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Oh, I've got Christmas Stories throwbacks for days. Here's another delightful piece of evidence of how we are totally willing to make asses of ourselves every holiday season to benefit the Hollywood Police Dept. after school programs + get Christmas presents to kids from families who can't afford it! With the homies @dannymasterson and #kellypreston #2009 (Pic with Sammy Jaeger to come.)

Morningtime. 👶🏼🐄

At this year's Christmas Stories* I played a guardian angel. Great skit by @brandoheath, starring @samjaeger and myself. • • • • • • • • • • • *an annual benefit for the Hollywood Police Activies League, funding after-school activities for kids and around this time of year, giving gifts to local kids who otherwise wouldn't have a Christmas. Um, how to I make this minimize? 😂

Who's the real angel tho?

Throwback to a skit with @mvegapena at Christmas Stories. I've been doing this show for years. It's a mad bunch of skits and songs we throw together to benefit the Hollywood Police Department youth development programs. Specifically, the police operate athletic and educational activities for at-risk youth as an alternative to gangs. Christmas Stories proceeds also support the Police Department's annual toy giveaway for underprivileged children living in Hollywood. Working with local public schools, the Hollywood PD seeks out families and children who would otherwise have no Christmas. Christmas stories has been the primary donor for these programs for more than 20 years. It always starts the season off right! 🎄❤️💚❤️💚

This man is not the father of this child. ❤️❤️❤️#joelia

Shane stealing the spotlight at the premiere of Two for One, a movie I'm so happy to be a part of, at the Napa Valley Film Festival. Written: @mtest1 directed: @jonnyinstahams Players: @jonnyinstahams @sumnermickey @therealcloney @giovannireda #2for1movie #NVFF 📸: @pearlyhensphotography

Proof -- the future is not written.

The Napa Valley

These two. "The Twin Towers" on screen opening a film called Two for One, that is actually somewhat about 9/11. I get to play in it with a tremendous, stupendous, really, really great group of actors. We're showing it at the #NVFF -- Napa Valley Film Festival. More pics to come. #twoforone

Super thoughtful of the polling places to give out these strips to help us breathe throughout election night.

Ah, the old Sit on Top of Mom's Head move. #ShaneShaneShane #Shaneofdrools


FLOWER CROWNZ (Yes, my eye is freaky. Babygirl was doing that baby-flail thing and sliced me with her razor fingernails. Occupational hazard.) #momlyfe

Shane showing off her patch when she got Mississippi. She has 7 states total now! Busy girl. Thanks @beekeeperco for the patch. I'm sewing it onto her diaper bag.

This has got to be one of the happiest moments Ronnie has ever experienced! We sought out this little waterfall at Freeman's Mill Park. #georgia🍑

Thank you so, so much -- I read all 400+ comments on the last photo of Shane. I love hearing what you all think. I love seeing your babies! Thank you for sharing and you can expect more from us...

SMUSH. Baby Shane is 3 months old and has been coming to the set with mama now. Has it been apparent that I've been trying not to post pictures where you can really see her face? I've anticipated criticism for "exploiting" my child, or perhaps praise for maintaining a private life, but c'mon! This is my life now and I'd like to share it. Not to mention, this little girl can probably put smiles on faces. And I love looking at everyone else's kids, whether they're @busyphilipps' or people who comment giving me advice about diapers! 😃

Throwback to a time when I looked like my own future daughter and my mother had time to scrapbook.

Back in the South! Just a few minutes in the sun with the girl. #ATL #georgia🍑

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