fold the laundry behind him

I love the simplicity of black&white @fujifilmx_us #xpro2

Best birthday ever. Thank you guys for taking the plunge with me! #JumpedInto40

I wish reposting was easier on the gram. That said, credit here goes to @before5am

Chicago, Illinois

“City of wind and glass dressed in frozen lace, of the wide-stone tower that would not burn, of Lake Michigan and the poor who never see the sun drop lines of light across the cold ache of water, of televised faces spitting water on children in a park obliterated of its pigeons. City of pigeons on train platforms where trains say the names of approaching destinations like prophets: you know me as your restless child. I creep through dimensions...” By Phillip B Williams It’s always good to return to the scene of the crime. I started this crazy Creation journey here in Chicago a few years back. Always a pleasure to start where it began. ❤️Chicago

We do not want merely to see beauty . . . We want something else which can hardly be put into words - to be united with the beauty we see, to pass into it, to receive it into ourselves, to bathe in it, to become part of it. ~ C.S. Lewis

Shades of night

Angels don’t have wings, they have four legs.

Always good to be back in Venice.

I love the first snow of winter

Hey everyone! It’s my honor and distinct pleasure to introduce to you guys my brilliant and most remarkable aunt, Margaret Morrison. Margaret, IMHO, is one of the greatest living painters in the global art scene today. She’s also a professor of Fine Art at The University of Georgia- and if you’re ever lucky enough, you could take one of her painting courses she teaches in Italy during the summer. Yeah, she’s a badass 😊 Follow her at her new account @margaretwmorrison If you’re in New York City for the holidays, go checkout her latest show @woodward_gallery. • • • https://www.artsy.net/artist/margaret-morrison • • • http://woodwardgallery.net/uncategorized/upcoming-margaret-morrison-tablewares/

BridgeClimb Sydney

Perfect day to climb a bridge!


Training begins @tarantactical

My last shot! Many blessings to everyone of you who have supported us throughout the years! It goes by too fast.

Getting ready for my last shot... Love you guys!!!

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