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Американская актриса и певица.
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It hurts when you smile. 😍☺️😳💗💗 #goodmorning

This guy is just the best #walkerstalkercon #reunited

I'm so tired, bye goodnight start over tomorrow

I'll read your scripts, if you will listen to me sing?

...I circle the city for a microphone. 💗🎶

Got my dreamin' and dancin' ways from my Dad. #happyfathersday 💗


Vibes today

My new books!!🤓🤓🤓💗😍💗🤓

New York, New York

🤒🤧 lil under the weather but oh so thankful for this last week and very happy to be in NYC.

New York, New York

Looked through a journal from when I was 19, and found a list of goals/ways I wanted to improve myself. Still working on this one haha 😢😭 #sensitive #crybaby

Fun, busy day in Springfield. 🎶☺️

🎶😆😎me and @adamtressler . Fun night in Springfield.

Tonight ☺️🌟🎶

LA, bb. ✈️🌴☀️💗

Nashville Music City Center

Elsa turned Beth doll!😳☺️😎 I got my cds and vinyl today, Nashville. Come by and say hello. 💗☺️🌟 #walkerstalkerconnashville

Black kicks by Me 😎

Good day at new monkey ☺️🌟🎶

Munich, Germany

Thanks #germancomiccon !! Had such a nice weekend meeting fans!!Got done early enough to spend a few hours wandering around Munich, eating ice cream ☺️. What a beautiful city. See you next time 😚

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