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Albright-Knox Art Gallery

The light given and the light source. Pretty light given by an Untitled art installation by Dan Flavin, groovy @juliarjones showing how better to pose with it. #clover #luckbealady

Sweet smush face. Intoxicating.


Mornings with strawberry marshmallow 💗❤️💜

Settled in. Watching Ice Age, which is pretty appropriate for the climate and by which she is blown away. First cartoon ever. 🐿❄️ 💙 #buffalo

A gang of friends are coming together again to make a movie (“CLOVER”) in Buffalo, NY. This time the temps are in the twenties, but hey. We’ll leave the ridiculously temperate comfort of LA for a fun job any day. Shout out to the Buffalo Film Comission who were so welcoming last time. See you soon! @jonnyinstahams @therealcloney @mtest1 @officialnicoleberger @likemark @juliarjones @giovannireda

There was no crying in baseball! Baby had a ball at the block party and Mom and Dad got home right when the game was getting good. What a WINNN. #Game7 #gododgers #halloween

Aw, boy. ♥️🎃♥️ #Repost @realtyreebrown11 (@get_repost) ・・・ Throw back to my @nbcparenthood days #littleme HAPPY HALLOWEEN🎃🎃

Tonight, Ten Days in The Valley. This is Day 4 and THIS is the first real turn down the rabbit hole. Man, I’m so curious what you’ll think. Lemme know! East Coast, :32 mins! #tendaysinthevalley #TONIGHT on @abcnetwork

Happy weekend peeeeps. Question: does anyone else live for @cypresshill’s comments? Every. Time. Today was good — productive. One day builds upon the next, right? X

This is basically everything I want to say and believe. Our children are going to be a better generation than this one. Let's teach them love and respect and the integrity to say what they feel and what they know. Let's teach them and let them learn from our mistakes. #Repost @busyphilipps (@get_repost) ・・・ Let's figure this out. We're smart enough to change this culture. We can do it. I say #metoo in the hopes that this little person never will. But it's not enough to say it or scream it. We need to keep talking about it, talking to our girls, talking to our boys, really talking honestly to the men in our lives and then to each other about how WE talk about and to women, girls, lgbtq people and people of color and how we can protect them. And then let's do it. Cause I personally won't stand for another generation going thru this shit. It's enough. I'm hopeful big changes will come but we can all make small changes right now, educate ourselves and others. Speak up when you know you should. Don't fucking LAUGH it off, don't make excuses. I feel confident that we can change the world.

Hi guys. Did you have a leisurely Saturday morning? 🥞Did you hit the gyyym?? I wanted to...and did not. Let's talk tomorrow. Anyway TOMORROW is DAY 3 of "Ten Days in The Valley" and I'm excited for you to be drawn deeper into the mystery!! 10pm/9c on ABC! I'll be tweeting with your favs, Kyra Sedgwick, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Emily Kinney, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje... #tendaysinthevalley

Some oldies, goodies... For all you Parenthood Hoodrats who miss the Bravermans and want to support the fam, here's what everyone is up to (on TV)... (Everyone has been working a lot and I'll do more of an update with people's upcoming stuff but here is what is on now! And do correct me if I've noted something incorrectly or missed something!) @monicapottergram -- "Wisdom of the Crowd" on CBS, Sundays 8/7c; @samjaeger -- Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders, Tuesday's at 10p/9c on @NBC; @jasonritter -- "Kevin (Probably) Saves the World", Tuesday's at 100 on ABC... And ME on @tendaysinthevalley tonight (Sundays) at 10/9c on ABC. @theallantwins on Jane the Virgin new season coming back Friday the 13th on The CW...! Also @saraheramos's show Midnight, Texas just finished its first season! @mistergarf has Good Girls coming in the Sprinnng, waiting forever. Also you can watch #Ghosted tonight at 8:30 on Fox just because it's a pretty awesome show.

This 10-episode limited series gets off to a beautifully taut start...! And so it did. Tomorrow, Day 2. Catch up on ep 1 on Netflix/Hulu/ABC.com/whatev, then join us at 10p on ABC. This show only gets better. And GOT isn't on so meet us on ABC at 10p. Also, live-tweet love fest with the cast... ➡️@kikkosedg ➡️@therealadewale, ➡️@emmykinney, ➡️@malcolmjamalwar, ➡️@thekickgurry ➡️@felixasolis *and more* 10p/9c 🍿🍿🍿

Night bbs

#puberme @nickkroll #puertoricorelief #linkinbio #soserious It was a Halloween party and the only person I must've scared was my mother. What. Is. Happening.

#puertorico #Repost @bradwilk (@get_repost) ・・・ Repost. @joseparla @djlord Here's a few organizations that can help you help them. @directrelief @globalgiving @hispanic_federation

This 10 episode story is like a novel. Come with us for the twists and turns. Early birds, set your DVR's. 😉 #Repost @skydance ・・・ 10 weeks. 10 episodes. #TenDaysInTheValley starts TONIGHT at 10|9c on ABC.

Access Hollywood Live

You know it became a whole photo shoot #okayyy Now watch the premiere of Ten Days in The Valley on Sunday! 10/9c on @abcnetwork

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