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I hope you find what you’re looking for. (Better: I hope you make what you hope to find.)

#tbt, 2000, Baby E in Talk Magazine

Morning from my bowling ball and me

Link in bio to find your polling place. You still have time! #VOTE 💥💥

#tbt @interviewmag 💕

Inspired by Mondays and pots of good coffee (and the fact that the days go quick)...

Should we leave the house y/n

Day 10/10! Aaaand back to the “insanity” category. An obvious pick, but when it came out it instantly became a favorite. Perfect movie. It definitely made an impression. Inspired and influenced me for sure. I wanna know about you, @jasonreitman @rmorrison @jackietohn @brianawitan @ethansuplee @jasonlee @amy_berg @brokemogul @gayser ! What are some of yours?? #filmchallenge

Day 9/10 of the film challenge! It’s crazy how obvious my two categories are! This one is another which restores your faith in humanity. And is relevant these days. And which got the gentleman on the left an Oscar nomination... Know it?? I’ll post the title later because I can’t help it. Edit: YES! The Visitor. You knew.

#TBT #PSL #right?

Day 7/10. So all of my picks are either about the the resilience of the human spirit OR an insane person. You know which category this one fits? 🥀#filmchallenge

Day 7/10 of the #filmchallenge. A gorgeous movie with great storytelling and stunning imagery. Do you know it?? I’ll put the title later... edit: YES, you’re right, everyone who said it’s THE FALL. Gorgeous. So glad someone knew it.

Breaking the rules now! I want to comment upon them now. Day 6/10 of the #filmchallenge. This frame is from The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. It’s a true story, and one that easily falls into the category of “the triumph of the human spirit” / “restore your faith in humanity”, a commonality it shares with he first one I posted, The Intouchables (though I don’t think that’s a true story). (Someone has now informed me that it IS a true story too!) The imagery is groundbreaking. The story is moving and true to the letter, based upon the protagonist’s autobiography. If you haven’t seen it, see it sixth in your lineup of movies I recommend. 😉

When you take the girl you like to a scary movie so she’ll hold onto you.

Watching some movies makes me so incredibly happy. Gleeful. Day 5/10 #filmchallenge

Instant classic. 4/10 Ten Day Movie Challenge (A frame from a movie that inspired you ten days in a row, no explanation.) #10daymoviechallenge

Fearless filmmaking. Day 3/10 Film Challenge. Special shout out to my challenger and good friend @jonnyinstahams by whom I’ve had the pleasure of being directed twice. I challenge @juliettelewis.

From the movie of my life.

Day 2/10 of the Ten Day #FilmChallenge (hint...#Deakins) #breakingtherulesbygivinghints

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