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Американская актриса и певица.
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Nashville, Tennessee

Wowowow!! thanks for the shout out and sweet pics @rscountry !! @thesweetheartdeal has another show tomorrow night in Atlanta at Piedmont Park. See u there! 📸by @midnightspecialphoto

⚡️💗today was pretty special

East Nashville, Tennessee

When yer jumpsuit matches yer winning play! 🙃😎

New gig.🙃#Netflix

❤️I saw the Mr. Rogers documentary this last weekend. I wish there was another to watch. I want more. G’night insta-friends. 😚😴

John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

I ❤️ Nashville.

#happyfathersday 😎😎❤️

Nashville, Tennessee

Already working on the songs that come after my #newalbum this summer. #newmusic #bts

Face in my coffee. I’m so tired. But also so happy. 🎶😴☺️🌵🚀⚡️❤️☕️

Nashville, Tennessee

Yessssss...this only 10 days away. Who’s going?! ☺️⚡️🎶❤️

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Other People’s Shoes by me #poems #actorslife

Bowery Hotel

So many dreams last night. Still jet-lagged. 📸by @tina_turnbow

East Nashville, Tennessee

Listening to final mixes of my #newalbum . Can’t wait to get these tunes to you guys this summer. 🙃💗⚡️🎶 (since you guys asking: these 🎧 are @audiotechnicausa , I ❤️ ‘em)

East Nashville, Tennessee


East Nashville, Tennessee

New fav jeans 😎 #happyweekend @freepeople

Downtown LA

Blame it on the moon/ blame it on the boos/ We got opportunity, bb/ And every excuse 😏😝❤️ #lyrics #bts #friyay

I love LA and music and falling in love and making pics with @lindseybyrnes 💗💗💗💗🌵🙃❤️

Hiii insta-friends❤️...Did you know that I have struggled with depression? Sometimes these dark days arrived during what looked like from the outside to be some of the happiest, most exciting moments, so I had a tough time making sense of my emotions and thought it would be difficult for anyone to understand. Luckily, I confided in a couple close friends who urged me to ask for help, and I was able to find treatment. May is mental health awareness month. #idontmind sharing my struggles and I encourage anyone who isn’t feeling well to reach out and get the help you need. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Help @idontmind fight the stigma around mental illness and raise money for @mentalhealthamerica at idontmind.com. #idontmind

Downtown LA

Rainy day w/ @stormshoots ☕️🌧

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