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Naps on naps! Made one last beach day before baby. I do assume it’s any day now. Felt so awesome to get in the ocean, and Shane had a great time. (Knocked OUT now!) ☺️😄🌊

Last night’s premiere of @spywhodumpedme proved a few things to me: that Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon are already, at their young ages, legendary; that it’s a real adventure going out when you’re pregnant AF; and that I am, in fact, pregnant AF. Modeling the dress at home and then out. Feeling all the preggo ladies. S/o to @hilaryduff for her post about how hard it can actually be. Truly, I believe the demands of nursing a newborn and being up every couple hours during the night is more taxing, nutritionally speaking, but dang, fam, get those #napsandsnacks

Years later I still marvel at the honor of having worked with @therealpeterlindbergh. Hopefully I can again someday! One of my favorite pictures I’ve had published (for the @pirelli calendar) by one of my favorite photographers. It’s so rad and I’m so grateful that I also got to work with @herbritts and #bobrichardson while they were around. #tbt #2000

S/o to everyone else who’s pregnant rn! Everyone who has commented that they’re expecting plus lots of ladies I know and I don’t, including @iamcardib (#imfinallyfree ALSO WHOA, update, the baby came!) @missemward, @katehudson, @warmandrosy, @emilyvespa, @earthyandy, @yvonnestrahovski, @littlegabs + until super recently: @ayeshacurry & @muscularcalves 🍾🍾Thinking of you all... 💞


#tbt — NYC, a @dolcegabbana event. I loved this scarf so much. It was treasured! And lost. 💔 Also, wish me luck getting done the stuff I need to get done today. Before I get to go chat with @themichaelrosenbaum on @insideofyoupodcast. 👏🏼👏🏼

Oh man. I just like this pic. #IJLTP

Arriving to play @pyramidabc against @adamrodriguez 😝💪🏼💪🏼. I’ve got a real competitive streak that can be brought out...! You can see it go down tonight at 9|8c on ABC. Also, I mostly just posted this because my legs look lean.

¡Adios Ensenada! Gracias para todo, y nos vemos... tambien, ahora estoy mas gorda, entonces gracias para esa. 😆 (Dime si necessito aprendir palabras differentes...)

Mexico trip continues! What an interesting time to be here. Their general elections last Sunday elected not only president but literally — I think — thousands of public positions. And then the World Cup! And the border crisis. Meanwhile, everyone we’ve met has been lovely; we’ve been enjoying hanging out with other families and kids. Lots of love for 🇲🇽

These days with the melon, naps are realll appealing (and taken) so when inspiration strikes I have to jump on it. I think I got more exercise with Shane. Gotta get some good hikes in! #sevenmonths (34 weeks for those who have had babies and actually count in weeks!)

Some #tbt action but mostly just pictures of this little person who I love so much. She was born 2 years ago, about this time of night. (Happy “birth”-day to me, too!) There’s nothing better than cracking each other up. There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing her learn. There’s kind of nothing more satisfying than getting her to eat, especially if it’s something healthy. And there’s nothing more intoxicating than a good hug when she really nestles into my neck. Also, on a non-political note, extra prompted by these feelings for Shane, let’s #keepfamiliestogether. Utterly regardless of how we got here, and who did what, with recent surge of separated families, let’s work to reunite them. If you have children you know! Link in bio. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Read below & act. 2300 children torn from their parents’ arms. Babies. #Repost @together.rising・・・Here’s what the executive order does & doesn’t do: The executive order stops the new bleeding. But it does not address the blood on their hands. The president has just signed an executive order reversing his own policy of mass family separation at the border. This executive order was signed because OF YOU. This administration took a bet that America had no more unifying non-negotiables – that there was nothing we wouldn’t tolerate – that we wouldn’t care enough to keep fighting. They lost that bet. We cared enough. When it came to the babies we, the people, came together and said: NOT THIS. We need to take a moment to acknowledge your victory. Okay that moment is over. Because this remains a national crisis and atrocity. This order does not change the President’s zero-tolerance regime. Every unauthorized border crossing (even those who may be seeking asylum legally) will continue to be treated as a federal crime. Families may be detained by indefinitely while the adults face federal prosecution. IT DOES NOTHING WITH RESPECT TO THE THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN ALREADY FORCIBLY REMOVED FROM THEIR FAMILIES through this barbaric policy. NOTHING ABOUT THEM. We have learned today that children have been flown all over the country – hundreds of miles from their parents, and authorities have said there is a high probability that many will never be reunited. We learned today that several of the for-profit companies that house unaccompanied children have histories of sexual misconduct and other abuse. ORPHANED & ABUSED BY OUR GOVERNMENT. TOGETHER RISING WILL NOT REST UNTIL THESE CHILDREN ARE BACK IN THEIR PARENTS’ ARMS. We will not forget about these thousands of terrified children. We will reunify these families. Every boots on the ground organization with which are in daily contact tells us this: These babies need advocates to help get them reunified with their families. We are going to keep HELPING THE HELPERS. We are going to lock arms with these organizations and keep walking with then until the babies are returned. We will do this together. Please give at the link in our bio

My Dad! Cool as a cucumber, great sense of humor, musically gifted and exposed me and my brothers to a lot of great music...patient, hardworking, creative, and super smart. And this photo doesn’t do him justice! #happyfathersday

This guy shows her the world through his eyes, which I would wish upon anyone. The world as you see it has so much beauty in it and curiosity and playfulness and cool music and things to learn. Thanks for being the most considerate and loving person to do this with. Thanks for making us cooler! And congratulations on your upcoming double-fatherhood. ☺️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

This was going to be a #tbt to 2016 when the Shane bump first debuted, but then let’s focus on how 2006 @kerrywashington and Erika have these awesome pictures spanning the years! We aren’t close friends, just mutual admirers. She is a hard-working, incredibly caring kick ass lady. ❤️ #whoruntheworld

#blessedbethefruit It’s a 💗🌸🎀💞💖💝🌸🎀💗💝💖💕🌸💞💘

1. Great party @vanityfair, @maxmara and @womeninfilmla! 2. Great photo booth. I made everyone I talked to do it. 3. This dresss had to have its moment “in public”. 😉🌺🌺🌺

Daddy got photography skills. Incredible time at #oneworldtradecenter

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