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#idyllwild • Last weekend with baby baby babes.

Wanted to show you guys this pretty, pretty dress by @ vitorzerbinato that I got to wear to Elton John’s AIDS Foundation #Oscar party. Of course have to also include the “rocking it at home” picture too. Shoes + clutch: @loribluofficial Earrings: @viannabrasilofficial Rings: @cirari @effyjewelry Styled by @iamsaraacevedo Hair & makeup by @stephaniescholzmakeup

Idyllwild, California

THIS LITTLE LADY IS AMAZING. Guys...Violet Spataro. She’s a joyous spirit and a poised little girl who has helped many and inspired many more. You may have seen one of her appearances on @theellenshow. At the Idyllwild International Film Festival - which I have the honor of co-hosting this year - I got to see a doc called “Look to The Sky” that Violet is in. To say there was not a dry eye in the house is an understatement. We were sobbing. Count me as one of the inspired. X #Repost @violetbriellespataro ・・・ Violet and @erikachristensen at today’s Live Love Foundation benefit screening of #looktothesky at #IIFC2018 💜 It is always a blessing to share this amazing film that Violet is featured in. Getting to bless more children through the event today warms our hearts. #violetbriellespataro #livelove #beablessing #grateful

It’s past my bedtime. I’m still thinking about #internationalwomensday though. Wearing my GRL🌹PWR sweatshirt by @rebeccaminkoff and being appreciative of the dedicated work of so many women before me to accomplish the simple right to be a person instead of a “woman”. I’m a person. My dreams of being a grown woman were always both to pursue my passion and to cook and be domestic. I identify so strongly with my profession. And...seriously, I used to have fantasies that would JUST be the morning after. Hahaha! Not sexual fantasies, but what I’d make them for breakfast. Not kidding. Point being that I love being a wife and a mother. I love taking care of my family and nurturing. I love my job, and always seeking to live up to what potential I have to contribute through art. There are “masculine” traits I am proud of, such as being competitive. Being a woman may not mean any of these things to you or a woman you love but whatever it does mean, how awesome that we live in a world a lot further along than it once was. And hopefully not nearly as all-accepting as it will be. Live and let live. Love and let love. X

Shout out to these two incredibly talented and creative women — @emmy + @jaime_king — with whom I had the pleasure of watching @Petersom’s show in 2007. (Jeeez.) #fashion !#internationalwomensday #tbt

Smiling before Mary J. made me cry. Watching from Elton John’s AIDS Foundation party. Xx

The Motion Picture Televison Fund’s is an organization that makes my heart swell. And their Night Before the Oscars party is epic. Last night’s gorgeous suit: @halston ♥️♥️♥️ (provided by @lachambrepr) Top 👀 @acfashionpr, Shoes: @pollicelee (provided by @mhamedia), Jewelry: @lbg_pr. hashtag #fashion

Sometimes it really doesn’t matter if the kiss is reciprocated.

Happy Valentine’s Day! The little dress with ♥️💜💖’s all over it got all dirty. Haha! I love taking a day to re-focus on love. (We made ourselves a super yummy dinner that I designed to be all pink and red like a nerd — salmon and red carrots but also Brussels and mushrooms with homemade strawberry-coconut ice cream for dessert but also homemade chocolate sauce. Green and chocolate are now Valentine’s colors too ok??)

I hope you celebrate birthday week, Sam! Happy Belated. Thanks for all the good times on screen and off, for inspiration as a parent and otherwise, for your sense of humor that somehow STILL catches me off guard. 🎂♥️ @samjaeger

Guys. You gotta take risks. They won’t always pay off. 😂 The outfit I decided to wear to the premiere of Snatch. Which has one of the best soundtracks ever.

Ann. Wilson. This voice burns everything up. You listen to Heart?? Take a minute. ♥️

Baby E, #tbt 🌕

Rachel Comey, Melrose Place

The moving release party of a history book: the beginning of a movement as covered by #TogetherWeRise with @sumnermickey. ♥️✌🏼♥️✊🏼♥️

1. Working the outfit. 2. The fairly epic @entertainmentweekly pre-SAG Awards party. 3. Photo courtesy of @wwd 👏🏼👏🏼 Jumpsuit: @albertoaudenino Shoes: @loribluofficial Jewels: @auratenewyork + @sophierjewelry + @meiratjewelry Clutch: @emmkuony Styled by @iamsaraacevedo Hair and makeup by @miyma_ramzy

Once upon a time in Puerto Rico for @teenvogue. #tbt

Help! This legendary man just lost everything in a fire. He lives in Arkansas where it’s 12 degrees right now! Needs some love to figure out how to get back on his feet. He’s an inventor and built a self-driving car in the 80’s (!), a flying machine before that! (See my pictures of pictures!) He goes by “Spaceman”. He’s got nothing left but faith. Send him a little something if you want to help. Anything helps. Truly. Thanks! Link in bio.

Looking reallll proud of the makeup someone else did on me.

Hi from 2006 because @thedereklam 💛 !

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