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Help! This legendary man just lost everything in a fire. He lives in Arkansas where it’s 12 degrees right now! Needs some love to figure out how to get back on his feet. He’s an inventor and built a self-driving car in the 80’s (!), a flying machine before that! (See my pictures of pictures!) He goes by “Spaceman”. He’s got nothing left but faith. Send him a little something if you want to help. Anything helps. Truly. Thanks! Link in bio.

Looking reallll proud of the makeup someone else did on me.

Hi from 2006 because @thedereklam 💛 !

September 27th, 2016 #tbt #AtlantaGA

Golden Globes credits because THANKS TEAM, it takes a village to raise a look. Styling: @iamsaraacevedo Glam: @nathanieldezan Dress by @vladimirogioia courtesy of @brooklynpr_la Jewelry by @_katKim & @bethmillercollection Shoes by @alexandrebirman courtesy of @networkusa Clutch by @imtylerellis courtesy of @aimeecarpenter17 Also — tailoring by Maryram Aroyan, the sweet, magic Armenian tailor lady who sewed me into the dress when I split the zipper open right before I left! #TimesUp #goldenglobes

The photo booth at InStyle — Globes Date Night! Such delightful people to run into, but here’s pics of me + Dada and me talking with my hands. #InStyle #goldenglobes #whywewearblack

After the art show is the tv show! Did. You. See. That. Coming? (Any of it?) There’s no way you did. Tell me what you thought. Or get at me when you’ve caught up On Demand or dvr, too, I wanna hear it. @abby_pniowsky is glorious as Lake. xxxxxx #tendaysinthevalley

Art heads, show opening tonight. @tamibahatphoto and I will be there. Link in bio to @huffpost’s kind words about her work. (Side note — if you’ve never been to Bergamot Station, come treat yoself. It’s a spot with some dozen galleries so it’s always poppin off. Great date spot.) 2525 Michigan Ave, Santa Monica. Ours is in F2. 👏🏼👏🏼

These photographs looks like paintings...instead of the other way around. So amazing. Look look look. Hosting a showing of this incredible work entitled Revisiting Humanity: Secrets & Lifetimes by @Tamibahatphoto tomorrow night. Save the date. 😉 At Building Bridges Art Exchange, 2525 Michigan Ave, unit F2, Santa Monica. X

Don’t let 2017 hang on like

Happy. New. Year. #newyear #newyearnewme #letsmakeitagoodone 💛🥂🍾🍼🍪

It’s that time of year. Time for decorating (exhib. A) and sharing what you’ve got (exhib. B). I love this time. Enjoy who you have. Love your family, your friends. Take stock of all that’s good and set your sights high for the years ahead. #dreambig #tbt Thanks for the shoot, @esquire!

Ten Days in the Valley returns tonight! *Murder*, *Intrigue*, *Kyra* 😸 On ABC at 9|8c. Back to BACK at 9p to get you in the mood and then another fresh one at 10p. I’m busy snuggling this person and just wanted to let you know. Hit me on Twitter if you wanna gossip about the show. @abcnetwork @tendaysinthevalley @kikkosedg @tassievcameron @therealadewale @emmykinney @malcolmjamalwar @aliliebert AND MORE❗️

Ooowee — this is a PSA to keep that PMA! The last week has thrown a bunch of curveballs in a row. Handle it! I love these pictures of me and Magical Creature. Taking note of all the things I’m grateful for, prominent among them the people who work hard to make a difference in their communities and worldwide. I respect this so, so much and aspire to do more of it. If the vote tomorrow isn’t postponed, it’s the last chance to “express” you urgent concern to retain net neutrality. John Oliver’s #linkinbio (scroll down to the link that invites you to “express” yourself and when filling out the comment form, press the Return key after each entry, not just Done button.)

Wrapped CLOVER. Thinking of all my friends still there, making magic! Now...time to obsess about the holidays. #cloverthemovie #luckbealady

Still enjoying Buffalo. #gobills Shout out to @teacupfarmgirl for keeping us supplied with raw milk. It’s right up there with finding the great local health food store (@lexingtoncoop) and good espresso joint (@publicespresso), etc.

When we were in Memphis last week, we walked across the bridge to Arkansas. Also, the family that seesaws together stays together. #memphis #arkansas #myubiquitousHat

Bring your daughter to work day. #clover #luckbealady p.s. Today Shane discovered pockets. See her hand in her vest pocket?? Tiny things blow my mind.

I don’t think it’s too new-agey to say that I hope your weekend has continued with gratitude. ☺️ Went to the zoo with the babe and she squealed at the elephants and growled at the lions. Watching her experience all the animals she’s seen in books was awesome. And thank you @memphiszoo for taking in animals like the sea lions who, in their particular cases, are unable to survive in the wild and were in need of human care. Very cool to see how well treated they are. 🐻🐒🦒🦒

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