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Hello from me and this chubby love bug. She's a year old already. We celebrated with pizza, watermelon for her. She's such a person now. It's crazy to watch her learn and grow. And we've learned her language of grunts and syllables. Mostly she wants more veggie crackers.

This baby chose such a #raddad. It is the coolest thing to see and to share. I'm so happy, so grateful, so admiring of you and the way you love our Marshmallow/Milkbreath/Slick Shane the Drooler/Calamity Shane/ Butterball/ Double Dribble -- the luckiest little girl... Thank you from her Mama and #HappyFathersDay for the first time!

Lordy, I hope there are more days like this. It was recently National Oceans Day, I think, and I've come to realize how much I do appreciate their beauty and that they're clean enough that we can swim. And that my bebebebe can experience freedom and joy from the salty embrace of the seaaa. 🌊🌊🌊

When life gives you rain, make rainmonade. I mean, right?

HBD to these two handsome MF'ers. You guys are seriously my favorite people. Thanks for making me cool. And for making me laugh. And for all the plans and dreams that await us in the rest of this life and the next. As some of well you know, these are my brothers @danedc and @brandoheath. And this is a couple days belated. As some of you may also know, I've stolen this -- 📸 and edit from the singular @ray_kachatorian.

This cute, sweaty, wrap party photo is one of the few pics I think I have with any of the cast of Ten Days in the Valley. I give you @abby_pniowsky -- who is an absolutely amazing young actress. Wait til you see! Coming to @abcnetwork in the Fall. I'll remind you. #tendaysinthevalley #iknewyouwhen

#sundaze #siesta #snuggles


Weee are the champions, my friend 🎵🎵 Thanks for the assist, @youngflip7. This night was really up there on the fun-o-meter and it made my heart swell that so much money was raised for a great cause. We got to #dunkcranston! #rednoseday2017🔴

"I'm faster than you!" -- @youngflip7 #warmitup

Tonight, tonight, tonight... American @ninjawarrior for #rednoseday2017🔴 Can't wait to play on the crazy obstacle course. It's kind of a dream I have, to "do my own stunts". I actually injured my knee, so jumping doesn't feel so hot right now...but I'm going all in! #adrenaline 😬😜💪🏼

Mud Island River Park

Rained upon in Memphis, Tn! 😅

I do know my way around a craft services truck. You know where to find me. Mike knows to just get out of the way. 😂 #setlife #snax #tendaysinthevalley 📸: @thekickgurry

This Thursday is finally the day. Excited (nervous) AF. @ninjawarrior 💪🏼💪🏼 #rednoseday2017🔴

Thank you to this perfect tiny person for making me a mother. (Also, I basically have not been able to stop wearing this shirt since I got it. Get one today in honor of #mothersday to support young moms in foster care. T-shirt and help courtesy of @allianceofmoms. Link in bio.)


Babies having babies. 📸: @giovannireda

Today felt like two days. That's actually the best. When the morning feels like it was sooo long ago. "That was TODAY?" Gotta have another like that tomorrow. Get. Sh*t. Done. Ok, nigh' nigh'. 🤙🏼🛌🌠🦄

#nochella was lit! 🐣🌷#happyeaster #bubbles #blowingbubbles (My Mom's birthday was today and we had a blast!)

Chicago O'Hare International Airport

So I was in Chicago! Am in Chicago. For another several minutes. Here we are, @realmikevogel and I, looking thoroughly not-1980. If you want to see us looking 1980, you can see our movie The Case for Christ that comes out today. He's brilliant in it. I got to play his wife, who is lovely IRL. You ought to really enjoy this story. And if you know @lee.strobel, you ought to really, really enjoy this story. #caseforchrist #teamnosleep

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