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Американский актер. Получил известность благодаря ролям Уорнера Хантингтона III в комедии «Блондинка в законе» и Аларика Зальцмана в телесериале «Дневники вампира».
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After watching the latest episode of #Westworld I'm convinced Cooper is a robot in my simulation #🤖🐶


I mean, who's gonna say no to this penetrating gaze... "Look into my eyes... You're going to watch TVD premiere its final season tonight at 8/7c and will love every moment!" #YouveBeenCompelled

Don't forget to clutch your pearls and cover your necks Tonight at 8/7c your favorite bloodsucking badasses are back.

Happy Monday!!! From #TwoFurryBeasts

Just the tip

"Are we there yet?"

Thought we'd drop in on the Obamas and say hello

She broke the other glass that read Mrs Always Right... I love irony

Who says chihuahuas can't become #Bulldogs 😉

Major violation of the No Dogs In The Bed Rule!

I'm gonna rewrite Splash

#mysticgrill #covington #nightshoots #forevernostalgic

An inspiration, a goal, a reality. I love you guys

Sunday's with my favorite people #LakeLife

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