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When I wasn't looking for a second... That's my girl. We agree that butter IS good for you, right? #grassfedbutter

#Repost @ilariaurbinati (@get_repost) ・・・ You cannot spew hate speech and spread lies about people's race, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation on the streets, in classrooms, in the media, on your stupid show, or ANY platform and defend it by calling it free speech. Well, you CAN, but it won't make you any less of a self serving asshole and we as a people and as an audience don't have to listen. It may not be illegal, but it doesn't make it right. (Comic strip RG @talibkweli)

Everybody 💜 açai. Lunch at @honeyhi was super healthy and yummy. Like pastured / grass-fed, organic type of healthy. Bravo.

Yes, this is a photo of a computer screen. No, I'm not naked. I'm wearing a cute lil earring by @sylviecollection. 😉 Hair and makeup by @nathanieldezan. 📷: @iheartmaarten

Also stolen from @felixasolis' feed! These are damn delightful people and fine actors. Today we went to @abcnetwork's #tca2017 to talk about our series, Ten Days in The Valley. It's coming. Sunday, Oct. 1st. at 10/9c. It's DRAMA, it's SUSPENSE, it's...still a couple months away.

Repost from @felixasolis: "Looking forward to showing everyone what we've been up to! It's been an absolute pleasure working with each and every one of you. Can't wait for next season. Check us out on Oct 1st at 10pm. #tendaysinthevalley"


My new hairstylist won't stop screaming at me. . . . . . . . . . . . . Actual chop props to @nathanieldezan who took off quite a bit and I couldn't be more siked. #phoneticspelling #summercut

#babysfirstballgame Celebrating my Dad's birthday with bros and Dodgers. ⚾️💙#gododgers #dadwenttomexicotho

"Education today, in this particular social period, is assuming truly unlimited importance. And the increased emphasis on its practical value can be summed up in one sentence: education is the best weapon for peace." -- Maria Montessori I don't know when she wrote this but I'm taking it to heart. #mariamontessori Also #nofilter !

What, you didn't want to cry today? Sorry. Just got this text from @samjaeger ... #parenthood #joelia

when u have a sunburn + u take a selfie + it kinda works

Halfway through the first hike of the day. #kernriver #weekendwarriors

Showing baby how to do things

Comin fo ya

Happy 6th of July. (Any day is a good day to consider our strivance for freedom. I don't mean the freedom to chill on a pool noodle but that too.)

Hello from me and this chubby love bug. She's a year old already. We celebrated with pizza, watermelon for her. She's such a person now. It's crazy to watch her learn and grow. And we've learned her language of grunts and syllables. Mostly she wants more veggie crackers.

This baby chose such a #raddad. It is the coolest thing to see and to share. I'm so happy, so grateful, so admiring of you and the way you love our Marshmallow/Milkbreath/Slick Shane the Drooler/Calamity Shane/ Butterball/ Double Dribble -- the luckiest little girl... Thank you from her Mama and #HappyFathersDay for the first time!

Lordy, I hope there are more days like this. It was recently National Oceans Day, I think, and I've come to realize how much I do appreciate their beauty and that they're clean enough that we can swim. And that my bebebebe can experience freedom and joy from the salty embrace of the seaaa. 🌊🌊🌊

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