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Joelia strikes again! So, a reminder to cop a Red Nose and contribute to the motion. (Duane Reade + Walgreens carry them and also a chic new work-friendly version of a pin.) @rednosedayusa is a huge, joyous drive to fund SEVERAL brilliantly effective children’s charities. Sam (Joel/@samjaeger) and I went up to Seattle to see first-hand some of the awesome work of a nation-wide group called City Year that helps kids stay in school — in areas that statistically have higher drop-out rates. Video to come. And we visited the local Walgreens that is winning the race to sell the most noses in their region. It all culminates in a huge drive / night of fun on @nbc with a bunch of celebrities come together on May 24th to raise as celebrate that giving spirit. (You may have seen the episode of @ninjawarrior I got to participate in for last year’s Red Nose Day...madness and the most fun.) Sooo the noses are sparkly this year and the organizations will warm your dang heart. Get on it. #joelia ♥️ #rednoseday 🔴

One or two of the many times we’ve existed in the same dimension. ♥️ 🙌🏼 #tbt (I didn’t make these, but to whomever did, they’re pretty great. And I’m aware these aren’t the only ones.) P.S. Okay guys, no more choosing favorites please. We’ll both take the, “talented, gorgeous, etc.” comments. 😉

A private moment from the beginning of this relationship that’s still in its beginnings. Today I definitely focused on my gratitude for my mom, who did and does so much to teach me not THAT the seemingly impossible is possible, but HOW. She taught me to break the mountain down into step after step. I hope I can teach the same invaluable lesson. And now a moment of gratitude to my girl for swooping in and bringing her infectious joy and curiosity into our family, and for helping me learn how to be a mama. Happy Mother’s Day to all the teachers and the lovers and leaders who are helping wear that mother hat whether they even realize it or not. #mothersday P.S. See latest post from @yourzenmama, quoting incredible statistics from @unicef on the benefits of breastfeeding.

Guys. I’m smiling REAL hard. This is about two different days — first, I got to spend a whole 24 hours with Sam. (You know his name is Sam, right?) And second, it’s about @rednosedayusa which is why we went to Seattle for 24 hours. I’ll explain more. #joelia ♥️ #rednoseday 🔴

No one I’d rather share my coffee with. J/K J/K I don’t share my coffee. @bulletproof 🧡

#oldheadshotday — I need to look at all 54k posts on this tag because I lovvve it. (ca. 1995!)

🎶 Do you know where this is...? (I’m singing to you, not because it’s a musical place.) I’ll give you hints: I was here today for work and it’s probably the most grammed studio since the rainbow went up.

I’ll just say this: if you ever live with me you’ll discover I am the recycling enforcer. I will take sh*t out of your trash and re-sort it. Or I will carry it home with me if you won’t recycle it. It’s a good baseline for environmental responsibility for me! This beautiful 🌍 is like everything else — if you want it to remain, you have to contribute to it. I try to save energy and water and to bring my own bags to the grocery store and get closer to zero waste. Lots of car-less commuting, granted, mostly before 👶🏼. But! Even small things push in the right direction, right?? Mad love, 🌏! 💚💙 ♻️ #EarthDay ♻️ P.s. I just followed @greenmatters + @theearthorganization and their feeds are awesome! Sustainable tips and good news.


ca. 2002 / 2013 MF stay young. @jasonlee @juliettelewis #tbt

😍😍 Too. Cool. For. School.

Look at these two nutcases. It’s “Lou” and “Tiff” from a lovely movie called ALL AT ONCE, available On Demand and on iTunes today! Directed by my friend @jonnyinstahams and starring a radical cast including 👆🏼 @therealcloney. Enjoy. X #allatonce (for more pics see @allatoncemovie)

You know the picture, but look — it now comes complete with all new interview on all things (ok, many things) important in life. My life. #Repost @yourzenmama (@get_repost) ・・・ Folks We Love with Erika Christensen | Erika is a dear friend, and we met one afternoon in Los Angeles on her cozy couch to talk all things motherhood and life. Besides being a brilliantly talented actress, Erika is one of the is one of the warmest, kindest, loving people...we discussed her entering the entertainment business at a young age, what happens when you play a mom on TV and then become one, the ups and downs of entering motherhood and some curiosities I had about Scientology. Hope you enjoy. @erikachristensen | link in bio #linkinbio

Happy Passover and Easter! Hope your day was magical. Shane caught on real quick to egg hunting with her cousin Cameron and enjoyed her goodies as you can see... #easterdress #sundaybest 🐰🐣🐥🌸🌷🐇

We spent a good amount of time saying, “wheeee!”

Loved this spread in @item.mag from back in the day. #tbt

Joy / Joy / Joy / Joy

This is instantly one of my favorite pictures. One lil 🐒 jumping on the bed.

It turned out that visiting the offices of @marketsformakers as they prep for their upcoming Easter market was a perfect way to kick spring off. They literally had a bed of flowers and a tiny puppy and a bunny* for Shane to become enamored with. *not pictured

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