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yoooooooo / ahhhhhhhh

Checking out some of the best of times last year... bizarre and fun. And so, so long ago. April 2018.

Art by Shane.

DO IT. It may actually take a second... #Repost @therealdougefresh What a gift it is to simply be alive! Life is short... make it sweet! Celebrate!

Happy holidays. I hope whatever Winter (Summer, Aussies) celebrations you’ve had have been joyful. It’s this last part of the year that feels like I should really focus on gratitude. I have to say, I’m always happy; I’m never satisfied. Which leads to the first part of the year. Plans, dreams, wishes, plans.

Today we drove east to get our adventure fix... #cascadefalls did not disappoint. #adventurebaby 💙 #beautifulBC

The warmth* of the holiday season is permeating my soul and occupying 80% of my thoughts. (*cookies)

This is the man that I married — I’m at work and he treks with the two small children out on incredible adventures. Sends me pics that blow my mind while I’m hanging out at craft services.

Find your people. (Also, make them.)

It’s that time...”Winter” box o’ goodies time, hah! As a #fabfitfunpartner I think I get my box early? But anyway this cozy-ass blanket by @markandgraham came! I love that company. (And I love this highlighter pencil by @thrivecausemetics that’s making me look so un-tired! And this beautiful pallet by @purcosmetics that Shane helped me try out! So great discovering that thing you never knew you needed.) With code ERIKA you get $10 off and if you do it soon enough you get to customize your box — make choices between products. #fabfitfun www.fabfitfun.com

I hope you find what you’re looking for. (Better: I hope you make what you hope to find.)

#tbt, 2000, Baby E in Talk Magazine

Morning from my bowling ball and me

Link in bio to find your polling place. You still have time! #VOTE 💥💥

#tbt @interviewmag 💕

Inspired by Mondays and pots of good coffee (and the fact that the days go quick)...

Should we leave the house y/n

Day 10/10! Aaaand back to the “insanity” category. An obvious pick, but when it came out it instantly became a favorite. Perfect movie. It definitely made an impression. Inspired and influenced me for sure. I wanna know about you, @jasonreitman @rmorrison @jackietohn @brianawitan @ethansuplee @jasonlee @amy_berg @brokemogul @gayser ! What are some of yours?? #filmchallenge

Day 9/10 of the film challenge! It’s crazy how obvious my two categories are! This one is another which restores your faith in humanity. And is relevant these days. And which got the gentleman on the left an Oscar nomination... Know it?? I’ll post the title later because I can’t help it. Edit: YES! The Visitor. You knew.

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