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Wish there was a flamingo emoji for this guy in the background. Marshmallow and I had to take a pic with at least one of the many super fun wallpapers in @sophiabanksc's house!

Flashing back to this moment of us feeling fly post-wedding ceremony. Because every day should be Valentine's Day -- celebrate love, create it, day by day and moment by moment.

Shane thought the Super Bowl was super exciting. No, she totally did. It was just TOO exciting and she tapped out.

Ronnie-Ronnie Ding Dong wouldn't look at the camera but that's ok, Shane and I say hayyy from beautifully overcast Los Angeles.


Happy birthday Sammmm! The world is a better place for your being here. No doubt about it. Love from your tv wife... #teamjoelia

This lovely person (not the lip sucker) is Danika Charity and she is one of the founders of @allianceofmoms, which is an organization that, I think, does something that is so exactly needed. We can all probably agree that education is the most important factor in the future of this country. And children are the future. Right? Who more needs help than girls in foster care who become pregnant or become young mothers? AOM's gives everything from parenting classes -- including infant care and brain development -- to cooking lessons. The idea is to form that village it takes to raise a child. A couple weeks ago (before I got locked out of my IG!) they had an event hosted by @cybex_global which makes FLY baby gear! Thank you to Cybex for supporting such a cool group. Thank you @danikalt and @allianceofmoms for your big ol' hearts and practicality! Shane and I were honored to get acquainted.

Look at this little 🚀 a few short weeks ago at Christmas with The Uncles.

This dude has just never given a f*ck what anyone thinks. And has just been working and working on all different kind of things with some Midas touch deal happening. Psyched for him.

Anti-gravity party party

Damn fine day in LA. I probably would've missed it and stayed all comfy on the couch but I saw the lil cruisers video that @chocolateskateboards posted and said, "TO THE BEACH!" #venicebeach

A very frizzy Christmas to you! From #paramountpictures

Come for the wings, stay for the jams. Isn't that it...? DJ Santa Baby browses (a small portion of) @cut_chemist's collection.

With further ado. Here's a photo with @samjaeger on stage at *Christmas Stories. He played a good man in need of cheering up. I played his guardian angel. #joelia ♥️💚♥️

I love this. My girl seems to know it's her necklace, she's always reaching for it. Sometimes she gets ahold of one of them. #chubbybabyhands P.S. @tinytags makes these necklaces in various styles and they're such a great gift for a mom with her baby's name or a friend with her own name or a lady you wanna claim with your name on her neck. 😉 #almostchristmas !

Oh, I've got Christmas Stories throwbacks for days. Here's another delightful piece of evidence of how we are totally willing to make asses of ourselves every holiday season to benefit the Hollywood Police Dept. after school programs + get Christmas presents to kids from families who can't afford it! With the homies @dannymasterson and #kellypreston #2009 (Pic with Sammy Jaeger to come.)

Morningtime. 👶🏼🐄

At this year's Christmas Stories* I played a guardian angel. Great skit by @brandoheath, starring @samjaeger and myself. • • • • • • • • • • • *an annual benefit for the Hollywood Police Activies League, funding after-school activities for kids and around this time of year, giving gifts to local kids who otherwise wouldn't have a Christmas. Um, how to I make this minimize? 😂

Who's the real angel tho?

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